ZIP Codes of the Beast (maps)

Praise God for another day of life.

And so here I am back with some maps.

This took a good bit of finagling.

I feel a bit like Father Lankester Merrin (Max von Sydow) from The Exorcist by following up on this inquiry into American locales which have a 666 ZIP code [with numbers in strict series…666 with no spaces between 6s] (there are at least 34 of them…actually, for all intents and purposes, there are 34 [Topeka, KS is a cluster due to its 666- prefix]).

However, there is the possibility that there are other 666 ZIP codes in which the 6s are interpolated by other numbers (for example, 60606).

By the way, I just pulled 60606 out of my head…not knowing whether it was an actual ZIP code or not.  Well, guess what?  It is.  And it appears to prove the potential riddle to be unraveled here.

Guess where 60606 is?

That’s right.  The hellhole of gun violence and liberal logic.  The vortex which vomited Hillary, the Podesta brothers, Obama, and Rahm Emanuel (its Mayor) into the world:  Chicago, IL.

The link at the top is the original dataset I collected (discussed in my last post ).



As you can see in the above pic, there is one 666 ZIP code in Alaska (the town of Nunam Iqua [formerly known as Sheldon Point]):  99666.  Is it a port or any sort?  Seems awful close to Russia.  Any shipping in or out?


The above map shows just the contiguous states of the continental U.S.  While Alaska has a 666-in-series ZIP code, Hawaii does not.  As you can plainly see, the overwhelming majority of these 666-in-strict-series ZIP codes are in the eastern half of the United States.  The exceptions are Placerville (Idaho) [83666] and the two towns in California:  Sultana [93666] and Pioneer [95666].


The above map generally shows the east-coast clustering of these 666-in-a-strict-series ZIP codes.


This pic (above) shows the Northeast…and particularly that one of these 666 towns is quite close to the Canadian border:  Pembroke , Maine [04666].


In the above picture, you can see the two most closely-grouped 666 localities in the U.S.:  Breeden , WV [25666] and Wayland , KY [41666].  One not familiar with the area wouldn’t know their proximity judging simply by the digits, but once mapped, they reveal themselves to be quite near one another.


This Midwest detail reveals that there is another location which nearly borders Canada:  Ponemah , MN [58666].


The above map reveals two things:  the proximity of Pembroke , ME [04666] to New Brunswick and location of Truro , MA [02666] as being on Cape Cod.  The same question we posed in reference to Nunam Iqua is germane here:  is any cargo going in or out of Truro?  Is it a port of any kind??


This map (above) shows a potentially disturbing path:  that which would be traced from near New York ( Teaneck , NJ [07666], to D.C. ( Stevensville , MD [21666]), and on down to the major U.S. Navy city of Hampton , VA [23666].


The above map shows the two cities in Pennsylvania in addition to the NY/DC/Norfolk line.


Here you can see a similar area…with the addition of the location near Cleveland ( North Lawrence , OH [44666]), a couple of locations fairly close to Charlotte ( Icard , NC [28666] and Ninety Six , SC [29666]), and the Breeden/Wayland bullseye discussed earlier.


Here (above) you can see how this network (?) stretches down into northern Florida ( Melrose [32666]).


There is a southern leg to this 666 network in Mississippi (almost stretching to New Orleans [ Summit , MS 39666).  From New Orleans, the 666 network gets quite close to Memphis [ Sardis , MS 38666] (and has a midpoint locale, albeit in Arkansas [ McGehee , 71666]).


Here you can see that there are two 666 towns in Texas ( San Marcos [78666] and Mertens [76666]) in addition to the duo in Arkansas ( Parthenon [72666] and the aforementioned McGehee [71666]).  Also, there is a 666 town quite near Kansas City:  the 666- prefix “Mecca” Topeka , Kansas.


Could there possibly be some connection to child trafficking in these bizarrely-numbered locales?  Notice that there is a location not too far from Omaha, Nebraska ( Stromsburg [68666]).  The significance of Omaha re: child trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse would be the infamous Franklin scandal .


While we already discovered (serendipitously…by demonstration) the Chicago ZIP code of 60606 (not covered in depth here because of the interpolated zeros), it may be significant that there is a potential “weigh station” in Middletown , Illinois [62666].


Here (above) we see a map detail of just how close one of these 666 towns gets (again) to Canada:  Ponemah , MN [56666].  Indeed, Ponemah aligns almost exactly with the Manitoba-Ontario border.  In this sense, it could be a sort of “fork in the road”.


Here (above), we again zoom out to get perspective…using the closest two-locale grouping (Breeden/Wayland) as a sort of center point.


Zooming back in on the Breeden/Wayland nexus (above).


Close-up of the Breeden/Wayland hotspot (above).


Local detail of the Breeden/Wayland area (above).


Now using Washington, D.C. as a center point [above]…which reveals the potential importance of the Stevensville, MD location and the Norfolk, Virginia 666 status.


Using D.C. as a focal point…but zoomed out a bit (above).  Here we see the potential importance of the two locations in Pennsylvania ( Mount Pleasant [15666] and Osceola Mills [16666])


Here (again using D.C. as a focal point…and zooming out further), we see the 666 network (?) down the East Coast and through the Appalachian Mountains…as far south as Florida.


Here (above) is a close-up of Stevensville, MD in relation to the focal point Washington, D.C.


And again (above) a closer inspection of the area keeping in focus Washington, D.C. and Stevensville, MD.


This detail (above) keeps D.C. and Stevensville, MD in the picture while bringing back Norfolk, Virginia.


Finally, another detail which zooms out enough to see the two Pennsylvania 666 towns in relation to the D.C. area (Stevensville, MD) and Norfolk, VA.

Granted, there may be nothing to all of this whatsoever.

But it is an interesting concept.

Could high-level criminals (going back to the formation of the U.S. ZIP code system in 1963) have laid little breadcrumbs of mutual recognition and thereby formulated a nefarious network throughout the eastern United States?

It is worth mentioning that The Church of Satan was formed a mere three years later (1966) and one of its followers, the extremely-frightening Satanic US Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, broke away from The Church of Satan to form the Temple of Set in 1975.

Dr. Aquino (PhD) may be the scariest human alive.  Expert in psychological warfare.  Avowed Satanist.  Extremely intelligent [his mother had a 188 IQ ( her children’s book on Amazon ).

You can read Lt. Col. Aquino’s CV here.

Something is afoul in America.




Zip Codes of The Beast

02666–Truro, MA

04666–Pembroke, ME

05666–North Montpelier, VT

07666–Teaneck, NJ

15666–Mount Pleasant, PA

16666–Osceola Mills, PA

21666–Stevensville, MD

23666–Hampton, VA

25666–Breeden, WV

28666–Icard, NC

29666–Ninety Six, SC

30666–Statham, GA

32666–Melrose, FL

38666–Sardis, MS

39666–Summit, MS

41666–Wayland, KY

44666–North Lawrence, OH

47666–Patoka, IN

49666–Mayfield, MI

50666–Plainfield, IA

54666–Warrens, WI

56666–Ponemah, MN

62666–Middletown, IL

68666–Stromsburg, NE

71666–McGehee, AR

72666–Parthenon, AR

73666–Sweetwater, OK

76666–Mertens, TX

78666–San Marcos, TX

83666–Placerville, ID

93666–Sultana, CA

95666–Pioneer, CA

99666–Sheldon Point (aka Nunam Iqua), AK

As a former resident of San Marcos, Texas, I can speak from experience that living in an American town with a ZIP code ending in 666 can be a strange sensation.  Not that many people use the U.S. Postal Service anymore, but the ZIP codes are still in effect.  So every time you write your address (not to mention every time a package is delivered), you are reminded that you live in a 666 town.

