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La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc [1928)

For this one I should really write a good piece.

Because this is a miracle of cinema.

Carl Th. Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc.

You might cue it up on Hulu (good luck with Netflix) as part of the Criterion Collection.

You might put your headphones on.

But the Criterion Collection presents this as a truly silent film.

We know that that wasn’t the case most of the time with “silent” films.

They had live piano accompaniment.  Perhaps an orchestra.

In some countries (Japan?) they had sound effects performed live.

But watching La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc today is truly a lonely experience. 

You might keep the headphones on out of habit (as if a sound might finally emerge…but it never does).

It takes a valiant effort to watch this film in its totality and not cry when the famous scene comes.

“The famous scene” I refer to is the one made famous by Godard’s best “movie”:  Vivre sa vie.

Anna Karina sits in a movie theater and watches this very film.  And we join her just in time to see the tears roll down her cheeks.

Joan of Arc.

She stood for something.

And somehow, a “religious” court found her guilty.  She is labeled for all time, by this panel of judges, an “apostate” and an “idolater”.

What a tragedy!

It very plainly shows us the error of religion.

Joan’s religion is pure.  Her dedication is personal.

And who ever gave “the Church” the power to kill?

There is no part of the New Testament which even suggests such a power should emanate from Jesus through the Apostles (his “descendants”) and on down the ages to “the Church”.

And so Christianity failed.  There are a lot of apologies to be handed out.  The Inquisition, etc.

[It should be pointed out that the Catholic Church rectified this mistake made by a regional element which was allied with the English against the French.]

But the important thing is that Joan stood.

She stood for something.  Even if she was a fiery mystic like Hildegard von Bingen.

And who do we have to look to today?

I would say Snowden.  Is Snowden the real article?

He is certainly filling the needed role.

The great evil now is the surveillance state.

It is plain and simple.

And Will Smith should win the Oscar for Best Actor in Concussion even if for one line:  “Tell the truth!”

But there are far more important things on which we need the truth.

9/11, the War “on” Terror, ISIS…

Who is standing for those nearly 3000 who died horrible deaths in New York City?

When you wave a false flag, your soldiers don’t mete out justice.

When you wave a false flag, you get the wrong people.

No wonder Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had to be waterboarded 183 times.

And Guantanamo is full of goat farmers.

Therefore (q.e.d.), the 19 hijackers story (being impossible without the assistance of highly-placed “moles” in both the FBI and CIA) is the deadliest “Once upon a time…” ever written.

As much sympathy as I have for all those who died on 9/11 (and it is substantial), we must recognize the web of death which emanated from that lie…that “Once upon a time…”.  Try reading the 9/11 Commission Report without vomiting.  Why, because it is graphic?  No.  Because it reads like “My Pet Goat” (which George W. Bush was busy reading in Florida while he should have been rushing for cover = fake terror [w/ real death]).

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria…

It is disgusting.  There is not a “dictator” or “warlord” in the world who has wrought the needless destruction which the United States of America (by way of lies) has visited upon the Muslim world in the past 15 years.

But let’s be fair.  Our soldiers have been tricked.  Their lives have been ruined in the course of fighting this imperial war.  I am an American.  I pity our military.  They did not join up to fight shadow wars.  They did not join up to be the tools of imperialists.  They wanted to protect the United States.  Their generals have only succeeded in making the world a more dangerous place.

And that brings us to ISIS.  ISIS typifies everything fake about the War “on” Terror.  From the bastards who brought you the self-inflicted wound known as 9/11 comes a new comedy starring those wild and crazy terrorists who sprang up from nowhere.

Just like al-Qaeda.  Sprang up from nowhere.  Of course, there was the Operation Cyclone-era groundwork laid (that would be, CIA funding), but in general the “roll-out” of al-Qaeda was fairly quick.  But ISIS took the cake.  The confectioners of fake terror (that would be, the U.S., U.K., NATO countries, Israel, Five Eyes, take your pick, etc.) really outdid themselves with their speed to market in introducing ISIS.  In doing so, the New World Order (let’s call them) cannibalized their own product (al-Qaeda) just as Apple does each time it rolls out a new iPhone.

And so it has been transparent all along.  The catchy name has incriminated ISIS (no fundamentalist terrorist group from the Middle East would ever name themselves after an Egyptian pagan god) from the beginning.

ISIS is like a water cooler joke at Langley.  The spooks can’t believe how dumb we are.

