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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit [2014)

Here is a masterpiece.

You think I’m kidding.

I’m not.

But let’s talk.

Ezra A. Cohen blocked me on Twitter.



I’m guessing it’s because I must have said something ungracious about his pal Christopher Miller.

What happened to the Ezra Cohen-Watnick moniker?

Did he get divorced?

Back to Miller.

Why would I have said something unkind about him?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

It’s always possible that a statement (or an interview) is a misdirection.

Ezra Cohen was in the Defense Clandestine Service.

He was a military spy.

He (presumably) lied for a living.

Perhaps Cohen and Miller were throwing the media (and patriots) off their scent.

Maybe things were getting too hot.

Too many roads leading to ECW.

[on an unrelated sidenote, the band Yo La Tengo also blocked me on Twitter…headed by Ira Kaplan…putting these two data points together you might assume I’m an anti-Semite…but I’m not.  Sometimes I think Israel does the wrong thing.  Sometimes I love Israel.  As Henry Miller might have said, “I love the French and Jews.  My two favorite people.”  That was my philosophy for a long time.  And, truth be told, it still holds.  But I am not afraid (just as Steve Pieczenik is not afraid) to call out a bad Jew.  Steve, being Jewish himself, can speak to such situations with a different life experience than me.  I will just say this:  Paul Wolfowitz must be one of the most unsavory, annoying-voiced pricks I have ever had the displeasure to hear speak.  I have no trouble believing that he was one of the principal architects of the 9/11 terror attacks.]

Pics, or it didn’t happen.


I’m really sad about Yo La Tengo.

I really dig their music.

Not so much anymore (now that they’ve blocked me).

But I’m more bummed about Ezra Cohen.

But, you know what, I have to live with the abrasive trail of verbal carnage I leave behind me.

If Ezra Cohen is a true patriot, then I am on his side.

If he is a careering social-climber salivating over a Raytheon board position, then I am not on his side.

It’s important to understand who we are fighting.

Patriots are fighting the Beatrice Webb window Nazis.

Fabian socialists.

George Bernard Shaw.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

With hammers.

Destroying the world.

So they can 6uild6ack6etter.


Jack Ryan most definitely is Steve Pieczenik.

Nowhere more clearly than in this movie.

Broken back.

Married doctor?

As a doctor, able to write wife’s character.

As a spook, able to write Jack’s character.


An Irish name.

Like Clancy.

The Wall Street stint.


Investment banking.

CIA putting someone undercover in New York as a financial analyst with the express purpose of counterterrorism.

The PhD.

The government paying for the PhD.

As a Marine.



Combat veteran.

Had to be Vietnam.

Doesn’t drink.

How to recover from back injury?


By whom?

We know the later story.


The close relationship between the State Department and the CIA.

CIA in embassies worldwide.

Under cover of being “State Department” employees.

And thus Pieczenik’s career.

State Department through and through.

“I have worked with the CIA and I have worked against the CIA.”

“I don’t know.  The CIA.”

Back to misdirection.

Maybe the heat was getting too hot on Flynn.

So he came out in large gesture to say that Q is likely CIA disinformation.

I tried to share the story with some faggot named Pepe Lives Matter.

And he told me to “GTFO”.

For you youngsters, that’s “get the fuck out”.

That bummed me out too.

Because I had shared this Pepe’s posts far and wide for the past year.

But no more.

Again, maybe it was just an ornery moderator on Telegram.

But I kinda doubt it this time.

In any case, fuck it.

I wish Pepe well.

There were so many times when I admired how he was keeping people hopeful.

And then he (or one of his proxies) told me to get the fuck out of his Telegram thread.

I would think that people who have 17 memorized (i do too), and who lionize Flynn (as I do), would be interested to know that Flynn just made a public statement which (on its face) implodes the Q worldview.

But, again:  Flynn was (and always will be) a spy.

A spook.

Was he a covert operator?

I don’t know.

But I know this:  he understands strategy and tactics.

His statement about Q was purposeful.

What was the purpose?

To throw people off the scent?


To buy some time?


Why is the United States being ostensibly-run by a diaper-wearing, senile-demented pedophile named Joe Biden?

As he was obviously not duly-elected, why is the United States military going along with this charade?

Why are military leaders letting their troops be shot up with incredibly-poisonous vaccines…mandated by the pedo-President?

Why is the CDC lying about how many people have died from the COVID vaccines?

Why are they cooking the HHS VAERS books by misrepresenting the number of vaccine deaths?


Why did the FDA approve a vaccine that has killed over 12,000 Americans so far?


Was Trump doing some kind of misdirection when he made the jaw-dropping statement, “I got the Pfizer” before (in the same interview [early October 2021]) encouraging people to take these killer vaccines that he brought to market through the apparently-moronic Operation Ludicrous Speed?

What would the purpose be?

To buy time?


It could be interpreted as a trap.

Maybe the 2020 election was ALLOWED to be stolen.

It was a trap.

Which is yet to be sprung.

And maybe Trump was enticing Klaus Schwab and company to keep going with their evil plan of planetary dominance.

Maybe Operation Warp Speed was a trap so juicy that Bill Gates et al. could not resist.

Fauci, Bergoglio, Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau…

They are all reading off the same script.

