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#7 Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean [1992)

No social skills.

None whatsoever.

Which makes him charming beyond description.

Like the “Velvet Gentleman” (Erik Satie)…six (velvet!) gray suits for six days of the week.

And Irma Gobb as Suzanne Valadon.

We can’t imagine Mr. Bean in the military.  Would be like a rather mute Group Captain Lionel Mandrake.

And Satie?  Well, it would have been more disastrous than Céline’s miserable stint.

Satie started an elaborate church, of which, he was the only member.

Popularity wrecked by eccentricity.

But preserved in little jewels throughout the piano literature.

I was dressing like a priest until yesterday.

Because of the tyrannosaurus rex threatening the manger.

Just what does he do for a living?  Bean Satie?

Pelléas et Mélisande in 1902.  And was Satie some sort of sage?

As Mr. Bean falls from the sky in the spaceship spotlight flown by St. Nick.

Every day is a miracle.

At the Schola Cantorum de Paris to learn counterpoint.


Returning to school at age 39.  Same age as me.  Same riddle.  Same mystery.

Satie was a socialist.  Later Communist.

And Bean?  Which way would Bean vote?

No matter with this icy loneliness of Satie.

27 years and no one had every come to his residence.

But there is a difference.

Bean has the fire going.

A stocking for him and a stocking for Teddy.

Even a little stocking for the mouse in the wall.

That single, gold ornament.  A bit of tree lopped off and pulled through the high window.

You must say…Bean looks cozy.  Fire place and Christmas socks.

How does Mr. Bean remain so optimistic?

How is he so comfortable being alone?

He’s happy.

Sure, there’s the old bump in the road now and then,

but Rowan Atkinson keeps his character full of wonder and ingenuity.

I have perused many abominations claiming to be films on this night and ended back with a trusted old friend.

Merry Christmas Bean!

Hang in there old chap.

Keep that great, positive attitude and you’ll go far 🙂




2 responses to “#7 Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean [1992)

  1. historymonocle ⋅

    I like the idea of Mr. Bean and Erik Satie. I feel like his music should be the background for a new episode. If you want to see Mr. Bean in the military you should see Blackadder IV. It’s Rowan Atkinson, but definitely not Bean, though. It’s funny, nonetheless. The cool thing about you doing episodes, is that you could have a sequence of Bean poems in your book of poetry.

    • Cool 🙂 yeah, I might get around to Blackadder at some point. Atkinson actually has a comedy album I was listening to the other day. One of the bits is about a contemporary of Shakespeare urging the bard to change a line here or there…lines which have become indispensable. It’s hilarious! –Paul

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