I remember living in San Marcos and thinking, “This is really weird.”  Wouldn’t somebody object?  Wouldn’t church groups circulate a petition??  Just how in the hell did ANY town in the United States ever acquire a ZIP code with a 666 in it?  Well, as I’ve just discovered from some primary research, there are 33 (Freemasonry, anyone?) towns in the U.S. containing the 666 string in sequence.  And only 3 (again, Freemasonry) are obscured with an extra six in sequence (par ex. 6666).

So what?

What does this mean?

Ah, I forgot one.  The “Main” Topeka, Kansas ZIP prefix is 666-.  So there is ostensibly at least one more (if not several more) ZIP code in the U.S. with a 666 string/sequence.  [all of them in Topeka, KS]  So there goes my Freemasonry theories 🙂

But still…WTF?!?

Do these towns form some sort of network?  What would they look like if lines were drawn between the locations (counting Topeka as one of 34 locations)??  Aren’t people in little podunk towns in Mississippi and Arkansas (for example) disturbed by their ZIP codes???

Of course, there is some speculation that the actual “number of the Beast” (from the Book of Revelation) is 616 rather than 666.  But that aside, it is 666 which has gained the cachet of being PURE EVIL.

Quite frankly, people in San Marcos (partying college kids) seemed to revel in the ZIP code.  It always rubbed me the wrong way.

More to come on this subject soon, I hope.



John Cusack threatens Trump


Hello friends 🙂

What a night!  And day!!!

I’m not really sure I’m glad I found this, but I did.

You can interpret it as you see fit.

To me, it looks like a pretty clear threat on the life of President Donald Trump.

And, yes, it’s a another actor.

Not long after Johnny Depp blurted out an unfortunate statement at Glastonbury, Mr. Cusack joined the chorus (which has included Madonna, Kathy Griffin, and the Shakespeare In The Park production of Hamlet in New York City).

So I’d just like to start from a place of peace.

I’m guessing Mr. Cusack was drunk or tired or something when he tweeted the above threat at 1 a.m. this morning.

I’ve heard he has since deleted it.

I took a screenshot (foreseeing that he might do such).

Yes, I called the U.S. Secret Service.


Because I love my President.

I spoke with three people at the D.C. office.

They were all very nice and it was actually an edifying experience.

They didn’t laugh at me.

I’ve seen the Secret Service’s signage.

Though I can’t locate a good copy of what I’ve seen, the gist of their message was:  “If you hear about a threat on the President’s life (even if you think it’s a joke), report it.  Let us decide if it’s a joke.”

So that’s what I did.

Let’s get back to that starting point.

I was upset with Mr. Cusack.

Because I deeply admire our President.

This was, to me, just another example of violent rhetoric from the Left.

But let me be clear:  I’m not perfect.

While I’ve never threatened the President (at least that I can remember), I have said some dumb stuff in my life.

I’ve written lots of dumb stuff.  Here.  On my blog.

And I’ve tweeted some dumb stuff.

Especially recently.

In an earlier piece I wrote here, I expressed my disappointment with what I perceived to be the anti-Islamic bent of many Trump supporters.

And I will tell you something:  it affected me.

I tried to block people.  I tried to ignore it.

But after awhile, it was so prevalent that I succumbed to making bad jokes.

I will tell you my purpose.

I hoped that by joking about such concerning matters that I could somehow diffuse the hatred of some of my fellow Trump supporters.

But I kinda lost my way.

I made too many jokes.

And so I don’t hate Mr. Cusack.

My guess is that he may have been making a joke.

He tried explaining his comment.

I didn’t buy the explanation.

But we should forgive.

Which is not to excuse threats on the President.

Indeed, I took it seriously.

And I expressed on Twitter to Mr. Cusack that I had reported him.

When I woke up today, I had largely nice comments from fellow Trump supporters thanking me for reporting Mr. Cusack.

Then the hate mail started to pour in.

So I’ve heard just about every insult to my person imaginable in the past hours 🙂

I’m sure Mr. Cusack probably did not foresee the gravity of his actions.

I, certainly, did not appreciate the waves my small action would make.

And I admit:  I should have done it differently.

I should have reported Mr. Cusack and let that be the end of it.

And so my pride caused me problems.

I am not sorry for reporting Mr. Cusack.

That is the law.

That is in keeping with the instructions issued to the public concerning threats on the President’s life.

And, truly, we in America (at least when I was growing up) KNEW that it was unacceptable to even JOKE about killing the President.

But I will tell you this, dear friends:  I thank God for this experience.

It has taught me that I need to improve.

I need to speak with more integrity.

I do not know if I will stay on Twitter.

But this experience teaches me many things.

It is much different to be a public persona.

I’m a nobody.

I’m a little guy.

I have it easy.

But public personas must get hit with abuse all the time.

And I have learned, God willing, that I must again get back to common respect and decency.

I admit, I got away from that in my own Twitter use.

There is no one to blame but myself.

I was weak-minded.

I tried an experiment and failed.

But I try to leave my writing (and tweeting) in place.

Because life is a journey.

Hopefully we are heading in the right direction 🙂

I will admit:  I’m scared.

I stepped into the arena.

Which teaches me the most important lesson of all.

I keep coming back to it, but it’s because I believe it to be true.

Those who go to war (our military) and those who police our streets (law enforcement) are the best of the best.

Sure, there are some crooked ones.

But for too long we have denigrated these heroes.

I most especially admire our soldiers who carry out their orders.

Granted, not all orders are to be carried out…but our soldiers have been faithful to the duty which has been placed upon them.

Similarly to our police…these men and women put their butts out there all the time.

That is true courage.

Those two groups.

What I did is nothing.

My fear is inconsequential.

And so I hope I did the right thing.

I’m sure I bungled it with my ego.

And for that I am sorry.

But I am proud of our President.

And I don’t appreciate the threats on his life.

We must all do what we think is right.

And so I humbly ask that anyone I’ve wronged will forgive me.

And I publicly ask God to forgive me.

God is great and wonderful and I praise Him!

It is a blessing to be forgiven.

It is a blessing to repent.

It is a blessing to learn.

May we all improve.



Central Park in the Dark

First, a mighty fuck you to art collectors like Tony and John Podesta.

With their cannibalist paintings.  With their Jeffrey Dahmer sculptures.

With their child-exploitative pedophile fantasy paintings.

Yes, you dark motherfuckers!  Fuck you!!

Don’t you EVER bring that condescending mess around here again.

Now.  For parity.

Of tone.

The unanswered question:  is your support for Trump a joke?

Answer:  No.

It ain’t a fucking joke!

Have you ever taken an economics class?  Did it sink in?


And did you afterwards still cling to Marx?

Just as the Left has killed the economy with their fealty to globalism, they would “kill” the President in a play in Central Park.

Thinking that there’s not a hayseed familiar with Charles Ives.

But they bet wrong.

Way wrong!

I am that hayseed.

And, though humility prevents me, I am a little more than familiar with Ives.

And so last night when Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec crashed the death orgy staged by Oskar Eustis in Central Park’s Delacorte Theater//

Ahh, Delacorte…opened in 1962.

The next year J.F.K. was assassinated in Dallas.

Nighthawks at the diner…



Uxtries!  Uxtries!  Read all about it!!!

Grassy knoll.

November 22.


Girl stabs horse.

Summer in the city.

Is your support for Trump a joke?


I love our military.

I pray for the seven seamen lost off the coast of Japan last night.

Seven U.S. Naval sailors who were asleep in their bunks.

Below the water line.

Their destroyer was struck (or glanced) by a Japanese container ship.

Though we still search, they are presumed dead.


That is what Donald Trump did.

He made us FEEL again.

Or even FEEL for the first time.

“The war is over there,” it’s often been said.

Look it up.

“La guerre est là.”

But once we take our soldiers into our hearts.

And know that they are just people like us.

Except, they had the guts to jump on a Naval destroyer.

Or they had the guts to train the Afghan army.

