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If you want to know what is going on in February of 2023, you must go back 10 years and understand the context.

Steve Pieczenik is the greatest American patriot.

As my song alludes to:

But let us get on to important matters.

What is happening in the world?

Brazil has just had a contentious election.

It appeared that the military might step in and fix the situation.

They did not.

Sound familiar?

Some may remember Dr. Pieczenik appearing on the Alex Jones Show just before Biden was inaugurated.

Dr. Steve was adamant that there would be a military coup in the USA.


But go back and listen to what he said.

He did not say he approved of that.

He did not say he wanted that.

I believe he was assessing the situation with his skills which he honed at the State Department under five U.S. Presidents.

He knew what he was seeing.

All the factors as they were, a military coup WAS IMMINENT.

That is what his experience told his gut.

I cannot speak for Dr. Steve.

And I would never dare to do so.

But that is my guess.

That the PhD from MIT (Steve Pieczenik) had his international relations cap on.

I believe he was probably saying to himself (and the American public), “Get ready.  These are EXACTLY the conditions under which military coups ALMOST ALWAYS happen around the world.”

Did a military coup happen in the USA in January of 2021?

I appears it did not.

Is Joe Biden the legitimate President of the United States?

Of course not.

There is nothing legitimate about him.

Except, perhaps, that he is legitimately a pedophile (as many C-SPAN clips of him sniffing and inappropriately touching children prove [the most famous being him whispering in the ear of Connecticut Senator Christopher Coons’ daughter before attempting to kiss her {at which she pulled away in revulsion}]).

People are scared.



Yada yada yada.

For awhile there, balloons were appearing everywhere.

There was even one spotted above Venezuela.

It was then (presuming it was the same balloon) spotted in Colombia.

Even China itself (in cities like Shijiazhuang) claimed it was being harassed by mysterious balloons.

And then, of course, there was the gaggle of balloons which accosted the USA.

As we can now see, these balloons were not armed with EMP weapons (though they could have been).

They were not filled with bioweapons (though they could have been).

For awhile there, it was a balloon armageddon.

Now, ask yourself, “What happened to the balloon narrative?”

Do you see how the hysteria so quickly vanished?

Why is that?

Did we ever get any kind of coherent answer as to what these balloons were?

Not really.

And we didn’t get any good explanation as to why one balloon was allowed to traverse the entire country before being shot shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

But there are other things going on.

The U.S.-Mexico border is a total joke.

Elections in Arizona are a total joke.

Kari Lake ran a great campaign and continues to do an excellent job there.

But the election was stolen from her.

Election Day (when many Republican voters in Arizona planned to vote IN PERSON) was obviously sabotaged.


Let’s address a sticky point.

Dr. Pieczenik told the American public that the 2020 election was a sting operation.

Was he wrong in this?

Not necessarily.

But as with any pursuit, intelligence work is ONLY AS GOOD AS THE INTELLIGENCE GATHERED.

Dr. P relayed what he knew to the American public.

Somebody fucked up.

But I do not believe it was Dr. P.

The intelligence APPEARS to have been flawed.

However, the fat lady ain’t sung yet.

America is not dead in the water.

We are in bad shape.

We’ve lost a lot of blood.

But we are in stable condition.

The country is holding together (with metaphorical duct tape).

2022 has proven that American elections can still be rigged/stolen.

This is a serious, serious problem.

I would love nothing more than for Trump to win in 2024.

[I would, however, like him to disavow the neither-safe-nor-effective COVID vaccines posthaste]

Trump has the right idea.

I love Trump.

But he MUST do exactly that which made him wildly-popular in the first place:

tell the truth.

The American people don’t want anymore bullshit.

No more “noble lies”.

This is the 21st century.

And, I fear, that Trump is becoming the Kathryn Bigelow of Presidents.

I genuinely fear for Trump’s chances in 2024.

Because the American people will not buy a product (a candidate) who comes off as insincere.

Mr. President (Mr. Trump), you MUST disavow the COVID vaccines.

Choose to do it any way you like.

But you cannot keep ignoring the issue.

And, by all means, please do not blow smoke up our asses on this subject.

The American people (those who really research) know full-well that the vaccines are bullshit.

I am HARD on Trump because I LOVE Trump.

I am HARD on America because I LOVE America.

I am not perfect.

These past two years have tested my faith in the idea of America.

Was I tempted to move to a place with a real leader (like Putin’s Russia)?

Of course.

I do not understand why Trump (appears to have) left office.

I fear that he was sabotaged by CJCS Milley and SecDef Miller.

If China is to blame for COVID (which they most likely are), then it is TOO LATE for Trump to do anything about it.

He had a very small window in which to act.

This is why his power was neutered by Milley.

Google “pictures of Milley in China”.

You will find some.

Sure, cooperation blah blah blah.

But Milley’s phone calls to the PRC are a SERIOUS problem.

He literally told the Chinese that he would give them a “HEADS UP” if Trump was going to attack them.

I am here to reassure the American people…

…that things are, indeed, fucked-up.

I find it exceedingly-hard to believe that our military would completely roll over and die as our country is being systematically dismantled.

But they might.

I am not very impressed with our military at the present time.

They have all the capability they need to REASSURE the country that unlawful orders will not be followed.

But the American people are collectively wandering around in the dark.

With no hope.

This is unacceptable.

And so I am here.

I do not have a PhD in international relations from MIT.

I did not get a graduate degree in psychiatry from Harvard.

I did not get an MD from Cornell.

But that doesn’t matter.

What is needed at this time is YOUTH and BRAVERY.

I am here to serve my country.

I am willing to say what few will.

I love my country–the USA.

So I am willing to go out on the limb and say, “America, I am with you.”

I say this primarily to conservatives and Republicans who were disenfranchised in 2020 (and again in 2022).

I seek no political office.

I have no delusions about my importance.

I am just a musician.

I write songs.

But songs are information.

And the world is at war.

Whatever it is that YOU do, make yourself an instrument for TRUTH.

Trump did a great job for three years.

I have some serious problems with him giving Fauci so much power in the fourth year, but it was a crisis situation.

Not everyone can be a Steve Pieczenik.

[by the way, buy this book.  No, in fact:  buy 10.  Give them to friends. THIS is the book which will wake up the new American intelligentsia!  I bought three copies:  2 paperbacks (which Dr. Steve graciously inscribed and autographed each time) and 1 e-book.  Indeed, I made a PayPal account for the first time in my life STRICTLY TO READ DR. STEVE’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY.  You will want to read it.  Make a PayPal if you have to.  I did.  Books are sent out in a timely manner and with the beautiful handwritten labeling of (I presume) Dr. Steve’s wonderful wife Stasia]

Trump did the best he could with a crisis situation.

Could I have done any better?

Of course not.

NO ONE has ever been thrown the onslaught which Trump was thrown in his final year.

Was every decision he made perfect?

Of course not.

I do not fault Trump for imperfection.

But I do fault him for continuing to extol (and not tell the truth about) the COVID vaccines.

How many great people died because Trump “recommended” in October 2021 that people take the COVID vaccines?

Read the above article for yourself.

In it, he says “I recommend that you take the vaccines”.

I’m gonna leave it at that.

I am not impressed with that statement.

And he has never cast ANY aspersion on the COVID vaccines.

I find this VERY problematic because it means that he is not moving forward in truth.

And his 2024 campaign is in danger of being as devoid of truth as Kathryn Bigelow’s bullshit film Zero Dark Thirty.


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