Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 22 [2017)

That’s it.

No more basketball for a year.


For some of my readers.

I again thank you for sticking with me through this experiment in “sports criticism”.

I’m sure there will probably be football in the future.

[at least I don’t write about baseball] ūüôā

But there was something much more important than basketball which happened today.

And that will largely be the subject of this mistitled post.




And suddenly all news coverage converges on a teeny speck on the map.

I didn’t catch much of Sean Hannity tonight, but I’m guessing any coverage of Seth Rich was derailed by the ostensible terror attack in the U.K.

But let’s cut the bullshit.

Was there really a terror attack in Manchester tonight?

I saw plenty of indicators which told me THERE WAS NOT a terrorist attack in Manchester tonight.

Or (and this is very important), perhaps “reality erupted within the spectacle” to paraphrase Guy Debord.

In this day and age, we don’t know what to believe is true.

For example.

I trust our President Donald Trump…more than I’ve trusted any politician in my lifetime…BECAUSE HE SAYS “FAKE NEWS”.

For some people, the magical abracadabra are-you-for-real words are “radical Islamic terror”.

Not me.

I wanna hear “very fake news”. ¬†A-fucking-men!

And “you’d be in jail”.

Which is not to say Donald Trump is perfect.

I had to bite an invisible bullet as I watched his press conference with Netanyahu this morning.

But let’s back to Manchester.

Ariana Grande.

I wouldn’t know her from Selena Gomez (were it not for that masterpiece of cinema [truly!]¬†Spring Breakers).

So at least I know what Selena Gomez looks like.

Good actress.

From Texas.


And so I imagine the music of Gomez and Grande to be largely interchangeable.

Big pop music productions.

Very little art.

No subtlety.

But whatever…

I’m an old fart.

So it doesn’t matter.

Let me, however, try and take you through my thinking on this topic.

Explosion INSIDE arena.  Was that borne out?  Not sure.

But the main damage was purportedly a bomb which went off in the foyer of the venue.

This is very important.

Those inside were traumatized…but mainly, their brains were imprinted with the sound of exploding ordnance.

As people were leaving and being buttonholed by various media outlets, it appears that no one had actually seen any fatalities inside the arena.

But the objective of fear had been achieved.

Next, I want to focus on this “foyer”.


Ok. ¬†So…

One device?  Two?  A third blown up by bomb disposal?

Word that there was a suicide bomber.


But I focus on the pictures…and the witness testimony.

One picture I saw reminded me vividly of the fake Boston Marathon Bombing and the manner in which that event was pulled off.

For mass casualty drills and simulations, you want to recreate likely conditions.

Which is why “crisis actors” exist.

Some crisis actors are missing limbs (usually their lower extremities).

As you might imagine, it heightens the sense of reality when an amputee has fake blood at the spot on the leg where the amputation was made.

I’ve watched these videos many times.

I am convinced that the Boston Marathon Bombing was not an organic event.  It was certainly a false flag.  And part of the deception involved amputee crisis actors.

Well, as I was sitting watching the news, I noticed one bloke whose leg was to be blown off.  A tourniquet was tied above the knee.  But this was the odd detail.  They had the injured man standing straight up.

What the fuck?

Another clip somewhat made up for that.

A boy with blood in his shoes from his lower legs.

Hard to tell if it’s real.

But at least they elevated him.

But then the whopper was the Mancunian speaking in that scouse brogue…and this bloke.

He seemed high off his tits.

First, he kept speaking of his partner (boyfriend).

But the speaker did not see anything outside the arena.

Just some activity.

Maybe a bomb.

Some people he didn’t know whether they were dead.

Listening to this Mancunian, I begin to wonder, “Where in bloody hell did they dig this one up?”

Seemed a bit drug-addled.

But why was he all-of-a-sudden on Skype to one of the biggest networks in the U.S….from the comfort of his own home.

I’m fairly certain he wasn’t a journalist type.

Maybe a friend of a friend.

Getting back to logistics.

This seems like the type of operation which could quite easily be faked.

No one inside saw anything.  But they heard something.

And they are then wired to assume the worst.

They are wired to believe what the BBC tells them.

You can ask, “Well, if it was fake, then to what purpose?”

That one is not as easy to answer.

But there will be some losers.

Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn.



Perhaps Corbyn is seen as too popular.

He is, indeed, the Bernie Sanders of the U.K.

[let’s hope Corbyn doesn’t sell out for a beach house like Bernie did]

Taken from this angle, these are almost the precise variables at play when Operation Gladio was carried in Italy all those years ago.

“Keep the Communists out of power! ¬†Keep the socialists out of power!”

Thanks to NATO and the CIA, it appears that we have blood on our hands.

False-flag terror.

You can read about Gladio here:

That is the best source I have found on what was to be the defining political tool of our times:  false-flag terror.

So by tomorrow they will find the bloke who did it.

He will be brown.  Maybe from someplace like Sudan.

He will have been under suspicion of MI5.

They say that so that they can MAGICALLY know all his details quickly.

And, indeed, they don’t open a dialogue concerning how they blew it.

But it is most likely that the fall guy will be a borderline-retarded patsy.

Who went to such and such mosque.

Of the reasons why…why this terror…why Manchester…why now…I would say this:

this appears to be an attack on the Labour Party stronghold…the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

But also, it appears to be the provincialization of terror.

The Mancunian bloke had an important statement, “These things usually happen in London.”


And so, at my most cynical, there are no Trump rallies in the countrysides of the U.K.

And something must keep the BREXIT “leave” voters convinced that they made the right choice.

It would be a very unsavory branch of government which would pull off such attacks.

But didn’t they get work back in the day…faking IRA bombings?

Or rather, real bombings, incorrectly attributed to the IRA?

At any rate, these events can suck the life out of us.

And basketball.

This was a pretty depressing affair.

Except for Manu Ginobili.

Who played his ass off.

A sad way to end the season.

But even more sadness for the 19 who may or may not have died in Manchester tonight.

God bless you Mancunians.


Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 20 [2017)

These games are not fun to write about.


And probably not fun to play.

But as fans, we are supposed to be loyal.


Well, the Spurs’ faithful were rewarded with AT LEAST a competitive performance (unlike the exhibition in Game 2).

And speaking of bad, I’m being a very bad film critic.

As I’ve alluded to before.

By “critiquing” sports.

Because I’m not really critiquing the GAME at all.

Very little.

Especially when they are blowouts.

Sportscasters run into this problem.

What to say?

When the competition is uncompetitive.

But as always, my mission is to bring everything in.

Especially world events.

And, as always, I’m a little behind today.

So, I apologize to my dear friends to whom I owe emails.

But there was an interesting blurb which ran across the bottom of the screen as this game was about to start.

Enes Kanter, a Turkish basketball player who plays in the NBA, was detained in Romania (!) after his passport was abruptly canceled by the Turkish government.


This hasn’t been a very good week for Turkish President¬†Erdońüan.

First, as I outlined before,¬†Erdońüan became Erdogan [sic] at an awesome Trump press conference ūüôā

And my belief that this was intentional was reinforced today by Trump getting an elegant jab in while in Saudi Arabia.

Picture on left [thumbs up is rude in land of Saud]

Picture on right [Trump effecting a more insulting “middle finger” thanks to strictures imposed upon him]

Which brings back the strange way in which Google is dealing with me.

I do not have a common name.

Yet, I am the fifth most popular person in the world with my name on Twitter (according to Google “page rank”).

Furthermore, all the other people with my name are popular on the ENGLISH version of Twitter.

But for some reason, I am popular on the BULGARIAN version of Twitter.

What the fuck?!?

So I cannot look at my own Twitter account (if I search for it online) in my own language.

I mean, really…are there that many people in Bulgaria interested in me?

And furthermore, how would such interest squelch my ENTIRE PRESENCE on English-language Twitter?

I don’t use Bulgarian Twitter.

I can’t even read Cyrillic letters.

So something very strange is going on there.

Either Twitter is fucking with me.

Or Google is fucking with me.

Or both in conjunction.

Or, my favorite, the US government is fucking with me.

And that’s a shame.

Because I might be unhinged, but I am freedom of expression.

I repeat, I AM freedom of expression.

I’m not safe. ¬†I’m not polite.

Nor am I a monster.

But I am (apparently) a good channel to bury.

Make it hard.

Set the default to Bulgarian.

What do we know about Bulgaria?

In From Russia With Love, the Soviets used the Bulgarians in Turkey to do their dirty work.


Cyrillic.  Bulgarian.  Russian.


And now America is aflame with this bullshit “Russia stole the election” narrative.

What’s the evidence?


It’s a counterintelligence investigation.


So it’s going to take forever.

Uh huh.

You want a Russia story?

How about coach Gregg Popovich who has a degree in Soviet Studies?

Or how about Popovich’s assistant coach (Becky Hammon) who traded her American citizenship (you heard me right) for A RUSSIAN CITIZENSHIP (again you heard me right) just so she could play for the Russian national women’s basketball team.


And Popovich hates Trump.


