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Twin Peaks “Drive With a Dead Girl” [1990)

This one’s a bit of a let-down.

THe strategy of tension requires two things.


And tension.

It is the second which is missing this time out.

As David Lynch’s masterful direction is followed by that of metteur en scène Caleb Deschanel.

The result is close to bathos.

But let’s be honest…it’s hard to tell this kind of story.

Reaching for the stars.

Sometimes fall flat on our faces.

Ray Wise is plenty creepy.

But you can’t come down from the previous episode.

And so I defend Mr. Deschanel a bit.

His material was lacking.

The story was dog-paddling.


A bit of fluff here and there.

We encountered such a phenomenon early in this second season.

And so how did things get to such a state of affairs?

Was Lynch’s price for directing an episode that high?

Did ABC refuse to pay?

I will have to investigate that more.

Maidan false flag.

” snipers’ massacre.

Feb. 20, 2014.

Just like Victoria Nuland, BREXIT was “Fcuk the EU!”

# dead in Ukraine episode:  49

Number fake fatalities in Orlando:  49

Modus operandi Euromaidan event:  snipers.

Dallas Police chief:  “triangulation”

Jim Marrs: “crossfire”

JFK.  Dallas.

M.O. coming home to roost.

Either same co-op team (same training) as Ukraine coup (U.S. authorship).

Or Russian warning through use of same M.O.

Snipers at a rally.

Thesis > Antithesis > Synthesis

Endlessly Hegel in rising spiral dialectic.

Orlando indicates not Russia.


As your lawyer, I’d suggest you get another lawyer.

Last in his class.

As opposed to me.


It ain’t Harvard, but it’s hard work.

THis is what’s missing here.

Ted BUndy trying (“trying”) to help catch the Green River Killer.

Prolonging the stint of his pathetic hide.

Another failed lawyer.

Representing himself (should have tipped us off).

In the bar.  Adjourn to the bar.  Law clerk whips up three drinks.

Winnebago judge.

Another very smart commentator mentioned the D.C. sniper.

Also implausible.

And the 1996 Olympic bombing.  Army of God.  Not credible.

What about Mark Cuban’s recent million-dollar gift to the Dallas police department?

And why he supports Hillary?


She would be popping champagne…such immaculate distraction.

Tailored to agenda.

Challenge the precepts upon which your art is built.

The craftsman attends the town hall.

Makes cabinets.

And is involved.



4 responses to “Twin Peaks “Drive With a Dead Girl” [1990)

  1. migarium

    Thesis > Antithesis > Synthesis

    World War 3 will become soon, very soon> Mankind has been already into this war for last 3 years> The governments and imperialist elites f.cked up, they thought that they could handle it without giving a name to this war, but NATO and greedy politicians understood that this cannot be like this way.

    That’s why UK left EU, war is more close more than ever, when the war begins British imperialists don’t want to tie with EU’s economy. Already they always knew when the war begins, they created it! I feel anger my dear Earthling friend Paul. The planet slips down from our hands because of the hungry elites!

    Every single day there is a suicide bomb alert in many cities at Turkey, some times in a funfair, sometimes in a mall. All politicians filled the terrorists to this beatiful lands! They want that people don’t make a sound if they are afraid enough! And with this way, they think they can do anything what they want!

    In this content, I don’t believe in either that shooting the police officers in your country was known by the US government earlier. They are watching, listening the people with almost every smart tools. They do have an aim for not to prevent this event. Probably this will return to US citizens as more security laws. I knew that because that is what the east lives for many times.

    And the weather is too hot! We are meltingggg!! 🙂

    • Yes, my friend! You are right!! Every day is a new event. In Turkey, in USA… Most important is to find the truth. We don’t see the truth in the news. So we must search and search. Maybe somebody has figured out what is going on. I know what you mean. It makes me angry too.

      Even more important is friends. So we hope some wise and brave people will prevent war. But already there are so many wars…Syria and Iraq…maybe Yemen. I cannot keep up with everything. And the new Cold War. It seems hotter every day.

      Still there is Ukraine and along Russia’s border. Everywhere terrorism is the new tool. I think much of it is not what it seems. Sometimes real attacks, but by different authors. Everywhere government’s trying to benefit from terrorism. Crazy and sad times.

      But do not lose hope, my friend. Every day we share in your struggle because we are all earthling and extraterrestrial comrades 🙂


      • migarium

        You are amazing human being, dear Earthling Paul! I have seen now, what I did write below your post as comment. Even I couldn’t figure out what I have written. (PS for me: After drinking 5 beers while the weather is 45 C degree, I shouldn’t make a comment:)) And you understood what I wrote! How can you do this, I don’t know 🙂

        And I am so lucky, because you all are my comrades, tovarish, on this planet. Sometimes, I really feel anger, but I try to turn this anger into an usefull thing. And of course, this is sometimes impossible, especially under the 45 C degree weather and with 5 beers:) And I don’t know, why I insisted for the 5 beers that day, my extraterrestrial body is always compatible with vodka, not beer:)

        And my good Earthling friend, we will overcome these sad and crazy days in a way. And I shouldn’t have reflected this sad even I felt sad. Because I thought that if I do this, what would many people who live under really very bad conditions do? I do have gifts, and these gifts are my Earthling friends:) Thank you for you are one of them, and your existence on the planet Earth, dear Paul 🙂

      • Thank you Migo 🙂 –Paul

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