Or they puked their guts out from heat exhaustion while carrying God-knows-how-much weight in their pack…in the desert in Iraq.

They weren’t looking for a war.

And they were wrongly deployed.

But they were faithful.

Always faithful.

THAT is what Donald Trump has brought.

Be proud of your country!

Stand up for your country!

That flag ain’t just a piece of cloth.

It drapes the coffins that come home…from Yemen…from Somalia.

Places we don’t need to be.

But the brave men and women carried out their duties.

They engaged in urban combat in Third World shitholes while you sipped your latte at Starbucks.

And they did it FOR YOU.

Were they scared?

Hell yes!

“Will this be my final moment.  Why.”

That is the blood of our country.

Without a draft.

They volunteered to get whatever job done that our country needed done.

As I said, they’ve been steered wrong…by a bunch of policy wonks who’ve never seen battle.

I’ve never been in combat.

But I got a lotta respect for a gun (to quote Bob Dylan).

And your city?

Is it a shithole?

Are there gangs?

Are there neighborhoods you avoid at all cost?

Is your own neighborhood worsening?

Do you ever feel scared in your town or city?

Every morning and every night.

Police put on their shoes and socks.

And they go out there.

And they deal with the craziest shit imaginable.

A non-stop panic-inducing environment for most of us.

And that’s their job.

And now (for awhile now) they have targets on their backs.

But they still go out there and try to do their jobs.

Seriously, we would be fucked without police!

THAT is what Donald Trump has brought.

Respect for law enforcement.

Respect for military.

And pride in country.

Yeah, it’s ok to be proud of your country.

You don’t have to be perpetually ashamed of your country.

It’s ok to go against the grain 🙂


Have a thought.

And, if you’re like me, when you see your great President “stabbed” to death on a stage in Central Park, then you are pissed.

And when he’s interpolated into a tragedy by Shakespeare, you’re not happy with this “interpretation”.

Pains your heart.

Like two marching bands passing each other in Symphony #4.

Gotta have two directors.

But Oskar Eustis failed.

It’s unacceptable to “kill” the President…even on stage.

And if you do that, then you will have the backlash of a lot of angry people.

Van Jones thinks “whitelash” is such a cutting-edge term with which to sum up our last election.

I don’t fucking think so.

Yeah, I’m white.

And I’m sick of that kind of racism.

So fuck you, Van Jones!

By the way, you dumb son of a bitch, BOTH THE CANDIDATES WERE WHITE!

But they didn’t teach you basic critical thinking at Yale Law School, did they?


They just taught you how to divide.

And since you’re a man, you don’t have the balls to be a feminist.

So you played the muthafuckin race card.


But it’s aight!


We goin full-awn cultural appropriation heah!

When Laura Loomer stormed the stage, Jack Posobiec yelled, “You are all Goebbels!”

And so Laura Loomer is the real wonder woman.  And she deserves her own song.  By one of the best.

And Jack is the real deal on Twitter.  Twitter which went out for the entire state of Texas just three days ago.

It was a big red cloud right over Texas.

“Northwest Houston. Haven’t been able to get to twitter via android app or browser on phone or laptop since approx noon CT. Still can’t get to it.”

“so is twitter just not working in texas??? ive been so confused all day hhhhhh”

“Been down for hours in San Antonio”

“it hasn’t worked at all today wtf”

“I also live in south texas too”

“In South Houston, Twitter hasn’t been loading since 1pm or so”

“However, using my phone network, I can get Mobile Twitter to sort of load. It’s so weird.”

[that’s art.  we understand Duchamp.]

“something fishy about this all these outages in one state fishy”

“Yup, working all day until 10 minutes ago here in San Antonio…”

[we understand Partch.  Barstow.]

“League City, TX/ATT down since about 1:30”

“Same homie.”


“El Paso TX, hasn’t been working since this morning -_-”

“Down in Waller, TX”


“San Antonio blind!”



“In San Antonio TX , twitter not working”


I can write about whatever I damn please.

“outage map shows that pretty much everyone in Texas is being affected.”

Come to find out it weren’t my imagination.

“Yeah. I’m in the Rio Grande Valley and it has been sputtering all afternoon.”

But when someone speaks out, they take a risk.

“I am having issues with twitter I am here on the east side of Houston”

And you feel for a second the fear of life’s real soldiers.  Not Antifa poseurs.

“In Houston area, twitter isn’t working on home wifi at all but does on LTE.”

But you…you never risk anything.  Life on retweet.  Simulation.  We know our Baudrillard too.

“Same here, doesn’t make sense but I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

So somebody’s gotta storm the stage and say that enough is enough.

“Fairly sure it’s ATT as an ISP that being hit. Which is a majority of texas, so pc is deaders, phone is sparkling.”

But beautiful.  Shhh…peaceful.

“I was on a few minutes using TweetDeck, but I’m down again south of Houston.”

Disarm you with a smile ” “.

“been out all afternoon in the San Antonio TX area”

Because Donald Trump is the Joseph Beuys of Presidents.

Yeah!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

He loves America and America loves him 🙂

With the God damned felt.  And the fat.

And the fucking coyote.

And the ambulance from the airport.

How to explain pictures to a dead hare.

With the gold leaf.

And the MAGA.

Because someday your freedom will be meaningful to you.

All that you take for granted.

Opposing forces.

Worried that Trump’s a dictator?

He can’t even bend over to tie his shoe without some Deep State lackey cutting the string.

“Let it be good.  Do what you should.  You know it will be alright.”

We worship Velvet Underground.

But we ain’t brainwashed.



Proud to be American scumbag!


Yeah, it’s dense.

But you gotta want a different literature.

Film critics are people too.

“…the piano player got mad, stopped in the middle and kicked the bass drum.”  –Elliott Carter

They did the same thing to Beethoven.

Yeah, we know metric modulation.

But we bring you film.

In between music and business.

As passion.

And the politique des auteurs as engagement.

Not the Left of Godard, but the Right of Godard.

And always towards a middle of truth and justice.

Now, upon ruin, the United States has been injected by Soros hatred.

Trying to pull us apart.

Must know Gruppen.

And not succumb to nor cower beneath Einsatzgruppen.

Every day, through the divided line, we move…further from conjecture and through belief…into thought…and, God willing, repose in understanding.

Data.  Information.  Knowledge.  Wisdom.

So I call your bluff.

You add no value.

Fuck you.

Your value system is jacked!

You don’t know who you are.

But you have time to tell me I suck.

For being honest.

For leaving my heart on a platter.

“When you ain’t got nothing/you got/Nothing to lose”

God will watch over those who repent.

God is with us already.

All of us.

And though we are imperfect, His love is not contingent upon that.

It’s there.


Not boring.

But steady.

Through these trials.

Dante had his Beatrice.

And we all had our Laura last night.

Our Joan of Arc.

Not like Reality Winter (Joan of Snark).


We have a real leader in Donald Trump.

We rally behind him and our flag.

It’s not ironic.

Learn some fucking history!

And we had a U.S. military vet (Jack Posobiec) shout down a crowd of vengeful vermin who were waiting for their Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.

But they got The Great Dictator:  “You are all Garbitsch!”

Amen.  Herr Garbitsch!

So we’ll just cool out, see? 🙂

Because we believe, dig?

We love America.

We love our military.

We love our police.

We question.

We are not an homogenous block.

And we are sick of your shit.

So no more Kathy Griffin beheadings.

No more “Julius Caesar” knife massacres.

And no more targeting our politicians for assassination.

Whether it was Deep State-connected or not.

Get the fuck out of the way.



Congressional baseball false flag

When all the “news” are a massive chorus of agreement, without a hint of skepticism, then it is time to worry.

And it is up to nuts like me to offer a counterbalance 🙂

Let me get right to the point:  I believe this Congressional baseball shooting was a Deep State warning to President Donald Trump.

The official story as regards the security presence at this event in which many Congressional officials were massed together does not make sense.