Which brings us back to basketball.

Gregg Popovich.

A great coach.

I love him ūüôā

And I think, perhaps, his disdain for Trump stems from the fact that his personality is so close to that of our current President.

They are both assholes.

And¬†Erdońüan. ¬†He’s an asshole too.

But the Turkish President has no sense of humor.

Gregg Popovich is a serious fucker.  But he brings levity.

And I don’t give a fuck if Becky Hammon is an Israeli-Nepali-Congolese triple citizen.

But the Left has got to stop with the bullshit narrative.

The Left likes to believe that they have all the scientists.

And all the artists.

And all the enlightened yuppies of the entire continent.

But it just isn’t so.

They like to “march for science”.

I mean, Trump is not George W. Bush.

Trump stuck his neck out and batted down the bastard Jeb.

Trump is a brave fucker!

And American liberals are the SOREST of losers.


The tantrums…

The national malaise…

Get the fuck over it!

Nobody died with the election of Trump.

It’s a fucking election.

There’s another one of the same sort in less than four years.

I voted for Obama the first time.

Then I discerned that he was a thoroughly fake dipshit.

Real dipsshit, fake everything else.

So I didn’t vote for him the second time.

I didn’t vote for anybody.

Which doesn’t make me Kanye West cool…

But I didn’t spend 4+ years bemoaning Obama.

He was the President.

Fuck it!

Do your job, Barack.


That’s all you got?


Whereas now, the Left (represented by globalist monster Hillary Clinton) continue to undermine their own country.

Hey Democrats: ¬†this isn’t the way to do it!

You’re spending all your “ammunition”.

So truly, the American Left is becoming more and more traitorous.

But let’s remember: ¬†stupidity is, in itself, not a crime.

So it’s the leaders who deserve scrutiny.

George Soros.

David Brock.

John Podesta.  (big time scrutiny)

Robby Mook. ¬†(co-author of “Russia did it”)

Chuck Schumer.

All the usual Democrat suspects.

This is a thoroughly brainwashed lot.


And, like those noncommittal yin-yang twins of Fox News (Kennedy and Timpf), I’m not “a libertarian”.

I mean, when you have to announce your political affiliation every five seconds (“I’m a libertarian…I’m a libertarian…I’m”), then something is wrong.

Kudos to Kennedy and Timpf on their fashion, but they TAKE NO RISKS.

Both of them!

They just LOOK like rebels.

But they spit out the same wishy-washy shit as everyone else.

Kennedy is too ironic for her own good.  Like a hipster in a hall of mirrors.

Timpf lost me when she announced on air recently that she’d like to hang out with Joe Biden.


Is Timpf so sheltered that Creepy Joe Biden never entered her consciousness?

I doubt it.

Which is a double strike.

On to basketball…

Spurs lost.

We thought they would.

But they believed.

For three quarters, they believed.

They played hard.

It was shocking that Kawhi didn’t play.

Golden State is just too stacked.

So to the guys who brought it (Jonathon Simmons, Manu Ginobili, etc.), I salute you.

You went for it.

You didn’t get it.

But you’re not chumps.

One more game.

Game 4.

The sky’s the limit.

But only if you believe.

“Why don’t you surprise me, Mr. Kaplan, and say yes?”


San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors, May 16 [2017)

Sometimes the best starting place is to say, “I know nothing.”


Note to self/world.

This game was so bad that it had the announcers speechless–at a loss for words.

  1.  I have some emails to answer
  2. I must catch up on the blogs I follow

Because today was a long one.

That “I overdid it” feeling.

Perhaps you can relate.

But back to nothing…

We don’t know.

Most of us.

And it is hard to admit that.

I have no idea whether James Comey likes Howdy Doody.

For all I know, he’s a saint.

[James Comey, not Howdy Doody]


I don’t know why Trump fired him.

I think if the tables had been turned, Hillary Clinton would have fired him.

If Donald Trump had gotten away with so much.

If he had been publically-known to be under investigation.

And then nothing.

Hillary would have fired his ass.

As has been pointed out, firing Comey would be an exceptionally dumb way to deal with the “Russia investigation”.

And I agree with Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

Donald Trump is the target of an immense information warfare campaign.

You could say that Trump “threatened” Comey, but libs like Schumer have threatened Trump.

They have wielded the “intelligence community” (what they consider to be their own, personal “deep state”) like a madman with a knife.

And I have to compliment Sean Hannity.

At halftime in this rout, I flipped over to Fox News.

Because I heard Hannity was covering Seth Rich.

And I must have just caught the tail end of that.

But Hannity, though he is a little ham-fisted in some of his rhetoric, was very astute to bring up Chuck Schumer’s threat to Trump:

“Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community ‚ÄĒ they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”


That was on January 3rd of this year.

Seventeen days before Trump took office.

And so I must tell you what I think here.

Col. Shaffer is right.  Hannity is right.  Trump is right.

This is an extended campaign of information warfare against Trump.

It was going on during the election.

Indeed, it was a battle:  back and forth.

But the liberals never gave up.

They lost.

Fair and square.

Except they don’t seem to see it that way.

And so the weeping and gnashing of teeth continues.

Which brings us to basketball.

[and cinema…pause…NOT!]

I can appreciate Borat.

I can appreciate liberal (apparently) Gregg Popovich.

I can appreciate San Francisco.

I am, perhaps, the world’s “most interesting” Trump supporter.

[“stay in bed, my friends!”]

Perhaps there are conservatives who look at me askance.

So what!

I don’t give a fuck!

That’s the same way they have, still do, and probably always will look at Donald Trump.

And that’s why he’s a hero.

For me.

And many others.

So the liberals have the news media.

And they have Hollywood.

And they have the universities (by way of their overrepresentation in professorships).

But they don’t have me.

And they might not have you.

And we still have voices, ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t care if this transmission is only “seeming” to get on the Internet.

I don’t give a fuck!

Because someone, somewhere is gonna have to read this at the bottom of the wastebasket of humanity.

And so let me lay it out.

U.S. military:  I love you guys and gals.  You are my heroes.  You inspire me beyond words.

American law enforcement:  I immensely appreciate what you do.  You are the real deal. Thank you for your contribution to society.

But let me say some other stuff.

Black Lives Matter…there’s a place for you at the table.

Because, you know what?  I feel oppressed too.

And so as long as y’all peaceful, then I can get down with what you’re saying.

As long as it’s not COP HATE. ¬†We need them cops. ¬†There’s room for improvement.

But this is not time for war.

Violence does not have the will of the people.

Think about it! [as Jerry Lee used to say]

Even the Generals have a hard time convincing us that a certain war is necessary.

Maybe the comparison is daft, but it seems that Americans are “risk averse” when it comes to violence.

So if we have a young person shot.  And, God forbid, killed.

There’s no amount of violence gonna bring back that child.

But what we do is refine our rage.

Give our rage to God.

Ask God, “Lord, do you want me to go into battle? ¬†Because I’m mighty pissed off.”

And we wait with honest hearts.

It is said, “Blessed are the peacemakers”.

The Sermon on the Mount.

Christ on the Mount of Olives.

The Beatitudes.

And let me talk at you, liberals.

We don’t hate you.

I don’t hate you.

If I do, I have failed my job as a child of God.

And so I understand your frustrations.

You are being told one thing.

And you hear it everywhere.

But what you may not realize is that the corporate news you are receiving is almost a quasi-conglomerate.

Almost a keiretsu…or an chaebol.

Or an oligopoly run be elitists with the same political persuasion.

I can’t believe I’m gonna do this, but a great big shout out to RUPERT FUCKING MURDOCH who saw a market gap. ¬†And filled it.

Now the liberals want that same manic intensity.

But all of this…gah. ¬†Blah.

The real story today.

Seth Rich.

There’s your Russian hacker.

Murdered in Washington, D.C.

Podesta emails talk about “making an example of a suspected leaker…whether we have any basis for it or not.” ¬†Something like that. ¬†I don’t have the document in front of me.

It seems, upon investigation paid for by Mr. Rich’s family, that he was INDEED in touch with WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange has alluded to Rich being the source of the Podesta emails…in statements where Assange outlines the extreme dangers which whistleblowers are subject to.

Assange has said it wasn’t Russia.

Seth Rich is big.

If he was killed by the Hillary/Podesta mafia, then things start looking very bad for that camp.

Irregardless, it takes the air out of the “Russia did it” zeppelin.

Some people are not telling the whole truth at the DNC.

And that has been going on a long time.

Such that any proof of “hacking” (I believe there was none) has probably long ago been destroyed. ¬†How much information could be forensically recovered if these devices are found is uncertain.

So then, Trump “colluded” with…Seth Rich? ¬†I don’t think so.

And therefore, it was Seth Rich (God bless his soul) who “interfered” in our election.

This is important.

Because a Presidency is like a four-year-long (or 8) sporting event.

The level of tension in the country seems more elevated these past few days.

I agree that the problem is the mainstream media.

Now is the time to cut them off.

Let them die.

