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Flickan som lekte med elden [2009)

This one’s not as impressive.

The first film’s story was TIGHT.






This film feels like operatic recitative.

It just advances the story.

It’s not unenjoyable, but it’s not the MOAB that the first film was.

But as I chain-dip my General Snus (Original…naturligtvis), it is nice to see the water in Stockholm.

Where I once spent some time.

High above a hotel.

On the roof, in fact.

In a past life.

Which is to say, earlier in this life.

The references here are fewer and far between.

And, perhaps, more accidental (and daft).

Salander gives her apartment to (Madame) Wu.

Revenge of the Pink Panther.

Some careless fingerprints.

Crimes of passion.

Logic cedes to carelessness.

We almost get a really fascinating story here.

Human trafficking.

It has REAL potential.


Sex trafficking.

From Eastern Europe.

An occasional Thai.

Boxing ensues.

From Russia With Love is not an accidental thesis title.

At least in terms of filmic reference.

Robert Shaw as Red Grant.

Replace with Ronald Niedermann.

Sloppy job.

Bogart in The Big Sleep.

Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo.

Casing the joint.

Daft continues with the Where’s Waldo mail boy.

Is there video evidence?

Insurance files.

Massive campaign to hype “deep fakes” [videos].


Kill Bill.

Not nearly as inspired as Niels Arden Oplev’s film.

Almost Goldfinger.

Strange ending.

A bit like Quantum of Solace had QoS sucked.

Which it didn’t.

Let’s hope something in this film enlightens further viewing.

On its own, it is dry, weak, and watery.


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