Which should bring to everyone’s mind (everyone with an historical memory) the way in which JFK was whacked in Dallas.

My fellow Americans (and people of the world), please remember that the STRIPPING AWAY OF NORMAL LAYERS OF SECURITY was part of John F. Kennedy’s demise.

This is the “stand down” aspect of the “false-flag stand down” (about which the eminent doctor Steve Pieczenik, MD PhD, has been talking for some time).

The Ur-literature pursuant to this would be found in the publications and notes of Roberta Wohlstetter (wife of Albert Wohlstetter).

The situation to be studied would be Ms. Wohlstetter’s time at the University of Chicago and, particularly, the neocon students (like Paul Wolfowitz) who apparently put her ideas into practice on 9/11.

But let’s get back to topic.

As I stated above, this Congressional baseball shooting looks very much to me like a pure warning to President Trump.

This is unfortunate.

I am an ardent Trump supporter.

So this worries me very much.

So let’s use our brains.

With all of these congresspeople gathered together in one location, there were a mere two security guards there?

Well, no.

Joe Barton (R-TX), in his joint press conference with Congressman Doyle, made clear that there were actually ADDITIONAL SECURITY PERSONNEL on scene (before the shooting).

Oops…so there goes that pearl!

And now let’s discuss this “persona” (patsy?) James T. Hodgkinson.

Which is it:

A.  He was so dumb he had to ask if he was at the correct field (“Are these the Democrats or the Republicans?”)


B.  He was so smart that he targeted the only person with a personal security detail (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise)


And, as Joe Barton made clear in his joint press conference with Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA), these two (supposedly “lone”…until Barton botched that story) security personnel were D.C. Capitol Police.


Now where have we heard that before?

Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently threatening the Chief (!) of the D.C. Capitol Police with “consequences” if she didn’t get her laptop back?

Well, she did.

Look it up.

So we begin to see the outline of the Deep State emerging (to detour a phrase from sinister former President George H.W. Bush).

But back to Mr. Hodgkinson…

He just waltzed up to the only fucking law enforcement officers there like Travis Bickle and asked THEM if he was at the right place?!?

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

Then I saw Hodgkinson’s “mugshot”.

I got two words for you:  Chicago mob.

I mean, this guy is the Jack Ruby of this whole situation (to bring it back to JFK).

So we have a few possibilities (see, unlike “the news”, I’m giving you an opportunity to THINK…I’m not telling you THIS IS THE WAY IT IS):

A.  Mr. “Hodgkinson” was a patsy.  Someone who couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a cannon.  As soon as I started hearing, “rifle…no, pistol…no, rifle and pistol”, I began to suspect that Mr. “Hodgkinson” might be a genuine retard.

So why the gun vagueness?  Because Mr. “Hodgkinson” might have been so inept that he needed help EVEN WOUNDING SCALISE IN THE HIP!

[in such case, a shooter would have been positioned behind Mr. “Hodgkinson” with a rifle…  “Hodgkinson” might have had a rifle with him (although this is bizarre…not exactly something you can put in a violin case…unless [stick around for theory B]), but the damage he did was because of a professional looking over his shoulder…and firing accurately for him.  “Hodgkinson” might have squeezed off some rounds, but he wasn’t the Rambo he’s been made out to be.]

B.  Mr. “Hodgkinson” was a pure “persona” (a made-up “being”…a.k.a. alias) for a very real mafia hitman.  Now, you ask, what kind of nut job hitman would go on a suicide mission?  Well, I would assert that Mr. “Hodgkinson” was himself set up.  [In other words, he didn’t KNOW he was going on a suicide mission.]  Which brings us back to Joe Barton’s live TV slip-up of “other security personnel” on the scene.

In other words, this professional (Mr. “Hodgkinson”) might have been told that there were to be a mere TWO Capitol Police at the field.  However, not trusting the hitman (and knowing that “dead men tell no tales”), those who hired “Hodgkinson” (the Deep State) made sure there were additional, unseen security at the scene (a fact which Joe Barton let slip) to fully neutralize (kill, not just injure) Mr. “Hodgkinson”.

In such case, it would be interesting to know whether “Hodgkinson” first targeted the two officers, and then Scalise (before being taken out by the extra security).


There are many more possibilities than these.

But Infowars and other formerly-skeptical sites have just become reinforcement for the mainstream media.

Infowars (once the “gold standard”) now questions NOTHING.

Every Muslim attack is a Muslim attack (end of story).

Nothing is a false flag anymore 🙂

And so it is a very weird way in which a majority of skeptical Americans may have been coopted by Alex Jones.

I love Alex Jones.

I think he’s the real deal.

But now is not the time for him to stop telling the truth.

I love Donald Trump.

I think he’s a great President.

But he has a lot to learn if he wants to stay in power.

He can’t go halfway with the truth…he’s gotta really get a grasp on what’s going on.

You can call me crazy 🙂

Whatever 🙂

I don’t care.

At least I’m rubbing my two brain cells together and generating some friction.

One final allusion.

Remember those mysterious anthrax attacks which were primarily directed at Democrats (Tom Daschle) after 9/11?  Also, they were directed at critics of the Bush administration (particularly the tabloid reporter who had run an exposé on one of the Bush daughters).

Those anthrax attacks were a Deep State message to any who would question the dubious story of 9/11 (and the ensuing draconian measures such as the PATRIOT Act).

The message?  Shut up.

The Deep State is not Democrat or Republican.

The Deep State is not even a purely American entity.

It spans borders.

Particularly into Europe.

And so, if you’re wanting to know what the Congressional baseball practice shooting REALLY WAS, now you have a better idea.

A deranged Bernie supporter from Illinois?

I don’t fucking think so.

This smells.



Do your own homework.

Don’t let Fox News OR Infowars (or CNN or NYT or WaPo) tell you what the truth is.

Do the logic in your own head.

Does it make sense as a real event?

The answer for me is, “No.”

Today’s event does not make sense (accord) with the way it has been explained.

Someone (or multiple someones) are lying.

Something is awry.

Trump needs to remain strong.

He must root out those who are seeking his literal demise.

The left has been signaling (Kathy Griffin, Shakespeare In The Park…).

This is the red line, President Trump.

Go to who you trust.

You MUST expose the Deep State.

There is no halfway.



Sessions’s session

Consider the following exchange today between U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Senator Ron Wyden as laid out by The Daily Caller:

“‘General Sessions, respectfully, you’re not answering the question,’ Wyden said.

‘Well what is the question?’ Sessions fired back.

‘The question is: Mr. Comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn’t talk about them. What are they?’ Wyden asked.

‘Why don’t you tell me?’ Sessions snapped. ‘There are none, Senator Wyden.’

‘There are none. I can tell you that for absolute certainty,’ he continued angrily. ‘This is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me and I don’t appreciate it.'”

This is when America got some credibility back in this whole Russia débâcle.

See the video here

But I should back up 🙂

A.  I have been “unbanned” on Twitter (after a humiliating 30 hours or so)

B.  There was an earthquake in Izmir, Turkey today…and so I am praying that my extraterrestrial blogger friend Migo is ok.  He sent me an intergalactic message and told me he is alright 🙂

C.  The biggest story in the U.S. today was certainly the Jeff Sessions ‘s hearing

D.  I hate adding an apostrophe and another S on the ends of words which already end in S.  Got it?

So yes…

That’s what we got today.

I have been happily tweeting away.

And though Twitter again accused me (today) of being a computer, they managed to rectify this inaccuracy within seconds (as opposed to hours/days).

But what do I mean by credibility?

In the case of America, post-election, there has been full-on derangement.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (they call it).

I, myself, was in the hospital (no kidding) three days after the election from what started as extreme anxiety.

[turned out I needed to have my appendix removed…the doctors were incredulous that I had a real ailment]

But yeah…

That was some time ago.

