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Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne [1945)

Bresson has been slaying me recently.

First Balthazar, and now this.

They are similar.

Films which seem boring.

You watch them once.  They wash over you.  Very little effect.

And then you are stranded at the end of the world.

Just you and Górecki’s third symphony.

Yes, you pack away some life beneath your belt.

You ingest the poison trickery of the world.

Et voila!

The film comes to life.

All the Frenchies start out looking the same in black and white.

You furiously follow the subtitles.

But the film presents meaning the second time around.

First were the forms.

A donkey.  Some sluts.  Bad memory.

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne is so forgettable the first time around.

All we remember is the Bois.

Conflated with some lines of Céline’s Voyage…

But this is the real deal.

Maria Casarès was like the Alida Valli of The Paradine Case here.

Indeed, it just may be that Hitchcock lifted the essence of his criminally underrated film (no pun intended) from Bresson’s minor masterpiece of two years previous.

Whatever the case may be, Casarès is absolutely diabolical as Hélène.

Revenge is a dish best served.

Simmer, reduce, garnish, and serve.

Revenge revenge revenge.

And yet we feel for Hélène.

And so in the grand mystery of the spheres we wonder, “What is God if not an impossible camera angle?”

A crumpled note.

Our hearts torn to shreds.

And always raining.

Like some goddamned B-movie with a thunder sheet in the wings.

If I didn’t hook you at first, then you’re not still with me.



The oppression of Twitter.

So we must think of the greatest tricks of all time.

The recent Microsoft Tay psyop.  To make Trump and his followers look stupid.

As if he needs any help.

But a very real conspiracy none the less.

For some events are so transparent.

And some pure whores like  Agnès (Elina Labourdette) have that bullshit detection meter straight out of The Shining.

Preternatural, if not supernatural.

We might think we’re being tricked.

Too good to be true IS.

“Deceit deceives itself.”  Guy Debord.  D.N. Smith.

It is a very delicate story.

The crystallization of immense pain.

Vanity, yes.

But also human nature.  Survival of the ego.

A hurt so deep as to propel plans.  Special plans.  Operations.

Some countries blow up their own cities.

The old “self-inflicted wound” ploy…as Clouseau would call it.

Orwell was very clear about this in 1984.  The government is firing rockets at its own people.

Because it is only natural to assume an outside enemy as culpable, the true authors slip by.

And as the narrative becomes codified and accepted…and everyone has come back to the NFL, and hockey, and soccer…then the beast can’t be disturbed.

The beast which knows not its own power.

The beast whose abuse rises from below.

The Lilliputians in charge condescend upwards.

All bark and no bite.

And the beast bites the wrong lands.

Afghanistan.  Iraq.

With each passing year the creation myth (9/11) requires inference upon inference upon inference to justify the next humanitarian bombing.

Libya.  Syria.

Very few understand the importance of replacing due process with death by Hellfire missile.


No wonder the video game makers consult with the Pentagon.

A seamless transition from energy drinks in mom’s basement to the joysticks of drone strikes.

Far afield.

From those ladies.

Those ladies who have been used.

Sold a false bill of goods.

A very sloppy expression.  Arcane.

Left dangling like a modifier.

And so we want to go back to a simpler time.

Before we gave up on our dreams (in the blink of an eye).

I call out to cold regions.  Cold rooms.

I call out to cold hearts.  Mixed response.

But the one true miracle is to push onwards.

No more sugar-coating the shite she dished out.

She was a real bitch.

And I was as mad as any painterly glass of absinthe ever existed.

I can’t forget.

No, never.

But I can forgive.

Not much here to steal or ruin.

A very marginal existence.

I can sleep because of a girl.

A dream of a girl.

A girl I don’t even know.

She is hope.

A sort of personification of liberty.

And when will we revolt from this life and bolt?

One step at a time.

Not hasty.

So many years piled on my shoulders.

This is, by the way, a film review.

Not caring how ridiculous I look.

Take your best shot.

World, shut your mouth.

I was no trick.

I’ve been desperate.  Money troubles.  My ethics in the gutter.

But given a second chance by the universe I made an important decision.

To be boring.

A few days longer.

Some dreams worth chasing, others are a disease.

People over profit.

Sign me up, Chomsky!

Better get right with the lord.

Or git hit in yer soul.

It’s easy.  Chomsky won’t touch 9/11.

And Alex Jones won’t touch Israel.

It’s easy.

Why?  Same team, different squads.

I don’t care.

Not being run down by no third-rate psyop.

Fuck your Godwin’s law.

This was 1945.

An odd year to be jilted.



9 responses to “Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne [1945)

  1. migarium

    How can you make perfect transition from movies to agenda! I am a fan of you! (And I hope I wouldn’t turn into extraterrestrial hooligan:)) You’ve written as a poem but not like a poem. I don’t know what is the name of your writing style at the world literature. Maybe you’re first, I don’t know, you created again very very amazing writing. This is apart from prose, poetry, film criticism or criticism of agenda, this is something beyond of all. Thank you giving us the opportunity of reading, dear Earthling Paul!

    Your writing recalled me: “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” Aldous Huxley. Not just recalled, I felt!

    • Thank you, my friend! I get inspired by movies…more than anything. And I want to help the world know some information which is hidden. But also the very obvious information in the news. We should speak when we see evil. I say evil…it’s hard to call it correctly. So must talk about terror and war and world politics. I must talk about it…even as a film critic.

      And finally I must mix in myself. My thoughts and emotions. It is so I can survive life when it is sad. And also if is for anyone who is sad too. Maybe sometimes I can say something and they will find the hope that they need to continue with a hard life.

      So these are some of my materials. And then I mix them all together 🙂

      I appreciate your compliment very much!


      • migarium

        These materials have met at the right person! In fact, you can publish a book with bringing together your writings, perhaps publishing on the internet. Its name can be “camera, motor and life” 🙂 Or another. This name was the first name which came to my mind. More and more people can see the world through your eyes in this way. Of course, this is only my opinion. But if you can draw an extraterrestrial who never read film criticism, into your movie world, I think you do have a very effective expression language in this subject!

        I know, I poked my nose into your business too much:)

        But you know me and WD well anymore, we cannot make without talking when we want to talk:))

        Thank you for your exsistence on this planet my dear Earthling friend!

      • Thank you my friend 🙂 That is very kind of you!!! Just the other day someone told me I should make a book of my film criticism/poetry. I hope maybe he will help me decide on which pieces to choose. I don’t know anything about publishing books. So if he helps me, great! But if not, I will hopefully continue in this method. Actually, I must continue because it is the only thing that keeps me going in life 🙂 Thank you again, my friend! –Paul

      • migarium

        You see, your friend thought similar like me, all right minds think alike:) And you should keep going if it does or doesn’t. I understand well, dear Paul, if we don’t express ourselves with right direction for us, we cannot breathe! Sana da teşekkürler sevgili Dünyalı arkadaşım Paul, thank you too my dear Earthling friend Paul 🙂

  2. Your mixture of News , politics and Film reviewing is excellent most reviews I skip down very fast but yours is excellent , the language is brilliant and when you continue you don’t know what will follow , that’s the best of it well done Paul . Laurence

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