Let them go apeshit and throw nuclear tantrums.

So what.

Trump does not have time to field watery questions from people who hate him.

His constituents voted him in to get things done.

That’s more important.

The U.S. media is being like a clingy girlfriend.

The White House Press Corps is a whole bunch of neglected lovers…and you haven’t called. ¬†Or answered their voluminous texts.

Fuck that.

Next executive order.

No more press conferences.

Indeed, it’s about time the FCC looked into the practices of CNN, MSNBC, and some of the others.

It’s also (sorry Rupert) about time we ironed out who can own stock in these companies.

Carlos Slim holds the controlling interest in the New York Times?

And what about the Egyptian (Jewish fellow) at Univision?

[Haim Saban]

I can’t imagine Trump is too popular on Univision ūüôā

Media needs to be scrutinized as much as banking.

Media is a strategic industry.

Even though the facilities haven’t been offshored, the equity has been gobbled up by foreign investors.

That’s a very dangerous situation.

Truly, a globalist nightmare.

Which brings us [take 2] to basketball.

This game was horrible.

Jonathon Simmons came to play.

Davis Bertans was decent.

I’ll just say this…

If you were feeling down coming in (and I was), this effort didn’t do much to hearten you.

Which means we need to bring it in.

Huddle up.

Recognize the special in our political opponents.

Treat with respect.

And always work harder towards conscience.

I repeat.

We are frustrated.

You beat up our President every day.

Our natural feeling is to defend him.

And so we form our human walls.

MAGA hats.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Millions of us.

Some of us truck drivers.

Chewing tobacco.

Some of us bankers.

Looking spiffy everyday.

Some of us mothers.


With responsibilities.

And some of us don’t fit in any gap.

And yet we can manage a smile now and again.

The Spurs sucked tonight, plain and simple.

But I respect Gregg Popovich.

I don’t take his concerns about Trump lightly.

It doesn’t mean I’m gonna run out and buy a pussy hat, but I’m open minded.

We need each other.

This town.

This nation.

This planet.

At a certain point, we just say “stop”.

I’ll give you an example.

I stand with the Palestinian people.

But I also respect the Israelis and appreciate the tenuous position they are in.

In other words, I have been able to change my mind.

And I credit Trump.

I grew up in Military City USA, but I never really “appreciated” what was going on here.

Now it is my utmost honor to talk with a soldier or airman.

I am blessed to know a couple of female U.S. vets.

And they are tougher than me.  And nice.

Terse, but warmhearted.

That’s good.

Because in life, if no one talks to you like you’re a human, then you’re screwed.

You will become completely alienated.

And that process is evergoing.

But we can throw a monkey wrench into those humming works.

We can be a star.  On our street.  On our block.

We gotta take care of our health.

Take care of our minds.

And thank God.

To receive the wisdom which comes with faith.

I ain’t jiving you.

None of my possessions.  None of my knowledge.

None of that is going to be any good at some point.

And that’s the point at which God saves.

God heals and protects.

God comforts.

God sustains.

Through sadness and confusion.

And so we have our small faith in the great works of God.

That God will not abandon us in our time of need.

And we know this love makes it incumbent upon us to live selflessly.

To improve.

To live more like Jesus.

Maybe we don’t understand it all.

But we know that Jesus was a nice guy.

And Jesus would do the right thing.

When presented with a conundrum.

Out of a pure heart, he would find the simple solution.

We pray to be like this.

Games can be won and lost.

Maybe Kawhi returns Saturday.

But we must give thanks for every experience.

Every opportunity.

Each hotel bed.

Each instance of seeing a masterwork like the Golden Gate Bridge.

We can change.

If we listen to our hearts.

And we should not tempt God.

As in a game, we must keep our focus.

My apologies to James Comey.  My apologies to John Podesta.

May God help you both.  May you know peace and happiness.

And as we improve, we will be able to help more than we botch.

Because our intentions are noble.

We just merely must learn the truth-preserving art of logic.

By which to lay out our cases.

Honest in our assessments.

This is our goal.

Much work to be done all around!


San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors, May 14 [2017)

That was rough.

Such a promising game, and such a disheartening defeat.

But that’s life, right?

Yes, this will be a long-winded, thoroughly tangential “review” of a basketball game.

No sugar-coating it.

Which means most of it will not be about basketball at all.

First, let’s start with war.

Something only some of us know about firsthand.

I am not one “in the know”.

But I can still make observations.

And you can value them accordingly as you see fit.

Three thoughts.

War is not pretty.

War is not kind.

War is not fair.

[or all’s fair…]

Which leads us pretty quickly to a conclusion.

It would seem, then, that war is not something in which most people want to participate.

And that, I would argue, is natural.

However, we each have a warrior (ah!) in us.

And so each of us “fights” for what we feel is right.

[or “fights” AGAINST what we feel is wrong]

In this day and age, this is encapsulated by a rather trite word:


And actors and musicians (& athletes) are most guilty of this.

[including me]

Perhaps, as artists, we somehow feel guilty that our jobs (nice work if you can get it) are not truly work.

Thus, we overcompensate.

With what should be our “leisure” time, we turn to activism.

And more and more people are actually making a CAREER of activism.

Of course, to most people this will be the among the most ridiculous aspects of modern life.

But let’s refocus here.

I mention war (as I so often do) because there are analogous aspects in “peaceful” areas.

Nothing, I would suspect, could truly substitute for the terror of war…except war itself.

But those of us who are not soldiers…we have our own terrors.

And, as I outlined, our own causes.

Barack Obama.

In my view, a bad president.

Not even worthy of capitalization.

Was he a horrible president?


Was he the worst U.S. President ever?


But I am content to stop at “bad”.

Barack Obama didn’t bring the neocons and other responsible parties to justice regarding 9/11.

Plain and simple.

Barack Obama did not investigate 9/11.


And this is damning for the entire Democratic Party.

They had the chance.

They had the will of the people.

George W. Bush was not a very popular president.

[indeed, I would vote him the worst ever…in American history]

But Barack Obama and his regime just continued to do what Bush had been doing.

However, they added their own TWIST.

And this “twist” is doubly troubling.

The “death” of Bin Laden.

This was an affront to truth.

Just as 9/11 had been.

And though theoretically connected, the second was merely a hoax.

A politically-expedient sham.

That is what I have gathered.

My knowledge of 9/11 is fairly thorough.

My knowledge of bin Laden’s “death”, less so.

Yet, nothing is my studies of bin Laden (a key figure in the 9/11 myth) harmonizes with the U.S. government story of his death.

But back to “hoaxing”.

There is no doubt in my mind that approximately 3000 people died on 9/11.

Some things cannot be faked.

But there is a very BIG doubt in my mind that anyone at all remotely connected to Osama bin Laden perished on May 2, 2011.

Or May 1st.

Time difference.

And this is indicative of Democratic Party false flags.

Yes, they are nasty.

But they have an aversion to killing.

They are, largely, lawyers.

Not soldiers.

[same goes for the neocons…who are far more psychopathic]

A liberal false-flag in the United State (and in some cases by U.S. activities overseas) will try to err on the side of “no deaths”.

Which is to say, even the “supposed dead” are made up.

In war, people have to die.

You find this out very early.

Take chess.

Can you really save all of your pawns?


Eventually, someone loses a piece.

And it continues.

Unless the two sides agree to a truce.

Not many truces in chess.

Because it is a game.

There is no penalty for playing.

Losing, usually, doesn’t mean literal death for the player.

It is play.

Which brings us to another subject I have covered quite frequently:

Sandy Hook.

Funny enough, no subject I have covered has garnered such pushback from random people around the world.

“What is my logic?”, they want to know.

“How did ‘they’ do it?”

I am not baited in this.

Sorry to disappoint the counter-trolls, but block is one of my favorite buttons.

And you can do it too ūüôā

Not liking what I’m saying?

Don’t read me.

Does my writing somehow turn up on your desk anyway?

Make an effort.

See that it doesn’t.

I don’t threaten people, I threaten ideas.

And when I am threatened (as I was today), I don’t counter with a threat.

It’s not in my nature.

I don’t want war.

I just want truth.

“Gimme some truth,” as John Lennon so memorably sang.

Do I KNOW for CERTAIN that 9/11 was a false-flag attack?


But I am fairly certain.

Indeed, by deduction, I have proven to my own satisfaction that it is POSITIVELY NOT what it has been reported as.

Reductio ad absurdum.

I did this by intuition.

Same as the man on the street.

“Street wise” means having a nose for bullshit.

And I am not street wise by any stretch of the imagination, but I am too observant to let some things go.

“Just let it go.”

Yeah…wouldn’t it be better to just say, “Fuck those 3000 people who died on 9/11.”

Yes, that would be easier.

But I cannot allow myself to do it.

Sandy Hook.

It is my suspicion (and I am not alone in this) that NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK.

I may be wrong.

I have not done as much thorough research on the subject.

But it seems far more likely that it was a false-flag (or hoax, in this case) than a genuine event.

Which is another fairly large strike against Barack Obama.