And though I struggle most every day with anxiety, I have gotten much better.

But I will say this:  today’s hearing had a TENSION palpable all the way over here in Texas.

And back to this credibility…

They (whoever they are) say, “The Russians must be laughing at us.”

And we (whoever we are) say, “The Russians are corrupt…yada yada.”

It appears that George Soros has made some inroads in Russia (as evidenced by recent protests in that country).

Why do I jump to that conclusion?

Because it looks fake.

Why do I think Sandy Hook was a zero-casualty event?

Because it looked fake.

[and there were all sorts of anomalies which didn’t point to it having been an organic event]

I get it…

People like Alex Jones have multimillion-dollar enterprises to run.

I love Alex Jones.

I’d never say an ill word against the guy.

If I have, it was in haste.

But I see Jones being VERY CAREFUL when it comes to Sandy Hook.


No doubt, he doesn’t want to get stuck in a honey pot.

I mean, Jones was the same guy who insisted (in harmony with the U.S. government) that a PLANE hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

Come on, Alex!

But look…

Not everyone can be right all the time.

Alex is so often right.

Yet sometimes, he and his cohort Paul Joseph Watson start to sound like FOX/BBC lite.

I MISS the skepticism of the old Infowars/Prison Planet enterprise.

And even Donald Trump.

Apparently Trump thinks there really was a shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

And that 49 people really died.

And that Omar Mateen was the lone gunman.

Trump has no political reason to doubt this “tale”.

And every political reason (so he must think) to endorse it.

But we know.

I will post the video again.

Those military and intelligence veterans who helped elect Trump had a few requests.

And this video foregrounds the most important.

“No more false flags, No more bullshit”.

The illustrious Dr. Steve Pieczenik specifically mentions the Pulse Nightclub “attack” in the above video.

It is common knowledge.

Many of these “events” are almost completely divorced from reality.

But let’s revisit a more recent “weird” event.  The Manchester “Bombing”.

[lots of quote marks needed to parse these pseudo-realities]

To the 22 22 22 pattern pointed out in Pieczenik’s above article (22 year-old kills 22 people on the 22nd of the month) we can add this CBS News tidbit:  all 22 suspects were released.

In the first of the two links, you will find a good starting point and a good summary of why an MIT PhD/Cornell MD/Harvard psychiatrist/State Department civil servant/naval veteran thinks that the Manchester Bombing was “not what it seemed”.

That is the key.

And I have heard Mr. Steele of the CIA describe “false-flags” in very similar terms.

“Seems”…”seemingly”…”not what it seems.”

Robert David Steele has, therefore, allowed us to TRANSLATE the news.

As if you were translating conditional statements into forms other than if/then.

You’re looking for sufficient (trigger) and necessary (result).

But in the news (and news coverage), you are (or should be) looking for gaps.

Gaps of logic.

There are plenty of logic gaps in my writing.

Because I am not a very good logician.

But I aim to close those gaps.

Just as I aim to be a better, nicer, more loving person.

Meanwhile, there is a war on 🙂

But before we get back to that battlefield on which Jeff Sessions had to stand today, let’s linger a moment on Orlando.

Pulse Night Club.

-I/ITSEC @iitsec

[The world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference held annually in Orlando, FL]


-Team Orlando @TeamOrlandoMST

[Team Orlando consists of members from Government, academia, and industry are focused [sic] on one common goal:  To improve human performance through simulation.]

Hmmm…lotta simulation going on in Orlando.

Clustering, we’d call that in business.

Amputees in Action @AIA_global

[Amputees in Action Ltd specializes in providing amputee actors for emergency and military training simulations as well as for the film and television industries.]

Right.  Crisis actors.  We’re well aware of these organizations.  Don’t dismiss the use of such assets in a synthetic terror attack or mass shooting.

Simulation Institute @UCFSimInstitute

[Research for computer simulation that works smarter and trains people better.]

Once again, in Orlando, Florida.

And then the mother of all open-sourced links:

STTCResearch (Simulation and Training Technology Center)  @STTCResearch

This is part of the U.S. Army

[The militarys [sic] premier simulation and training technology center]

Where?  You guessed it:  Orlando, Florida.

So that doesn’t, by itself, prove anything.

But it does prove that HAD some party wanted to FAKE a shooting in Orlando, they would have had several outlets to which they could have gone and sought advice about logistics, etc.

There’s always a company which has fallen on hard times…and they’re willing to do what they previously would have sworn off.

Which is to say…these events are rarely 100% real nor 100% fake.

They operate on a continuum.

But let me throw something else in your pipe.

When the Joint Chiefs of Staff were coming up with ways (in the 1960s) to depose Castro, their plans included terror attacks on the United States.

In other words, the highest military personal in the nation were (at that time) willing to sacrifice a hundred people (perhaps) to start a war with Castro.

The logic would be that many more Americans would die if the Soviet nukes were not removed from Cuba.

But JFK refused this JCS plan known as Operation Northwoods.

However, there is a phrase in the document (signed by every member of the JCS) which has stuck with me ever since I read it.

One option was to send a drone plane over Cuba and blow it up by remote control.

Sounds a little like 9/11, doesn’t it?  Indeed…a LOT like 9/11.

Because the planes were almost certainly FLOWN by remote control as well.

Remember, this was long before the highly-touted tests of decades later.

Tests of unmanned flight from the U.S. to Australia.

Global Hawk.

But I still haven’t gotten to my favorite phrase.

And it is this:

“carefully-prepared aliases”.


A plane was to take off from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and have its flight path taken over by the previously-described drone.

After said drone blew up over Cuba (the result of remote control detonation and not fighter jet engagement), newspapers would need the names of these students on holidays (ahh…the heart strings…are you beginning to see how psychological operations work?) who had just been murdered by the government of Cuba.

Kennedy wouldn’t go through with it.

But the Joint Chiefs of Staff had full confidence in being able to fake the deaths of a handful of students WHO NEVER EXISTED.

That’s the key.

Sure, there are obituaries.

Sure, there are funerals.

There might even be some tears if you look closely (“You’re getting a raise, buddy!  Keep it up with the waterworks!!!).

And so it is essential that we come back to the true common sense.

21st century common sense (in terms of interpreting “the news”) is an acquired skill.

This is because “the powers that be” have so thoroughly sized up their marks (us).

And so, if we want to survive, we must acquire the new common sense.

Learn everything you can about intelligence agencies.

Learn everything about everything which shoots off from those hubs.

Then you have a chance to know whether or not you’re being lied to.


Finally, as a film critic.

I can sit down.

And watch a VERY short film.

In which my Attorney General serves up some Alabama righteous indignation right there on the floor of the Senate.

I was mighty proud of Jeff Sessions today.

But dear God, please help us all.  In our struggles.

Please help us to be more kind.

More caring.  More considerate.

Because we know that it is only through you that we live these wonderful days.

Teach us, but have mercy on us.

Give us the joy and peace which can only come from you.

Thank you my friends 🙂



George Webb crosses the line

He might fancy that he’s crossed the Rubicon, but from what I can tell…

He hasn’t.

For several days now I have been investigating.


Into Webb’s massive project on Seth Rich.

It has been fascinating.

But Webb tipped a sacred cow for me.


And that is the esteemed Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

Worse still, Webb was in flagrant error while doing so (attributing the authorship of A Clockwork Orange to Dr. Pieczenik).

[further, Webb seems to be mistaking Pieczenik for Frank Kitson (as Webb’s “gangs and counter gangs” tirade shows)]


If Webb knows something we don’t, then he should enlighten us.

But it appears Mr. Webb (Sweigert) made an immense gaffe.

And though the truth was the first victim in his lash-out against Pieczenik, what’s worse still is that his animus towards Pieczenik was a complete non sequitur.

I have followed Webb’s videos.

I check.  Each day.

Are there new videos?  Is he still alive?

So I checked the videos.