And so it has been the U.S. airdrops which have sustained ISIS.  Yes, Turkey has provided a good bit of sustenance (under the aegis of NATO).

And the aerial campaign against ISIS’ formidable Toyota (!) trucks?  Nonexistent.

WE have been ISIS’ air force.  We haven’t been bombing ISIS.  At all.  Ever.

Russia has made this clear.

Make no mistake, Russia entered the Syrian theater because of the insanity of NATO along her borders.

Since Russia has entered:

-Russian passenger jumbo jet blown up over the Sinai Peninsula

-sabotage operation of explosions which have knocked out a considerable amount of power in Crimea (in the winter)

– Turkish (NATO) shootdown of Russian fighter/bomber

These are not pleasant things.

It is hard to tell exactly what role the Paris attacks played.

I think they were an American operation which backfired when France leaned towards Russia.  It is, however, possible that it was a French-engineered false-flag to allow France a pretext for joining Russia.  Perhaps the DGSE saw no other solution than sacrificing a hundred or so Parisians to stop the American war of insanity in Syria.

What is most obvious is the general arc of this farce:  9/11 (absolutely false narrative regarding the guilty party), the War “on” Terror (more lies lies lies…never ending war…profits for Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam), and ISIS (as fake as the Kuwaiti babies being ripped out of incubators which was foisted upon the U.S. Congress thanks to Hill & Knowlton PR firm).

And so we stand.  Each in our own little ways.

The panopticon is already constructed.

The camps are empty.

The data vacuumed up thus far will be mined from now till eternity.

Thus, Snowden needs to be eclipsed.

Who will be the next great human to take the world stage?



7 responses to “La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc [1928)

  1. migarium

    Again, you shared an amazing review, my dear Earthling friend. I see you as a conductor when you write such articles. I think you in my head as follows:

    You’re in the movie, but you’re in another dimensions inside it. You are getting some scenes from the film with the invisible hand. We see those scenes as sentences from outside. There have always been a universal messages in those sentences. Then you’re installing them a more current version of the virtual environment by changing their forms on the internet. In fact, all are made by tiny thousands intelligent Paul in your brain neurons. After this examination is finished, these tiny thousands intelligent hardworking Paul, may be giving a party all together.:)

    This is you that I imagined in my head:)

    Your writings would cause people to be questioned. There are four questions in the text. But the fact itself, the bottom lines of these questions are full questions. You create opportunity to humanity for questioning for themself. Whatever we lived at this planet currently, I know that someones are doing this questioning because of you. Thank you for what you’re doing, my dear Earthling friend!

    • Thank you my friend! I do my best. Maybe someday the SS will come to my door to take me away. I am sad to think of that possibility. But I cannot see injustices and stay quiet. Maybe many of my conclusions are wrong. I admit I may be wrong. My educated guesses may not be very educated. But most important is free speech. I don’t want to hurt anybody. All I see are so many lies. When it is all lies and no truth, it makes me sick. I hope I help in some small way. I am trying my best, comrade, and I know you are too! Thank you for your appreciation. –Paul

      • migarium

        First of all, don’t be sad. If SS comes let me know. My spaceship is always ready for your services:) Of course you know WD always says “this alien’ spaceship is scrap!” Don’t listen it, my spaceship is still working:)

        And I believe that if we have a chance for saying, we can use this opportunity. Whatever our education or culture or species that we have, there are too much people who don’t have this chance. I always think when I use this chance, “I take this chance not for me, for them who don’t have this chance.” The other side, you and the people like you, or extraterrestrials like me:), if don’t use this chance, they can be sick as you mentioned. This planet is so breathless that when saying truths if and only they can be free and take breath.

        And you’re helping to all in very good way as always, my dear Earthling friend:) Thank you!

      • Thank you Migo 🙂 that is a great comfort to me! –Paul

  2. blazeburgess ⋅

    I’ve considered watching this film many times. Was a bit put off by the soundlessness. Seems like it would be worth it thought.

    Also, I’ve never read “My Pet Goat”, but I did read the 9/11 Commission Report. I have to think your not too far off.

  3. I have yet to see this film version of Joan of Arc, but I loved the 1999 version The Messenger. I like your line: “Joan of Arc. She stood for something.” Those who stand for something will attract people to them, but unfortunately repel others. If you stand for something, you will often suffer rejection.

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