At some point he could have started to be President (with a capital P).

But he seems to have been content PRETENDING.

Indeed, Obama was more of an actor (truly relishing his narcissism) than Trump will ever be.

I know that will not be widely accepted, but I believe it.

Barack Obama’s achievements prior to his presidency were few to none.

Perhaps Rachel Maddow can have some of Obama’s sealed records (which is to say, all of them) brought to light ūüôā

But I doubt it.

Because she has made up her extremely small, petty mind.

She has chosen her target (Alinsky) and has reached full commitment in bringing that target down.

Needless to say, that’s not journalism (in any traditional sense).

So congratulations to Rachel Maddow for being at the forefront of hatred.

Every night (or whenever her shite program comes on)…the same thing.

It’s what her viewers want.

And Media Matters has no leg on which to stand.

By David Brock’s (George Soros’s) own logic, Internet sites like Infowars are “fake news”.

And Media Matters (and Correct The Record) throw their little tantrum.

Because someone’s not agreeing with them.

And if Brock and Soros had their way, not agreeing with them (the authoritative “historians” that they are) would literally be a crime.

As Holocaust “denial” is in some European countries (notably France…with its Gayssot Act).

So my guess is that Sandy Hook was fake.

Thoroughly fake.

A drill sold as a genuine event.

And the motive is clear as water:  gun control.

But it is up to my readers to investigate.

And that’s what people do.

If they want to know, they check.


See ūüôā

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

[of course it was]

Such an up and down affair.

Kawhi Leonard healthy.

Spurs whipping the Western Conference All-Star Team (oops, I mean the Warriors).

And then Kawhi turns that ankle.

And turns it again.  Even worse.

You know, Steph Curry used to have trouble with his ankles.

They said he had “weak” ankles.

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Curry have that problem.

And Zaza Pachulia…

This guy is always trouble.

Truly, one of the only DIRTY players in the NBA.

But sneaky.

I’ll give him that.

He has gotten more subtle.

Zaza is the Joseph Stalin of the NBA (shout out to Georgia…the country).

It’s clear to me that Pachulia considers HURTING SOMEONE to be a natural part of basketball.

Perhaps in Georgia it is.

But the NBA is not too cool with that.

Too many eyes watching.

Too many instant replays.

But again, this is “war”.

You might be great in your opening moves.

But how’s your middle game?

And how are you at finishing?

That’s when things get really tough.

Because you have not been there.

You have not practiced that.

Practiced FOR REAL.

With this collection of players.

The Spurs looked good.


But Steph knows.

This is “war”.

I’m proud of the Spurs.

They could have mailed it in.

But they fought.

Their legs might have buckled from nerves, but they fought.

Now it’s time to regroup.

Life goes on.

For those of us who voted for Trump, we see a massive assault every day on him…

An overwhelming pummeling he takes.

“Echo chamber” doesn’t even begin to describe the effect.

As bad as Rachel Maddow is, CNN is worse.

Congratulations, CNN.

You have become the liberal Fox.

Except MSNBC is ALREADY the liberal Fox.

And the three-letter networks (the “Big 3”) are thoroughly liberal…and anti-Trump…though they present the appearance of objectivity.

So America has a media war going.

An information war.

And we also have sporting events.

And for some, politics IS their sporting event.

Such strange times.

All we can do is just try to improve.


San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets, May 11 [2017)

It’s as if James Harden was still traumatized from Manu Ginobili’s block heard round the world.

And this loss might well put the bearded one in the same predicament Rachmaninoff encountered after his Symphony #1 tanked.

But give Harden credit:  he was graceful in losing.

A rare trait in America these days.

Harden didn’t run to the locker room and bury his head in the sand.

[and he had every reason to]

Sure, he intentionally committed his sixth foul to get the fuck out of this maelstrom, but he didn’t run and hide.


He was first, perhaps after Mike D’Antoni, to come greet Gregg Popovich at mid-court.

And Pop put his hands on Harden’s shoulders.

Popovich has gotten to coach Harden before.

In the All-Star Game.

And it was a meeting of respect.

Winning gracefully.  And losing gracefully.

This game could very well have been all Houston.

But it wasn’t.

Everything was stacked in Houston’s favor.

Home court.

No Tony Parker.


Jonathon Simmons making his first playoff start.

Patty Mills making his second playoff start.

But don’t count out the silver and black.

Don’t count out the less-than-glamorous, working-class cities.

This was simply preparation squeezing every last drop of life out of talent.

Houston was not unprepared.

And San Antonio was not without talent.

But the guys who really got this done (like Jonathon Simmons) have been preparing for this their whole lives.

And when they came into the orbit of Gregg Popovich, their dedication was forced to be bumped up several notches.

I gotta tell ya, I’m so damn proud of the San Antonio Spurs.

I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

And so statisticians and pollster types are likely to experience a micro version of Nate Silver’s fall from grace overnight (as evinced in the graph below which shows’s precipitous nosedive around January 20th…Trump’s inauguration) [I guess some liberals were holding out hope that Silver’s shite predictions would magically COME TRUE sometime between Nov. 8 and Jan. 20]:


Granted, Alexa seems like a thoroughly corrupt, inaccurate measure itself. ¬†That’s because, like the completely worthless¬†Washington Post, it is owned by reprobate Jeff Bezos [Alexa being an subsidiary while¬†WP¬†is owned by Bezos through Nash Holdings LLC].

But the point is this.

Don’t bet on the experts.

Orson Welles proved this quite thoroughly in my second-favorite movie of all time:  F for Fake.

In particular, it was the great art forger Elmyr d’Hory who showed the ineptitude of experts.

d’Hory made a living “being” Modigliani, Matisse, etc.

But we return to basketball.

The Spurs won this one by 39 points!

It was unreal.

The whole game required a sort of suspension of disbelief…as if a movie were playing out.

Yes, James Harden had a horrible game.

But the Spurs (AS A TEAM!) had a magnificent performance.

Kawhi got to rest.

And his team got the job done for him.

It was, as I’ve said, the only realistic hope the Spurs had of having success in the next round.

They needed to knock off Houston.  Tonight!

Well, someone must have gotten that message through to the team.

And they were locked the fuck in!

LaMarcus Aldridge had a “shut the fuck up” game: ¬†34 points and 12 rebounds.

He was great.

Houston’s defensive strategy against San Antonio’s bigs (as much as there was a strategy) did not work.

Harden and Ariza couldn’t guard Aldridge and Gasol.

Granted, Aldridge and Gasol had been bailing out these little guys the whole series.

But finally San Antonio’s bigs took advantage of their size and height.

Aldridge and Gasol are both great low-post scorers.

They are on different sides of their respective careers, but they are both still formidable opponents for most teams.

Gasol had 10 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 assists.

Nenê would have helped the Rockets.

But this was no time for excuses.

And here’s what I mean about preparation.

The Spurs’ reserves were PREPARED for just this sort of scenario.

Houston’s reserves (what few of them played) didn’t seem to be a finely-tuned 2nd unit.

And teams should be well aware by now…that San Antonio is going to hit you with five solid starters…and then a second unit looking to do damage.

That’s the trick.

That’s why Ginobili acquiesced to his bench demotion years ago.

And why we haven’t heard Pau Gasol grumbling in his time with the second unit.

But that first unit was tight.  Sharp.  In sync.

Patty Mills put up 14.  And 7 assists!

Simmons had 18…and 4 assists.

Again, to my eyes, Simmons was the difference maker.

His stellar defense on James Harden.

His energy plays…like the dunks which got me off of the couch ūüôā

And his confident, clutch made shots.

But don’t forget Danny Green.

He was again aggressive in driving to the hole.

And he hit timely shots.

Green had 10 points and 6 rebounds.

How ’bout David Lee? ¬†In his 8 short minutes, the Spurs were +17.

The little things.  2 points.  2 rebounds.  1 assist.  1 block.  0 turnovers.  0 fouls.

But after Jonathon Simmons, I’d have to say that Dejounte Murray was the second biggest reason for this win.

His minutes were late (many of them).

But they sealed this thing.

11 points.  10 rebounds (at the point guard position).  5 assists.  2 steals.  1 block.  & only 1 turnover.

As a rookie.  And he did all that in just 24 minutes on the floor.

Murray also had at least one jam that really landed like a body blow to the psyche of Houston.

Another guy who had a great contribution for the Spurs was Kyle Anderson.

7 points.  6 rebounds.  3 assists.

Ariza made shots.

Capela was his normal self.

But Beverley was quiet.

Eric Gordon was quiet.

And James Harden was like a church mouse.

10 points.  6 turnovers.  6 fouls.

There was no overcoming that.

Ryan Anderson didn’t hit a shot.

Lou Williams was quiet.

It was an unbelievable victory for my San Antonio Spurs.

I didn’t anticipate an outcome in any way resembling this!

So what a happy win.

And hope.

That Kawhi can come back.

And we can give Golden State a run for their money.

Ain’t gonna be easy.

But at least we have a chance.