And I checked again.

And I checked Jason Goodman’s YouTube (Webb’s investigative partner).

[actually, Webb’s out-of-the-blue attack on Pieczenik is to be found in a video solely on Goodman’s YouTube (and not on Webb’s own channel)]

{here it is}

Webb’s diatribe on Pieczenik is at the very start of this video (and it carries on for some time).

So here’s the problem.

George Webb does not explain in this video (nor elsewhere, to my knowledge) what exactly his beef with Pieczenik is.

This is an exceptionally daft move on Webb’s part.

Because guess what, George?

You lost me.

Fuck you.

And fuck your channel.

And most of all, fuck your fucking series on Seth Rich!


Glad to have gotten that out of the way.

I would be less mad if I didn’t know the facts.  And if I hadn’t invested the time to vet my anger.

I went to Infowars.

I watched the dreadful interview by Mike Cernovich of Webb and Goodman.

What the fuck is Webb complaining about in the above video (the one in my piece)?

Cernovich let the guys talk.

Webb seems to think that Cernovich is some kind of gatekeeper shill.

Nice try George, but I don’t fucking think so.

And George’s slight seems to be directed at Alex Jones as well.

Really, the alt-media wannabes (like Webb) need to just admit they’re jealous of Jones.

Jones worked for his position within the media world.

Hillary fucking Clinton is blaming Infowars for her loss, for God’s sake!

[though she has LITERALLY blamed everyone at this point]

So what’s the problem, George?

Did Jones relegate you to “overtime”?

The fourth hour?

Were you hoping to be on with Jones himself?

Was Cernovich not good enough?

But here’s the crux.

I went to Infowars’ YouTube channel.

The interview with Webb and Goodman is there.

But, to my knowledge, Steve Pieczenik has not been on Infowars recently.

[so that discounts any first volley from Steve…at that web location]

Then I went to

I combed through the site.


No Steve Pieczenik appearance.

Then I went to Steve’s YouTube channel.


No new Pieczenik video dealing with George Webb.

Then I went to


No new article about George Webb.

So I have just three words for you, George:  WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.  ???

You’re no hero.

You’re just a slimy, conniving little gamesman.

If you’re gonna imply that Steve Pieczenik threatened you…

If you’re gonna imply that Steve Pieczenik is representing the cesspool establishment in D.C….

…then you better have more proof than “wink wink” condescension.


[one of my favorite phrases]

If it hadn’t been for a Steve Pieczenik tweet which linked to your video, I never would have heard of your sorry ass.

Which reminds me.

I checked George’s Twitter.


No explanation about what Steve did to deserve such disrespect.

And I checked Steve’s Twitter.


No insults of George Webb.

So I am done with George Webb.

I don’t give a fuck about your investigation.

Your integrity sucks, George.

200 days is nothing compared to the decades Alex Jones and Dr. Pieczenik have put into the truth movement.

Consider yourself flushed, loser!



Citizen Rich: The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

As I watched some George Webb videos last night, I became a bit wistful to hear him say he had come to the end of his great investigative journey.

[have no fear…he’s already posted 8 more videos today…so it looks like the series will continue]

But in his rather bizarre send-off (I thought) was a threat for John Podesta.

Gathering by the context, it seems that Mr. Podesta has threatened George Webb’s wife and children.

Strangely, Webb took on an almost diplomatic tone in telling the Clinton cartel that “none of you are going to jail.”

That struck me.  What?!?

But Webb did get out a very cryptic threat of his own.

To explain, we must include Webb’s intelligence that people like Heather Podesta, Tony Podesta, and John Podesta have been in Europe busily buying art works and diamonds.

Basically, spending all their money so their accounts can’t be frozen to any real effect.

Webb’s threat is, “I know where your art is, John.”

Webb mentions the place.

Geneva Freeport.

Ports Francs et Entrêpots de Genève SA

Quite a fascinating and spooky place.

But back to that “nobody’s going to jail” statement.

What hadn’t hit me before regarding George Webb is that he’s a Democrat.

An Obamacrat and then a Berniecrat.

But positively not a Hillarycrat.

Which explains his open-mindedness in willing to take on this case.

The further breadcrumbs I’ve picked up are these:

Eric Braverman (former Clinton Foundation CEO who disappeared) is apparently “safe” in Tel Aviv.

That’s all I know.

I don’t know if he leaked the Podesta emails.

The NY Film Academy was where the Clinton crime syndicate was smuggling in Pakistani ISI agents (even if these agents had zero facility in the cinematic arts).

Another one I haven’t quite wrapped my head around:

SEIU:  Service Employees International Union

The intimation is that there’s some dark stuff going on with this organization.

But I don’t know what.

Webb makes at least one trip to the Hillary for America headquarters in Brooklyn.

I’m not sure what importance that had in his overall theories concerning the demise of Seth Rich.

We do know, however, that the DNC only let the company CrowdStrike look at their supposedly hacked server.  They wouldn’t let the FBI look at it.

CrowdStrike ostensibly found proof of Russian hacking, however…WikiLeaks Vault7 release confirmed that the CIA has developed hacking software…including a program called Umbrage (which is made to leave behind false traces of whatever country one wishes to incriminate).

I’m guessing that some partisan people at The Company “hacked” the DNC server (but didn’t take anything).  They just left the footprints.  And why not take anything?  Because the DNC already knew who the leaker was.  And they killed him.  So they needed a grand distraction to try and attempt a vilification of WikiLeaks.  This may be where “Russia did it” started in its most proto-, gestative form.

That being said, the CTO (and co-founder) of CrowdStrike (Dmitri Alperovitch) is certainly a person of interest in all this.

Webb also gets into the F-35 fighter jet.

Or, rather, into the SUBJECT of it.

I gather the implication if that perhaps the Hillary campaign was profiting from deals related to this Lockheed Martin stealth fighter.

Webb mentions “pay for play” several times.

So the question becomes, how much did Seth Rich know about these other nefarious activities?

Other organizations and people of interest to the Seth Rich murder investigation:


Described by Webb as “Weiner’s public relations firm”.

Particularly a lady who works there by the name of Amy Dacey.

As for some of the money laundering (or even just anonymous bank accounts), Webb keys in on HSBC Switzerland.

Also, there is the conflict of interest between Terry McAuliffe (Gov. of Virginia) and acting head of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

Webb, for some reason, keeps referring to him as Andy.

You can read here about George’s run-in (?) with a JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) presumably in his home area (around Portland, Oregon).

Anyway…I don’t know what relationship Webb has to U.S. intelligence services…if any.

But there are certain times that he seems to be speaking of close friends (Andy McCabe) or, even, speaking FOR OTHERS who are using him as a cipher to send a stern message to McCabe.

Finally, Webb posits that the nonprofit set up by NGP VAN (known as EveryAction) should be able to track (wait for it) EVERY ACTION in terms of fundraising for the previous Presidential race on the Democrat side.  In other words, there may be very damning evidence that Hillary was stealing Bernie’s donations.  Whether Seth Rich knew about this, I’m not sure.

Till next we meet fair travelers,


Histoire(s) du Seth Rich

George Webb is making a masterpiece.

A map which is the same dimensions as the land being surveyed.

Like Borges.

Actual size.

George Webb is actually George Webb Sweigert.

And for the past 221 days, he has been conducting an EPIC crowdfunded (?) investigation into Seth Rich’s murder.

George Webb understands the allure of serialization.

In this day and age of “binge watching”.

I only caught wind of his massive art/justice project on day 219:  two days ago.

I watched in astonishment as this seeming mind straight out of A Study in Scarlet (1887) elucidated the demise of an American hero (as Kim Dotcom has said):  Seth Rich.

I have now posted this video twice, but I will post it once again…because it is what we in the pop music industry (hasta la vista) call a “hook”:

Watch it.

If you’re not intrigued, you might be dead already.

