Brooklyn [2015)

I do believe my tear ducts are sore on account of this film.

Some writing will be meaningful, and some meaningless (depending on the audience).

Don’t you keep anything for yourself?

Very little…

Because I believe in the beauty of people…out there…in the vast world…the goodness of people…in heart and in soul.

It’s like Titanic without the shipwreck.

((lachrymal vases))

Ireland should be very proud of Saoirse Ronan.

And so should The Bronx.

From Howth and environs to Jerzy Kosiński’s 1982 masterpiece novel Pinball.

I have written a great deal about Saoirse in the past.

She is my favorite actress working in film.

[Thora Birch needs some gigs.  Kat Dennings needs to ditch 2 Broke Girls or CBS needs to enter the Hulu joint venture.  Anamaria Marinca and Dorotheea Petre need gigs.  Myriem Roussel:  where are you?  And finally Adèle Exarchopoulos:  you are on the right track!]

But Saoirse Ronan is unique among my favorite actresses for a variety of reasons.

Brooklyn gives her a chance to employ her Irish accent–to accentuate rather than mask it.

Quite frankly, this is a brilliant film!

John Crowley did a masterful job as director.

Emory Cohen is really good herein.

Julie Walters is hilarious!

Fiona Glascott is darn-near perfect.

But this whole thing is really about Saoirse Ronan.

John Crowley surrounded her with an older style of filmmaking.

It fits the story snugly.

Saoirse shines through like no other actress.

She is a ruby with the hardness of a diamond.

Etching her name into film history at the young age of 22.

Hollywood is not dead as long as she continues to get the starring roles she deserves.



Being There [1979)

The battery is dying.  I may not be able to finish.  I liked watching this movie.  Very much.  Peter was never better.  When I was a boy I didn’t understand.  I understand.  A movie is like a garden.  The light comes and goes.  The sun hides.  There are clouds.  I like to watch the light.

I miss Peter.  He did a very good job acting in this movie.  I like movies.

Shirley was beautiful.  I don’t think she looked old.  She looked very beautiful.

Maybe it is best to talk only about this movie.  I liked the static.  The screen looked like Christmas Eve.  Eve.  Eve was beautiful.  Peter was funny.  I think it is his best performance.  I hope they will not close up the movie theater when he is gone.  If I remember him, then he is not gone.

You tell that honky…ass whole, I won’t take…from no Western Union manager…or I’ll cut his ass.

If you see Raphael, please tell him.

I like to watch movies.  Yes.