And that’s good enough.


Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 9 [2017)

I’m really at a loss for words.

How to begin this one.

A very emotional game.

The way we put our hopes and dreams on the shoulders of athletes.

Music is a little different.

Winning a Grammy isn’t quite the same thing as winning the Super Bowl.

Even if you win Album of the Year.

There’s not going to be a parade through the streets of a major American city.

But we do put our aspirations into the images of our entertainment heroes.

Actors.  Actresses.  Singers.  Bands.

And we love to see them win.

But sports are different.

I know of no league or association which can end its cycle–its season with TWO winners.

And in this sense, sports are unequivocal.

They epitomize winning.

Perhaps even more so than warfare.

And so we had another basketball game tonight.

And another injury.

Our star.

Our main man.

Kawhi Leonard.

It’s not clear, but I’ve never seen him come out like this.

At least, not in a long time.

And certainly not in a playoff game.

“What the hell is wrong with Kawhi?!? ¬†Why’s he not out there for the last play of the game???”

These thoughts.  Everywhere.

And the Spurs ran an ugly, ugly play to finish regulation.

Patty Mills sunk a bank shot, but it was too late.

Tied at 101, Houston and San Antonio went to overtime.

And as TNT went to commercial, Gregg Popovich ripped Pau Gasol a new asshole.

Pau would play just 11 seconds in overtime.

And Kawhi, not at all.

All things considered, things looked bleak for the Spurs.

And the overtime was hit with the ugly stick as well.

Neither team scored in the first 3 minutes of overtime.

That’s 60% of the extra period.

It was miss.  MISS.  miss.  MISS.  miss.

You get the picture.

“Five guys who care…”

Popovich found them.

Like the Dirty Dozen.

But there was no Cassavetes.  No Bronson.

It was Aldridge, Simmons, Mills, Green, and Ginobili.

Four guards and a power forward.

As Leonard continued to sit on the bench, the crowd in the AT&T Center was palpably nervous…even on the television transmission.

Aldridge had a rough overtime.

But he was out there.

He was one of the guys who got this thing into the extra session to begin with.

18 points.  14 rebounds.  42 minutes!

He fought.  Hard.

Jonathon Simmons was magnificent in this game.

In overtime alone, he knocked down both of his high-pressure free-throws.

Add to that an offensive rebound and two HUGE steals.

His defense on James Harden was all-world!

Patty Mills had a rough overtime.

But his defining play in it was when he dove to the floor while defending Eric Gordon.

Patty’s arm was twisted back behind him.

It was a big play.

I can’t even find it in the play-by-play list on ESPN, but it resulted in a jump ball between Mills and Gordon.

Main thing:  it evinced effort!

Extreme effort.

There was another point in overtime when Patty soared like a World Cup soccer player to disrupt a Houston rebound.

These plays added up.

And set the stage for Green and Ginobili.

Danny Green scored the Spurs’ last 7 points.

A huge three-pointer from straightaway.

A driving and-one play on James Harden.

And one of two free-throws.

It reminded me of how Green got to where he is now.


A game in Dallas.

Against the Mavericks.

Years ago.

A “lost cause” sort of game.

And Danny was the one to bring the team back.

I knew then that he was special.

Green has gone on to have much bigger moments, but tonight was a huge performance for him.

Perhaps (PERHAPS) this game give San Antonio a chance to close out the series in 6.

Which might be the only realistic chance of getting Kawhi back for the next round:  extra days of rest.

One less game.

But we must note (emphatically!) the effort of one Mr. Manu Ginobili…39-years-old…second-oldest player in the NBA.

It wasn’t a game-winning shot, it was a game-winning block.

And perhaps the most exciting Spurs moment since the Sean Elliott “Memorial Day Miracle” of 1999.

At the Alamodome.

A place I inaugurated (along with many other people) when it opened.

Now, a rather rundown “what could have been”.

And such an unsuitable venue for basketball!

But I remember fondly my uncle.

Who was there.

And who lives no more.

The building stands.

But relatives have passed on.

THESE EMOTIONS…this is what we put into our spectatorship.

And the smart communists like Guy Debord can call us losers.

But we’re fucking doing the best we can.

It’s all we can do…to see the ball go through the hoop…one more time.

Such confusion.

A game-winning block.

I think Eric Gordon may even have sunk a 3-ball after time expired.

But it didn’t matter.

The last, best chance…to send it to double-overtime…was in the hands of James Harden.

And he bobbed, and he wove…but Ginobili’s geezer legs stayed with him.

And revenge was best served cold.

Against father time.

À rebours.


San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets, May 7 [2017)


These are the games which suck to write about.

Games whose grammar is beyond repair.

As Gregg Popovich said, repeating a pithy meme which President Trump has made standard on Twitter, “Not good.”

A.K.A. “Bad.”

And not in some Michael Jackson sort of flipped logic.

The Spurs went from bad to better to worse to godawful.

And so now the challenge is clear.

San Antonio must decipher what they did so well that allowed them to win Games 2 & 3.

Houston, as is apparent, seems to have cracked the code of their own Game 1 success.

Cipher.  Code.

Sometimes Coach Popovich is right in his dismissive grumpiness.

“It’s just basketball,” I can imagine him saying.

But this is the guy with notecards in every pocket–the guy who has obsessively strategized every imaginable contingency.

And so Gregg Popovich is like the Roman god Janus.

Two faces.

One face says “no big deal”, while the other face is contorted in perplexed scrutiny.

And that is an asset.

Basketball is not war.  And war, obviously, is not basketball.

But that’s no reason why “deception in war” (the title of Jon Latimer’s intriguing book) cannot be superimposed (or otherwise imposed) upon basketball.

“All Warfare Is Based On Deception.”

…it says in my copy of Sun Tzu.

When one is getting one’s ass kicked, it is hard to convince anyone otherwise.

If you are getting beaten up in plain daylight, there are few judo/Jedi tricks I know of to flip the situation in your favor.

You have to fight back.

If you want to survive.

Or play dead ūüôā

Pets are good at this.


Which is to say, people.

And such.

But Coach Popovich doesn’t have much to work with when his team gets so thoroughly skunked as they did tonight.

But he’s in there with them.

You WANT a hard coach. ¬†If you’re serious about winning.

But sometimes there’s no tirade to reverse the tide of collapse.

This one didn’t start well.

And though the team clawed back in it, they didn’t have the stamina (!) to make it a true competition.

Which brings us back to planning.

I credit Kenny Smith on his insightful halftime dissection of the Spurs’ defense.

It was something I hadn’t noticed.

In the first half, San Antonio was positively committed (in theory) to not giving up the long ball.

This led to some layups for Houston.

But that’s the tradeoff.

As Smith noted, however, the Spurs weren’t consistent enough with this approach.

Meaning, they didn’t execute this game-plan effectively.

There were lapses…

And those lapses add up.

You can’t give up the easy stuff (mildly destructive) AND¬†some of the heavy stuff (very destructive).

If you are committed to deflecting all major attacks, then you must succeed at an almost-perfect rate.

Otherwise, you will be proverbially “nickeled and dimed” to death.

In such case, it’s the dimes which hurt.

And math rock bands probably count off “3, 4, 5” in honor of Pythagoras ūüôā

So let’s talk numbers.

Everyone loves numbers!

On the plus side, LaMarcus Aldridge only played 25 minutes.

Kawhi Leonard only played 30 minutes.

They each scored 16 points.

That little extra freshness will be needed in Game 5.

Pau Gasol was effective.

And he only played 19 minutes.

Another extra-fresh player for Game 5.

Dejounte Murray had his first real impact on this series.

His 8 points were huge.

That is a very positive sign moving forward.

Danny Green played 26 minutes.

That’s not that much.

So all the Spurs’ starters should be in decent health (in terms of recent fatigue) for Game 5.

Another guy whose minutes we want to watch (because of his advanced age).

Manu Ginobili.

Only played 16 minutes.

So he was not unduly exhausted in trying to chase an out-of-reach game.

Smart move by Coach Popovich.

The only REAL highlight for the Spurs was, again, Jonathon Simmons.

He had a big impact.

Now it is up to the rest of the guys to match his focus.

He was relaxed, but energetic.

And he was effective.

He didn’t try to do too much.

Kyle Anderson also had some nice garbage minutes.

For Houston, everything worked (more or less).

Ryan Anderson finally broke out with some shots.

Trevor Ariza made shots.

Capela had a quiet night, but there were plenty to pick up the slack.

Patrick Beverley had a good, solid game.

James Harden was damned good!

But the dagger was Eric Gordon.

He burst out for 22 points…off the bench.

Simmons had 17 off the bench for the Spurs, but San Antonio was anemic at so many other roster spots.

Lou Williams also had a decent game for the Rockets.

And it was just too much.

The Rockets ran the Spurs ragged.

Much like that Game 1.

There were demoralizing stands on defense.

Chasing and switching and switching back and running off and chopping steps…over and over.

The only attenuating circumstance was that Houston’s Nen√™ had to be taken to the hospital with a groin injury.