But if your wheels turn (like mine did), you might be inclined (strongly) to CATCH UP on this ESSENTIAL story.

And once you come to the present (day 221), you start going backwards.

And it is the most haunting horror movie–the most gripping suspense…more visceral than the best of Hitchcock.

And, as Orson Welles said, IT’S ALL TRUE!

Well, maybe…

Because, dear friends, I never knowingly sell you a false bill of goods.

As smart as I am (I will let you be the judge of that “level”), I am not capable of lying to you.

I might obfuscate.

I’m only human.

I get scared.

I speak in Joycean logorrhea.  Logic vomit.  Confetti.  Chromatic spaghetti.

But I have a soul.

And my soul leads me.

I fail.

But I get back up.  And try harder.  And try to improve.

Which means…we must QUESTION George Webb.

We must apply our skepticism broadly.

Which is to say, we must have open minds.

Not Open Society.  Open minds.

Think for yourself, George Soros.  Don’t think for me.  Don’t throw your money at propagandistic social engineering efforts.  You’ve been found out, György!


Who is George Webb Sweigert?

A tech guy from Portland (apparently).

I was wrong (maybe) to assume he had employment ties to the FBI/CIA.

If his C.V. is not a crock of shit, this guy is an IBM guy…a dude with a couple of bachelor’s degrees in business (woot woot!)…a guy who has seemingly had a long and successful career in a string of very boring tech jobs.

Is his resume credible?

Well, I have no reason to doubt it.

However, Webb makes reference to his former employment by McAfee in one of his videos.

Why is McAfee not on his LinkedIn profile?

Indeed, his McAfee story is fascinating.  Webb contends that while an employee at the virus protection software company, (to paraphrase) “half the company was writing virus protection software, and the other half were writing viruses”.


Where have we heard that before?

It is the kind of stuff Kim Dotcom goes on about.

And I believe there is A LOT of truth in it.

Let’s just put it this way:  weapons manufacturers’ bottom-lines closely correspond to the presence or absence of conflict.

Too vague?

How ’bout this.  Create the virus.  Sell the fix.

Or that old chestnut which gets mistaken for Hegel:

thesis + antithesis = synthesis

[it’s actually Fichte]

You may have heard it as “problem reaction solution”.

Yes, dear friends, it is well-documented that governments conduct false-flag attacks.

One British journalist added an endearing mutation to the meme pool recently by calling them “fake flag” attacks.

But getting to the point:  Orwell was right in 1984.

Governments DO bomb their own people.

But, dear friends, we are not here to bash governments today.

We are here to root out crime.

To bring down a syndicate so hideous that RICO legislation would have a hard time getting a grasp on the unwieldy hubris at work in this case.

We’re here to bring down the Clinton crime syndicate.

And, with it, the New World Order.

Kissinger began and ended (bookended) his 1994 book Diplomacy with discussion of “the new world order”.

This is not a conspiracy.

This is globalist jerks hiding in plain sight.

Because they think you’re too stupid (and lazy) [and afraid] to do anything about it.

Seth Rich.

Was murdered.

In Washington, D.C.

He was the source for the DNC emails.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her job as the head of the DNC because of these leaks.

The leaks showed the corruption in the Democratic Party.


I cannot overstate the following:

Seth Rich’s murder is the nexus point from which a global crime syndicate can be unraveled.

Whether that cartel is taken down is up to you.

So here are the facts as George Webb has presented them:

Dr. Jack Sava operated on Seth Rich at Howard University Hospital.

Dr. Sava then went down the hill (up the hill?) to MedStar Georgetown Hospital with a patient (Seth Rich) whom he claimed was braindead.

Seth Rich’s organs were given to someone on a donor list.

The parents of said donor impersonated Rich’s own parents (thereby “fooling” hospital staff at MedStar into thinking this was a legit “signing” to let Rich die).

Dr. Sava used the name (an alias…one of several under which this doctor operates [literally]) Dr. Ateljevich when he brought Rich to MedStar.

Dr. Sava/Ateljevich impersonated a “fourth year medical intern” at MedStar.

Which is to say, reports that a “brave” young doctor has become a whistleblower ARE FALSE.

[that story was concocted from the beginning…to be released later…as it recently was]


Let’s establish the names once again.

Dr. Jack Sava.

Dr. Jack (?) Ateljevich.

Why, you may be asking, all this runaround?

Because, dear friends, Seth Rich had FBI bullets in his body.


And those bullets had to be removed to protect the Bureau from blowback.

They had to be removed at Howard University Hospital.

Then Rich could be taken to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and left to die.

Dr. Sava, incidentally, seems to have done this sort of thing before.

In, of all places, Albania.

The pertinent location in that country seems to go by the name of “the yellow house”.

In other words, this ties into the ORGAN HARVESTING of which I spoke in my last post.


We must be fair.

I believe Webb’s actual words at one point are “The FBI killed Seth Rich”.

While that may be true, it seems to go against his recent revelation that Alpha Jalloh hired two MS-13 gang members to whack Rich.

As I posted last time, those gang members ended up dead in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the day after Rich’s murder.

[kill the killers…a.k.a. “dead men tell no tales”]

But here’s the rub.

It appears that MS-13 gangbangers “Rafael Aguilar, 31, and Carmelo Marmolejo-Calixto, 33” used AN FBI GUN to kill Seth Rich.

Not only that, they were equipped with an encrypted FBI radio to make their assassination of Rich possible (to “deconflict” and surveil law enforcement who were not in on the hit).

So in a roundabout way, it appears the FBI did kill Seth Rich, but it was through several layers of cutouts and intermediaries.

Alpha Jalloh was a car thief.

If you watch the video above, you will see that he almost certainly was “turned” by the FBI and used to hire the MS-13 gang members.

Now, you may be asking, why was this operation so sloppy and complicated?

Because reality.

Murphy’s law.

Seth Rich fought back.

He had bruises on his knees and elbows.

There was a struggle.

The intention (almost certainly) was not to shoot him after he left Lou’s City Bar in D.C.

The plan was probably something like the Vince Foster murder.

Rich would be found in a park.

Something like that.

Who knows.

But the TWO HOSPITALS aspect almost certainly speaks to a botched assassination.

Which is why the story is unraveling.

And why George Webb > every mainstream media outlet combined.

So here are some strands for researchers to pull.

WRTC.  @BeA_Donor

“WRTC is the official #DonateLife organization for the DC area.  Register today as an organ and tissue donor at the DMV or online at”

Ok, Judicial Watch.

Ok, you FOIA experts.

Who got an organ donation the night Seth Rich died at MedStar hospital?

Another thread to pull.

It appears the Clinton crime syndicate was surveilling the Democratic Caucus in the House since the Bill Clinton administration (possibly even before that) by way of the DCCC:  the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

[notice, by the way, that I haven’t said a thing about Trump so far…till now.  which should tell you, I want this fucking case SOLVED because Seth Rich did not deserve to DIE for being a leaker who exposed massive corruption]

The DCCC appears to be the nexus point through which the Awan brothers worked on behalf of the Clinton crime syndicate to surveil and blackmail Congressional Democrats.


Because they had access to all their communications.

For decades.

Through “doped BlackBerrys” and “syncing laptops”, etc.

This goes back to the Verizon, AT&T, and BlackBerry (?) stores in the bottom of the U.S. Capitol Building.

And also goes back to why Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently threatened the Chief of the Capitol Police with “consequences” if her laptop was not returned.

What the fuck?!?

This lady.  DWS.  What a fucking moron!

It’s documented.

She threatened a peace officer.

Fuck her.

And why did she do it?

Because she’s desperate.

What’s on that laptop, Debbie?


Seth Rich likely knew that money for Bernie Sanders (donations) were being criminally diverted to the Hillary Clinton coffers.

