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Pulp Fiction [1994)

I was wrong.

This film is a miracle.

Next thing you know I’ll be praising Schindler’s List.

But don’t get me wrong.

I’m being honest.

Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece.

I’ve taken a lot of potshots at Quentin Tarantino.

In reality (of course) I was only shooting at myself.

Because once something becomes too big and too popular…

it can be hard to relate to it.

[Like another masterpiece…The Big Lebowski]

Because I had a massive panic attack when I saw Pulp Fiction in the theater.

In 1994.

The needle.

No, the big one.


Shot to the heart.

I thought Tarantino gave America a bad name…gave cinema an empty way.

I was wrong.

I hope someday I will be testifying about my conviction in the veracity of the 9/11 commission report.

Snowball day in hell.

My Schindler’s List paean will have long been on this newsstand by then.

Which is to say, not bloody likely.

But there was something I always liked about Tarantino.

Less Miller, more Burroughs.

Hubert Selby meets Comic Book Guy.

Which is to say, me…basically.

Ok, not exactly…but close enough to be a band apart.



7 responses to “Pulp Fiction [1994)

  1. Paul ,
    Another great film review , Quentin Taratino I like because he pays homage to the samurai and Japan’s great past in both Kill Bill 1& 2 he has a loving approach to the Samurai Japanese tradition , Pulp fiction has everything and its brilliance is the way it uses the genre and makes a number of valid points A great Movie. Laurence

  2. BeeHappee

    Funny review, Paul. Thanks! And thank you for writing. I was just recently thinking of how much I like your reviews. 🙂

  3. migarium

    Your another “miracle” review, dear Earthling friend! 🙂 The most I liked parts of this movie have been the dialogue between Butch and Marcellus characters. Sometimes, some experiences are remembered to some movies and their dialogs, you know. For example, if I feel little upset, I remember this one and I smile:

    butch: you okay?
    marcellus: no man, i am pretty fuckin’ far from ok


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