That doesn’t sound good.

So, assuming he’s out at least one game, that means each team is down an important piece (Tony Parker for the Spurs).

While Nenê is not a starter, he is an important player off the bench for Houston.

So we will see…

What Game 5 has in store.

I am hoping the Spurs can recapture the magic of Game 3.

It’s not gonna be easy anymore.

Without Tony Parker.

These guys will have to figure things out.

And fast!



San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets, May 5 [2017)

What a blessing.

To have a moment of peace.

Today was rough.

But a moment of peace is worth a million smiles.

When you are struggling with anxiety.

And as I ventured out into my fair city today, I was reminded (as I so often am) of the wonderful military men and women who are the backbone of our city.

Some truly excellent servants of humanity.

My city, San Antonio, is suffused with military presence.

And so I would like to thank these men and women.

Thank you!

It can never be said enough.

You fight for those of us not well enough to fight.

You stand up for those of us not able to.

And I can only imagine the horrors of PTSD.

And so I just want to offer my hand in fellowship to our warriors who have walked the walk.

Keep fighting the mental fight.

For those of you struggling.

You are on a new battlefield.

And you will overcome!


On to this game.

Since last these two teams met, the Spurs received news that starting point-guard, future hall-of-famer, French legend Tony Parker is done for the year.

I believe it was a torn quadriceps muscle.

Whatever the precise diagnosis, Mr. Parker will be out a full year.

And so his future is up in the air.

Our prayers are with you, Tony!

Keep that TV set tuned in ūüôā

The boys are gonna go try to get you another ring!

So that’s how we started.

For the first time in 16 years, no Tony Parker.

[if I understood the announcers correctly]

The big surprise was that Coach Popovich (yes, Coach is his first name…) decided to start rookie Dejounte Murray.

I had a suspicion he might.

But you’re never sure with Pop.

And so, Patty Mills was able to then retain his rhythm of coming off the bench and joining that second unit (with whom he gels so well).

Murray had a rough start.

But he stuck with it.

And that is the message [“No messages! ¬†Too many messages!” –Harry Partch] of this review and this game.

Stick.  With.  It.

Keep grinding (as Spurs announcer Sean Elliott says).

Murray’s troubles were not mere nerves.

He had a veritable bulldog dogging him on defense.

Patrick Beverley gives even the most seasoned players fits.

Because Beverley is tenacious.

He’s like a rabid rodent out there!

And so Beverley shook Murray early, but the Spurs hung on.

When you’re going to space on a rocket (hey, this was NASA town tonight…Houston), you’ve got to hang on.

You’ve had your G-force training.

But nothing prepares you for the experience of having so much thrust propelling you upwards.

And that was the great message of the Situationists.

No two situations are alike.

Ambiance. ¬†Nuance. ¬†Nuages…

It’s an art–a skill, to be able to take in your surroundings and thrive.

But the Spurs were merely surviving early on.

They seemed to be hanging on for dear life.

LaMarcus Aldridge hit some big shots.

You know…these guys were out there protecting the new kid (Dejounte Murray).

The team I saw was saying, “Don’t worry. ¬†We got you.”

And so Tony Parker’s absence made Aldridge step up.

That’s right. ¬†You’re the big dog now.

But the TOP dog was, is, and (God-willing) will be for awhile Kawhi Leonard.

He brought it.

Three assists shy of a triple-double.

Kawhi out-Harden’d Harden.

The dunk on Capela was nasty!

And James’s riposte on the other end against Pau was just as ugly.

I mean, in the first half…these two guys were cancelling each other out.

Except, I think Kawhi had more rebounds.

And I’m almost certain he had one more assist than Harden.

But stats schmats!

Harden went for 43 and the Rockets lost.

It happens.

But it rarely happens to the Spurs.

Memphis got Kawhi to that same scoring mark (if I remember correctly) and handed the Spurs a loss.

But Houston and OKC seem to have these lopsided, “hero ball” box scores.

Harden scored 43 and his team lost by 11.

Kawhi scored 43 against Memphis and the Spurs lost by 2.  In overtime.

I mean, it just doesn’t happen to the Spurs much.

But I digress…

Pau Gasol was really good.

He had some great high-low action going with Aldridge.

Pau had 4 assists and a near double-double in points and rebounds.

Dejounte Murray only played 14 minutes.

But they were big minutes.

And he was a +11 while on the court.

Just keep building, young fella!

Danny Green hit some big shots…and generally played his butt off!

Great job, Danny!

David Lee didn’t play much, but he was efficient.

Houston goes so small (with the exception of Capela and Nenê) that this series may not be for Lee.  The Spurs need those points from Aldridge.  Especially with Tony Parker out.

Patty Mills was fantastic!  15 huge points!  He met the challenge of stepping into the gap!!

Manu Ginobili had a quiet game, but I think his presence out there helped bridge the shock between eras.

No Tim Duncan.  Now no Tony Parker.

But we still have #20. ¬†And he’s always playing to win!

But for me, the real spark was Jonathon Simmons.  Again!

His stat line might not show it.

But he had a BIG dunk…and a clutch 3 to end the 3rd quarter.

And so his 7 points were all huge.

Even his other midrange pull-up was big…in relation to where it happened in the game.

Add to that his 6 rebounds.

The Spurs WORKED out there.

Pau Gasol had 9 boards.

This was the appropriate effort.

And it worked.

I’m not sure if Ryan Anderson is healthy for Houston.

0-4 from three.  And he landed on that wrist/hand again.

Ariza had a good night.  Especially in the first half.

Capela played really well! ¬†But he just didn’t generate enough points.

Beverley played his ass off, but the 3s weren’t falling.

Harden scored plenty.  He missed 8 threes.

I don’t know what was up with Harden.

His foul situation was weird.

He just may have not been “all there” owing to his reported respiratory sickness.

Eric Gordon got shut down more in this game than the last.

And Lou Williams was completely shut out.

It seems like the Rockets couldn’t get over the drama of Harden and Beverley.

Sometimes it pays to be a quiet assassin…like Kawhi.


Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 3 [2017)


I think I owe an apology to the late- Mr. Harrison Brown.

I was very skeptical of the photographs and reportage from the stabbing which ostensibly claimed his life.

Something happened today…and it may not have been an accident (“There are no accidents.” ¬†–intel community axiom)…but it probably was.

I overheard something.

You know, my ears are always pricked up.

I would have made a great HUMINT operative…at least in that respect.

Because my whole life has depended on the sensitivity of my ears.


To have “a sensuous ear”…as one music critic once perhaps stumbled into with dubious diction.

But my ears are always going.


Vacuuming up my surroundings.

And I caught an anecdote.


At the coffee shop.

Apparently, Mr. Brown (who is said to have been stabbed to death in Austin) asked to call his mother as he was dying.

I must admit:  this detail broke my heart.

Which creates a problem (or points out a potential area of difficulty).

Namely, we cannot reason with our hearts.

But, all the same, we cannot help but do so…in some situations.

We weigh the evidence…and try to discern whether we are being scammed.

And so, I will repeat, if Mr. Brown indeed perished in Austin two days ago (and it’s “looking” more and more like he did), then this is immensely sad.

But we must keep our minds sharp.

Some events don’t fit a pattern…because they are the first in a series.

However, there seems to be a real problem in the U.S. with a group known as “Antifa”.

Antifa are agitating “against fascism”.

But they seem to be becoming that which they seek to fight.

They are not, it seems, nonviolent protestors.

But I will leave this thread here for a moment…

Sufficing to say that the accused killer of Mr. Brown (Kendrex White) may have been at least “inspired” by Antifa agitprop (graffiti, in this case).

And so, it is very possible that the volatile atmosphere in America caused a mentally unstable person (the condition attributed to Mr. White) to commit a tragic act of violence which left one person dead.

Which brings us back to Cass Sunstein.

Mr. Sunstein, if I understand him correctly, seems to see “conspiracy theories” as arising from an inability or unwillingness to accept reality.

But search for a moment and you will find the former Bush advisor Karl Rove saying something to the effect of, “We create reality.”

With such hubris from the Roves of the world, it does not make confronting reality a black and white (one or the other) affair.

Indeed, it brings us back once again to fuzzy logic (in some respects).

And what the intelligence agencies of the world have given the planet is an immense level of uncertainty concerning the veracity of “news”.

Once we dig enough to find one “big lie”, we are unlikely to accept much else on face value…ever again.

And this is a troubling state of affairs for blokes like me.

But we’re gonna leave it.

For now.

I thank God for His blessings.

And I hope to more humbly walk the road of faith.

And so we will turn to something lighter:  basketball.

If you tuned in to my last diatribe, you found a “basketball review” (whatever the hell that is) which had nary a word about basketball ūüôā

That was because I was deeply distressed.

Terrorism is “over there”…until it’s not.

And every act of violence is terror.

War is terror.

Some would say terrific.

Others, terrible.

But I must focus…

I reread my writing several times.

“God damn, what a nutjob I am!,” I thought ūüôā

And it’s true.