The thread to pull is NGP VAN @NGPVAN

“NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic & progressive campaigns & organizations.  For support requests, email support(at)ngpvan(dot)com”

[this isn’t about Republican and Democrat.  this is about crime.  murder.  corruption.  solve the crime.  the authorities apparently aren’t going to do it for us.  unless we do the work for them.  and force them to investigate.  “drain the swamp” means a new start for both sides.  the corruption which has seeped into the FBI & CIA?  those corrupt individuals?  “drive them out”]

Brad Bauman @bradbaumn

“Former Executive Director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”

But it should read,

“Hi.  I’m the guy the DNC glued to the Rich family’s front door to cock-block any investigation into this exceptionally creepy, repugnant political murder.  I speak for the Rich family, which is to say…the DNC.  The Rich family don’t know why I speak for them.  That’s because they haven’t realized that we murdered their son.  Have a nice day :)”

Brad Bauman.  PR wanker.  Public relations.  The lowest form of humans.  Goes all the way back to that shit-tome Public Opinion (1922) by Walter Lippman.

Bauman and the DNC need a “cease and desist”.

Where’s the real law enforcement in this country?

Investigate this goddamned murder!

American University.  D.C.

Where the “drop” ostensibly happened involving the thumb drive which eventually made its way to WikiLeaks.

Craig Murray.  @CraigMurrayOrg

“Historian and human rights activist.  Former British Ambassador.”

He was the receiver (I believe) of the “drop”.

At American University.

He has said that “it wasn’t the Russians”.

[yes, the Seth Rich story would be a big dose of “shut the fuck up” for the majority of media in the United States…but not a peep…except Sean Hannity…who almost got lynched for sticking a toe in these waters]

Craig Murray has said that it was an insider.

I’m saying (we’re saying) [Julian Assange all but said] it was Seth Rich.

That was for the DNC DUMP.

Another leaker would be needed to explain the availability of the Podesta emails.

{it should, however, be mentioned that Podesta’s password was /hold your breath/ “p@ssword”…  really.}

Was it Eric Braverman?  [former CEO of the Clinton Foundation]

I don’t know.

That, dear friends, is all I’ve got.

Jean-Luc Godard’s magnum opus, Histoire(s) du cinéma was 266 minutes long.

I don’t know what George Webb’s 221 days of “transient random-noise bursts with announcements” totals in running time (so far), but it’s a masterpiece in the making.

Watch it here


Alex Jones Destroys MSM At Austin Child Custody Press Conference, April 28 [2017)

Nighttime…is the write time.

Or, rite time.

CAN do attitude!

Yes, folks…I hoped to bring you a film review tonight.

But what I have is even more compelling.

The real reason Donald Trump won the Presidency.

Julian Assange was big.

Steve Pieczenik was big.

But Alex Jones was the tipping point.

The compass needle which would indicate “live or die” for the aspiring first-time politician.

Jones backed Trump.  Unashamedly.  Unapologetically.

And Trump went to the right (there we go) places.

On Jones’s show.

On Twitter.

Taking it to the streets (as that great punk rock band The Doobie Brothers once sang).

And so what I will post at the end of this article is a link to a video.

It’s on Facebook.

I suppose that might be a purposeful slight by Jones and his Infowars organization at the expense of Google/YouTube (Alphabet, Inc.).

[Alphabet’s motto “Do the right thing” rings as hollow as the CIA’s unofficial maxim “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” {yeah right…}]

Not that Facebook is a pure operation.

Indeed, it is almost thoroughly shite.

But that’s neither here nor there.

What we have here is a success:  to communicate.

Reagan was given the title (“The Great Communicator”).

Trump is immensely persuasive.

But Jones is a dagger in the heart of synthetic globalization.

By synthetic, I mean forced.  Unnatural.  Deceptive.  Ulterior.

Alex Jones has been talking for a long time.

On air.  On those beautiful radio waves.

And back when I was a pizza delivery driver in Austin, I caught Jones’s transmissions.

And they brought me a new world (à la Joe Meek).

Not every doubter is right.

And not all doubtless are wrong.

But something was amiss after 9/11.

It just didn’t make sense.

Even from a naive, socialist perspective.

It made no sense that the U.S. was going to bomb Afghanistan (one of the poorest countries on Earth) in what Thierry Meyssan so aptly termed a “disproportionate riposte”.

Meyssan is still living a teenage dream (though his skepticism was [WAS] exquisite).

Meyssan terms himself an “anticapitalist”.

I would call this a particularly “French” disorder nowadays.

It is like sucking on the same pipe Sartre chewed.

Without ever understanding the phrase:

“Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”


It’s a PICTURE of a pipe.

A representation.

And thus, dangerously close to the famous “liar’s paradox” (“This sentence is false.”, etc.).

Alex Jones pulled the thread, and the sweater came apart.

“It’s a sweater!”

El Guapo surely didn’t need a sweater…in the Sonoran Desert.

And would we say Alex Jones has a plethora of listeners/viewers?


And each one of them starts a band.

As Brian Eno said of The Velvet Underground.

Alex Jones has the numbers.

And the RIGHT kind of viewers.

Those in a trance state rarely make it there.

They are content with CNN.  With MSNBC.  With Fox News.

But Jones had a precedent in what he did today.

And that precedent was Donald Trump’s notorious, infamous excoriation of “the press” on February 6 of this year.

THAT Trump needs to come out of retirement.

We don’t need the idiocy of threatening North Korea.

That’s dumb.

We don’t need the daft Rex Tillerson.

We don’t need the mannequin Mike Pence.

We don’t need General James “Bombs For Brains” Mattis.

We need someone who takes on THE MEDIA!

“…against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.”

Make no mistake (Obama alert):  Tillerson is just dumb.

He’s unfit to be Secretary of State.

Mike Pence has never had an emotion in his life (and nary a thought).

And Gen. Mattis, well:  I can’t take credit for that nickname.

It was Pieczenik (no doubt in reference to Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay).

The point is this:  these gentlemen (and throw in Gen. McMaster) don’t seem to know what the fuck they’re doing.

Running the USA (contrary to popular, cynical belief) is not exactly the same as running Exxon Mobil.

There are consequences of greater import that what can be reflected on a balance sheet or income statement.

[or statement of cash flows]

My guess is that none of the brave U.S. soldiers in South Korea or Japan dreamed of being the cannon fodder for inept statesmen.

Which is to say:  nothing (NOTHING) has changed regarding North Korea.

It is entirely (ENTIRELY) a media propaganda campaign to prepare the masses to ACCEPT war.

Sadly, there are much more peaceful, less-risky ways to deal with North Korea.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik has outlined these methods.

Woe unto the Generals who are too hasty to fight.

And now, in our U.S. media echo chamber, we are hearing about Sudan (and Yemen!) acquiring nuclear weapons.


The Operation Mockingbird U.S. media cannot walk back the rhetoric on North Korea (“if they acquire nuclear weapons…”:  what?!?) while concocting rather farfetched weapons programs for third-world states which just happen to align with the U.S. AFRICOM’s ostensible mission.

Remember how fast Boko Haram petered out?

It was like the god damned hula hoop!

All of this is to say a few things…

I would never have learned to think critically about the world had it not been for Alex Jones.

Alex isn’t perfect.

But he’s like a fucking knight in shining armor compared to jerks like Anderson Cooper.

And so, dear friends, the world needs brave/stupid people like me.

And no one is more brave/stupid than Alex Jones.

I salute Donald Trump.

He needs to make his own administration great again (MHOAGA?).

But Alex Jones is the real deal.

Watch this video, if you can.

And you will see the spirit which runs through the veins of Texans.

The spirit which runs through the veins of rural Americans.

The spirit which runs through the veins of people everywhere who want truth.

CNN is “very fake news”.

We must credit Donald Trump for having at least an intuitive grasp on fuzzy logic.

But Alex Jones is a smoking whip-crack righteous indignation intellect.

…morituri te salutant.