Even Boris Johnson (that fucker!).

Boris and Netanyahu were the first two to congratulate Biden on his “win”.

But why coax these bastards to keep going with the medical tyranny?

Is it to uncover more of their network?

Surely by now we know the main players, right?

Schwab, Gates, Fauci, the Pope, Prince Charles.

Those are the main five.

And China.

China fucked us good.

And then there are the China bitches like LeBron James.

Even Michael Jordan is selling out the black community, telling them to get vaccinated, all so that sweet Chinese communist money will keep flowing.

But here’s the real heroes:

–Kyrie Irving

–Nicki Minaj

–Jonathan Isaac

–Bradley Beal

–Draymond Green

You need more Chinese communist bitches?

–Gregg Popovich (the reason I stopped watching my hometown Spurs [lifelong fan])

–Steve Kerr

You need more heroes?

Daryl Morey.

Enes Kanter.

Which movie are we watching?

Kenneth Branagh not only plays the villain here to utmost brilliance, but he is the fucking director too!!!

Branagh from Belfast.

Like my mates The Answer.

Knocked back some pints of Guinness with them while I laid down piano and organ on Revival.

Top 40 album in the U.K. (thank you very much).

Something about the classically-trained actor being the villain.

Subverted to brilliant effect in Hot Fuzz.

Fight with a Ugandan.

Very Sean Connery.

Nonso Anozie.

Nigerian (Igbo).

Not Ugandan.

But you need a Russian connection.

United States.

Complete financial collapse.

How is Joe Biden doing at that?

Pretty good job?

You like the inflation?

You like the gas prices?

You like the supply chain crisis while homo Buttigieg and his faggot husband Chasten took two months of “paternity” leave?

What about Biden drawing upon the strategic petroleum reserve?


To make us incapable of recovering from something that is coming?

What is coming?

Why is the Brandon administration selling our strategic petroleum reserves to China (and India?)?

Why tap into a reserve only to sell it?

Why tap into it at all?

Presumably the purpose is to put pressure on OPEC, but this is a drop in the bucket.

That said, it is our petroleum nest egg.

For a rainy day.

And Biden is pissing it away after not even a year in office.

It’s one thing if we were using it.

But selling it?!?

This is a moronic tactic.

The United States is completely falling apart.

And the Biden administration appears to be driving the country into the ground on purpose.

How do you like the effect of the cancelled KeystoneXL pipeline on your gas prices?

Joe Biden did that.

It was just about the first thing he did (upon assuming the presidency).

What happened to the Arizona audit?

Why is Mark Brnovich such an ineffectual faggot?

Did he get promised a Senate win in exchange for not enforcing the law???

My fiancee dumped me.

Yeah, fuck it.

I ain’t putting the accent on it.

She didn’t even bother breaking up with me.

Yeah, she abandoned me.

Engaged to be married.

And she just started ignoring me.

No reason given.

Day before Thanksgiving.

Currency manipulation.


Currency speculation.


This is a whole other level of economic warfare.

The virus (biological warfare) dovetailed into economic warfare (Fauci and Birx shutting it all down).

Tedros will need to be tried for crimes against humanity.

And the economic warfare went right into to psychological warfare (lockdowns…depression…media-driven panic and hysteria).

Five governors helped drive the death tolls up (on purpose):

–Andrew Cuomo (New York) [the gold standard of geronticide]

DOH_COVID19__NHAdmissionsReadmissions__032520_1585166684475_0 3

–Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania [with the help of “Admiral” Rachel Levine])

FINAL FOR DISTRO_Interim Nursing Facility Guidance 03192020 at 1500

–Phil Murphy (New Jersey)


–Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan [a more creative way of killing her elderly population])

–Gavin Newsom (California)

They did this, of course, to make the pandemic worse.

They drove up the death count on purpose.

To make sure there would be mail-in ballots.

So they could cheat.

All to get Trump out of office.

Pattern recognition.

What can humans do that computers can’t?

A computer can never be a human.

Even an AI bot doesn’t walk around and have sex and take shits.

Political psychology.




International relations.

Do you see how valuable this skill set is?

Musical warfare.



From Wagner to Dylan.

The psychology of music.


The information warfare of lyrics.

Nobel Prize.

Pieczenik was also a classical pianist.

And a rock ‘n’ roller.

As I approach my 45th birthday in nine days.

I recruit myself.

To ditch the drugs.

To get in shape.

To be ready to fight.

To be ready to run.

To be ready to deploy.

To be ready to survive.

Chris Pine does an excellent job here.

And this is why Ryan Reynolds must work with Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

Time is of the essence.

Don’t fuck around.

Unfortunately, Chris Pine endorsed Hillary in 2016.

What a prick.

Keira Knightley is an utterly-charming, homely kind of beauty.

Girl next door.

Once-in-a-lifetime love.

Keira once stayed in her home for three months straight.

I’m almost there, girl.

I’m working on a two-month streak right now.

But I’ve put out 16 albums this year.

So I ain’t shitting on myself.

But Kevin Costner makes this whole thing go.

What a wonderful fucking actor.

I could watch JFK once a month.

Because of Jim Garrison.

Like Ted Gunderson.


Gimme some fucking truth!!!




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