I suppose.

But I mean no harm.

I shoot from the hip.

I don’t mean to insult.

I’m just not disciplined.

Like tonight (ahh basketball…).

On national TV, it was clearly heard that coach Gregg Popovich said, “What the fuck?!?” in the loudest tones imaginable.

Popovich is a firebrand.

Apparently a liberal.

And he hates Trump.

This was a bone of contention for me for much of this year.

Just imagine, “My idol, Gregg Popovich, hates my new idol: ¬†Donald Trump.”

I suppose that’s what they call cognitive dissonance (in a certain respect).

But that’s good.

It’s good to challenge.

It’s good to speak up.

It can be costly, but it can also be priceless.

In America, we want people to speak up.

But we don’t want violence.

Indeed, violence in a republic must be met with nonviolence.

Gandhi proved this.  Martin Luther King, Jr. proved this.

And the second was inspired by the first.

All of which is to say, that Antifa is illegitimate.

Or rather, their strategy is not smart.

They are alienating those whom they should draw in.

But back to coach Pop…

“What the fuck?!?” was a great moment.

It was candid.

It was clear as day.

Patty Mills did not foul James Harden when he went over that screen ūüôā

And that is the beauty of sports.

We can get worked up about those things.

And then we can go back to civil society.

American sports are surprisingly free of hooliganism (for the most part).

There are exceptions.

Philadelphia Eagles fans.

The “Malice at the Palace” (the brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons in the Motor City).

But with exception to these few aberrations, American fans tolerate each other.

They may not like each other, but there’s very little high-profile violence at sporting events.

Of course the operative words are “high-profile”.

News outlets are no-doubt corporately linked and dependent upon the huge associations such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB.

But…as I resorted to in my last drivel installation…what the fuck?!?

It is an honest sentiment.

And Gregg Popovich is a bastion of discipline.

But that fire–that emotion…that passion is what makes him real!


That’s the goal.

For a company, make money (Eliyahu Goldratt).

For a team, win.

These assumptions can be challenged.

But the challengers will always run up against a very strong current:  common sense.

[Indeed, the founding of the USA leads back to those same words which by no accident Thomas Paine chose.]

And so we are into basketball.

Just barely.

Trying to detour.


With one more caveat:  anxiety.

It is not without reservations that I post what I post.

I’m brave/stupid, but I’m also a wimp.


That’s what it takes.

You can have a PhD from MIT.  And a certificate from Harvard.

Your pedigree can be thoroughly Ivy League.

And yet, sometimes there is no other word for it than “guts”.

When a psychiatrist says “guts”, watch out.

If the¬†bon mot (thank you Flaubert) is “guts”, then you are in some serious shit.

If a genius-level IQ resorts to that diction…”guts”, then it is not a dumbing-down.

It is the only word which fits.


And “What the fuck?!?”.

So, as always (it seems), I am battling my old demon:  anxiety.

I exercise.  I eat healthy (more or less).  I sleep (as best I can).

I “take as prescribed”.

And still I have my days (like today) where anxiety is almost an insurmountable impediment.

And so I thank God for the blessing of watching this game tonight.

With my family.

What an exceptional reason for joy and happiness.

Ok, that was only a 1228-word introduction.

On to the game!

Last game was so bad, my “review” was void of any basketball substance.

But guess what?

My team bounced back!

Big league ūüôā

And I was so proud of them.

I was not feeling well for most of the game, but still it was a joy to see players like Jonathon Simmons and Kawhi Leonard bring the energy and juice to this one which was lacking in the previous match.

The Spurs fixed the problem.


But life rolls on.

And now there is a new problem.

Tony Parker.

He was having a great game.

And then he just came down weird on his knee.

And it looked bad.

Parker was (literally) carried off the court by his teammates.

And that puts a damper on this win.

But we gotta celebrate.

For Tony.  And for the team.

The Spurs brought it this time!

LaMarcus was much better.

The effort was there.

Diving for loose balls.

Kawhi was magnificent.

So cool under pressure.

I was so proud of him!

And how ’bout Pau Gasol with 13 rebounds?

Great job, big fella!

Parker had 18 huge points before he went out with a very bad-looking injury.

I pray Mr. Parker is ok.

Danny Green had a good game.

Dewayne Dedmon again brought instant energy when he finally got in the game.

Patty Mills was tenacious.

This may be Patty’s team going forward.

Depending on Parker’s status.

And Dejounte Murray, in retrospect, was a very smart pick by the front office.

But I expect to see a lot of Ginobili…and Leonard bringing the ball up…and Jonathon Simmons in the game.

Manu had 18 great minutes tonight.

Effort.  Hustle.  Drive.  Back to that word:  passion!

Ginobili is capable of running the point…in some ways.

But there will need to be a group effort if Parker is not able to go.

But hey:  Jonathon Simmons!

This guy was THERE tonight!!

When you can fire Kawhi Leonard up, then you’ve really done something.

Kawhi doesn’t react a lot.

But when Simmons blew past Beverley for the and-one slam, Leonard’s reaction seemed to say, “‘Bout time someone else dunked the damn ball on this team!”


Simmons goes big.

He is always looking to make the big play.

And in some ways, this makes him a bit like Ginobili.

Understanding the psychology of the game.

Remember Game 1.

Dedmon and Simmons were about the only guys who showed up with any…guts!

Mix it up! ¬†Get in there! ¬†You’re not happy about losing by 30. ¬†Hell no!!

Ok, let’s talk Houston.

Ryan Anderson continues to be very efficient for the Rockets.

It remains to be seen whether his hand or wrist injury will effect his play going forward.

Trevor Ariza did a 180 from Game 1.

He was 0-4 from three.

Clint Capela was not the dominant presence he was in Game 1.

He had a more mediocre outing this time.

Patrick Beverley is a very talented player…and always a handful.

But his threes weren’t falling either.

And the funniest stat…

It’s pretty strange when a guy who is three rebounds shy of a triple-double (James Harden) can be said to have had a bad night ūüôā

But it’s true.

Harden was 3-17 from the field.

That is extremely inefficient.

Not much more to say about that performance.

James just never really got it going.

The Spurs returned the ass-whipping of Game 1 to their opponents in this Game 2 beatdown.

Eric Gordon was somewhat kept in check.

Lou Williams was a non-factor.

And so, Game 2 was a mirror image (but flipped) of Game 1.

Finally, I just want to offer a prayer…a sincere prayer…for the family of Harrison Brown.

Whether I’m duped or not…I’ll take Pascal’s wager here.


Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 1 [2017)


what a day.

what a game.

Even my computer keyboard is tired.

Or perhaps…

I guess each time I want a capital letter, I have to hit this shift key, right?

Yes, my team, the San Antonio Spurs looked atrocious tonight.

But it was a hell of a day in Texas.

And in the USA.

And it’s a crazy world.

First, I must mention the very strange happening at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ostensibly, there was a “mass” stabbing at the school today.

According to “the news”, one person died and three were injured.

If it’s true, then it’s very sad.

But if it was fake, then it is still sad…for other reasons.

Take a look at this photo.


Do those police officers look like they’re arresting someone fresh off a murder?

And the supposed murderer:  does he look like a raving maniac?

Now…read this short “witness account” which purportedly describes the activities of the African-American gentleman shown in custody above:


Likewise, notice the NetSpeak of the “witness”.


Granted, if all of this is true, it’s terrifying.

But it reads a bit like a script (ahh…here comes cinema).

And so I ask my readers: ¬†what can’t be faked?

In this day and age, what can’t be faked?

Anyone who has seen North by Northwest knows that a fake murder (in broad daylight) is logistically possible.

The key is to have a “doctor” (or seemingly qualified medical person) onsite to control the scene.

No one must be allowed to inspect the wounded except for said operator.

Once the scene is cordoned off, the dead can be brought back to life.

However, one thing which Hitchcock glossed over was this: ¬†you must recruit someone who is fairly good at “playing dead”.

Cary Grant is “declared dead” seconds after being shot in¬†NXNW.

But an oafish actor could easily blow the whole thing by breathing too demonstrably.

Now…the statement above was taken from a Twitter account.

The “witness” wanted to remain anonymous.


Likewise, the other person mentioned by the “witness” has their name redacted.


And finally, following this link, you will see that the Twitter account upon which this statement is posted is run by an “actress” who just happens to have one (and only one) political cause in her short Twitter bio: ¬†Black Lives Matter.


The assailant was black.

That is easy to see from the first photo.

What could possibly be the logistical reason of this smokescreen (ah!)…

It would be psychological warfare.

And, as luck would have it, only a variation on what Eva Marie Saint does in NXNW.

Which is to say, the conveyor of information (Anna Maria Ward) is a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Which means (supposedly) that she’s not racist.

Which means, therefore, that she has no reason to convey harmful information about the purported assailant (Mr. Kendrex J. White).

Also an interesting psychological twist…

The black assailant is named White.

Wow…this is turning into a matryoshka.

But let’s look at another collection of photos.

This time, of one of the purported injured.


And another…


Does this Ethiopian/Somalian person look to be in distress?

Do the EMS workers appear to be in any distress?

Does there appear to be any sense of urgency about this scene?

Is there any blood?

Any bandages?

Backing up a bit, if this was an elaborate false flag (perhaps in pursuit of a “strategy of tension”), then a black victim would further obfuscate the mixed message of the event.

What was Mr. White (a black man) trying to achieve by indiscriminately slashing people with his Bowie knife?

By the way, James “Jim” Bowie died right here in San Antonio, Texas in 1836 at the Battle of the Alamo.

It is after him which the knife is named.

[after he?]

Which adds another pithy MacGuffin.

The knife.

It couldn’t be a boxcutter (like on 9/11).

And, being a Bowie knife, it had to happen in Texas.

All of these strands…which one to pull???

But remember NXNW.

How does the truth become truth?

As Leo Carroll tells Cary Grant, “It’s now acquired the authority of the printed word.”

That was 1900 and fucking 59!

Let’s read from Ernest Lehman’s masterful script:

“Mr. Kaplan’s untimely shooting¬†has now acquired the authority of the printed word. ¬†Enormous headlines. ¬†Everyone has been cooperating beautifully.”

Now what the devil is that last line supposed to mean?

For that, my dear friends, you must look up Operation Mockingbird.

Both truth and falsehood spread like wildfire.

That’s why the CIA wanted to control the “opinion leaders” (as its called in marketing) in the United States.

Control the opinion leaders, and the rest of the fools become mockingbirds.

And the opinion leaders the CIA had in mind?

Key figures in mass media.

But I will leave it to you…to research this nefarious plan…which almost certainly has, by now, been perfected.

The U.S. media is now a crystalline panopticon.

Every “journalist” looks inward (not to their own soul)…to the authority figure who gives them their cue…by the slightest movement…in Bentham’s hideous architecture.

I will say this…one thing has been added since I read this article

earlier today.

Now the deceased has been named.

And he is shown in a heartrending photo.


If Mr. Harrison Brown (on the right) really existed (under that name), and if he really was knifed to death today in Austin, then I am immensely grieved for his family.

His father (?), incidentally, appears to be in an electric wheelchair.

And the Browns appear to be somewhat well-heeled.

Indeed, the late- Mr. Brown is the perfect poster child.


But the media does not care about black-on-white violence.

AND, the media does not care about black-on-black violence.

The only “racial” aspect which draws any attention is white-on-black violence.

And so this story was a footnote in today’s crazy world.

If the killer had been shouting “Aloha Oak Bar”, then we’d probably know about it as well.

Hell…maybe Mr. Brown was (wait for the Hitchcock twist)…THE WRONG MAN?

Maybe Mr. White (wait a minute…)…

What the fucking fuck?!?

A black man named Mr. White killed a white man named Mr. Brown.

Or, smoother, a brown man named Mr. White killed a white man named Mr. Brown.

And another thing!


Take a look again at the photo of the assailant.

Does that guy look 21?

The fiesta colored headband almost seems to be masking a receding hairline…

But in any case.

I will say this:  whether fake or real, this crime freaked me out.

Understand, it was a crime either way.

Just like the “shooting” at Sandy Hook.

Whether it happened or not (I believe it did not), it was a crime.

It was either what it “appeared” to be (the official story of a gaunt, autistic gunman with an AR-15), or it was a government-sponsored false-flag (which is a crime against ALL the people).

In the later case, this would be state-sponsored terror.

State terror.

And here’s where we come to Operation Gladio (a NATO campaign of false-flag bombings and other terror attacks in Italy in the 1970s…led by the CIA).

You can read about that here.

Yes, dear friends, that’s where we come to the “strategy of tension” which I mentioned earlier.

Now…what the devil could the purpose of today’s (possibly-faux) stabbing have been?

You see, the strategy of tension in Italy had a purpose:  prevent the socialists/communists from taking power.

It was a misguided, consequentialist (“the end justifies the means”) black op to sway public opinion AGAINST communists and socialists.


I’m no fan of communists. ¬†Or socialists.

But if they weren’t really the ones committing these acts of violence (and they weren’t), then the truth needs to come out.

You see, the truth was exactly the opposite:  the capitalist coalition (NATO) was responsible for these awful atrocities in Italy.

Back to Austin.

I must admit, I don’t completely get it.

For awhile there, I certainly saw a coordinated campaign by some group (likely part of Obama’s regime) to have the country descend into total chaos.

The shooting of the police officers in Dallas was very suspect.

It bore the same hallmarks as the CIA coup in Ukraine.

[known as the Maidan Sniper’s Massacre]

The best article on that is here:

Interestingly, the 49 killed in Kiev would later pop up (in number form) in the 49 “killed” in Orlando, Florida by Omar Mateen.

49 is not a common number.

It’s not 2. ¬†Or 3.

Or 10.

It’s not 50.

It’s not even 48.

Twice in two years, the world was being told about 49 dead in some place.

First, in Kiev in 2014 (shot by Western-backed snipers…to then blame on the then-government…a false-flag operation).

Second, in Orlando in 2016.

But putting the # 49 aside for a second.

We have a basketball game to review ūüôā

No, I can’t leave it like that.

I will say this…this event in Austin freaked me out.

It is what terror is supposed to do.

Consider all of the terror attacks in Turkey in the past year.

And then the coup attempt!

Or consider living in Seoul…under the constant threat of being vaporized by a slant-eyed Eric Cartman.

Look…I’m a reasonable person.

Show me the proof.

Show us the proof.

And when you get caught in a lie, admit it.

For instance, the famed Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

You know him, right?

He wrote the hugely-successful book¬†Man’s Search for Meaning.

Now, what’s the worst possible thing he could have done to dishonor the memory of his fellow Jews killed during World War II?

Perhaps, lie about it?

And that’s exactly what I learned (today) that he did.

Here’s the link:

As published in the scholarly journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies in 2003, Professor Timothy Pytell discovered that Frankl was only at Auschwitz for a MAXIMUM of three DAYS!!!

“We had to wear the same shirts for half a year,
until they had lost all appearance of being shirts.”

These kind of statements sorta lose their luster when you find that Frankl was “reaching” in describing his brief (brief!) time at Auschwitz.

I will get back to you on this, but it appears the 30 pages which Frankl devoted to Auschwitz in¬†Man’s Search for Meaning¬†were largely predicated on a lie.

Frankl stayed, in truth, just a few days (three at most…as HE LATED ADMITTED IN 1991) in transit between Theresienstadt and Dachau.

Now, this is not to take anything away from Frankl’s account…EXCEPT THAT IT DOES!!!

Frankl implies that he stayed at Auschwitz for a long, long time.

That simply isn’t true.

Historical records and his own admission corroborate each other.

He lied.

But why?

I will also leave that for you to research, dear friends.

Because finally we come to basketball.

Yes, and by the time I sat down to watch this game, I was a mess.

“Stabbings”. ¬†Fake Holocaust history.

What the fuck?!?

What’s wrong with this goddamn world???

One thing is certain:  my team got their asses kicked tonight.

It was ugly.

There were no highlights.

The only bright spots were the FIGHT which Dewayne Dedmon and Jonathon Simmons brought to this game.

Other than those two blokes, the entire squad flatlined this event.

Hell…maybe they were shocked by the stabbing.

Maybe they were reading about Viktor Frankl ūüôā


So my team got their asses handed to them.

But that’s America.

The beauty of America.

We’re not in Venezuela.

It’s not just the “loyalists” who have guns.

It’s everyone (theoretically).

Our 2nd Amendment to our Constitution.

The thing which Sandy Hook was to do away with.

Didn’t happen.

So, thankfully we have Trump (who supports the 2nd Amendment) instead of Hillary (who most certainly would have gun-grabbed and armed her “loyalists” given the chance).

And also, this isn’t Cuba.

Not yet.

In Cuba, if you run out on a parade route with an American flag, you get the shit kicked out of you.

You get beaten.  Bad.  I saw it.

No fakery there ūüôā

Which is to say, America is a “dangerous idea” in Cuba.

[or just plain “hated”]

But in America, you have the freedom to be dumb.

You can drive down the street with a gigantic Mexican flag.

[I see that kinda shit every day]

It’s legal.

Even if the flag-waver  is not here legally.

But, for a long time, we have erred on the side of freedom.

And that is a beautiful thing.

You see, the elites who formed the USA were very much (in manner) like the elites who go to RIIA meetings at Chatham House.

They were used to “Chatham House rules”.

The common courtesy of class.

And so the rich landowners and merchants who fought to make the USA a new country made sure to pass a little of that liberty down the totem pole.

And eventually that liberty was made universal…when the black slaves were finally freed.

We are a fucked-up country, but we’re getting better.

Day by day.

And we can still speak.

Because we respect the diversity of our collective knowledge.

Multiple Intelligences, as Howard Gardner calls it.

So there it is.

Spurs lost.

Crazy day.

We pray for wisdom.