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Sen Kimsin? [2012)

It’s been a long time since I “visited” Turkey.

Indeed, it’s been awhile since I reviewed an actual movie 🙂

Film critics should review films, right?

Not sporting events.  Not YouTube videos.  Not the Double Windsor of Trump’s necktie.

Well, I am guilty as charged.

I like sports.

And occasionally a video on the Internet has immense impact on me.

And I like Trump.  Sometimes I disagree (strongly) with what he does.

But mostly I agree.

So far.

But as I was saying, I have not reviewed a Turkish film since my initial foray into the national cinema of Anatolia.

In retrospect, I actually reviewed two Turkish films long ago:  Hudutlarin Kanunu and Susuz Yaz.

What is really complex is the “i” with no dot.  I don’t think I have this anywhere on my WordPress possibilities.

But we will forget about that for now.

[at least I can copy and paste]


Which is to say, it is hard to top Yılmaz Güney.  Hudutlarin Kanunu is a really special film.

But we must move into the modern era…and see what the Turkish are doing now, right?

Well, Sen Kimsin? may not be a perfect film, but I really enjoyed it 🙂

There is something about Turkish humor which I love!

So let me tell you about this motion picture.

First of all, it is currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S. (!)…

Yes, Netflix seems to all-of-sudden be glutted with Turkish films (which is, for me, a good thing).

And we will get to geopolitics shortly (the strange case of U.S. forces “guarding” the Turkish border [to prevent attacks on the Kurds in Syria?!?]).

Actually, let’s get to that now.

Webster Tarpley (whom I stopped listening to quite awhile ago…when he started calling Trump a Nazi) was forever railing about closing the Jarabulus corridor.

Jarabulus is a Syrian city very near the Turkish border.

Tarpley maintained (if I remember correctly) that ISIS (which, like al-Qaeda, was created by the U.S. [according to Pieczenik]) was being supplied mainly from Turkey.

Tarpley continuously insisted that closing the “Jarabulus corridor” would starve the supply line(s) of ISIS.

And then today we have these headlines:  “US troops patrol Turkey-Syria border after strikes on Kurds”.

That was CNN.

It required immense (and worthwhile) effort to not click on that article.

Fuck CNN!

They don’t even deserve italics…

“US troops deployed at Syrian border to prevent clashes between Turkish & Kurdish forces”.

That’s RT.

[Russia Today]


I thought Turkey was part of NATO?

I thought NATO was the greatest thing since sliced shawarma??

I thought the USA and Turkey were on the same side???

Well, maybe not.

Which brings us back to that “failed coup attempt” last year in Turkey.

July 15.

Now, if the U.S. is today (literally) protecting the Kurds from the Turkish (which even CNN and RT can agree upon).

And the U.S. has nuclear weapons at Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey as part of NATO’s “nuke sharing” program (which is well-known).

Then what the fuck is going on here?

Is Erdoğan such a dipshit that we have to work AGAINST him (while keeping nuclear weapons in his country)?

If that’s the case, then it would not be farfetched to think that the U.S. had some part to play in the failed coup attempt of last year.

Motive?  Check.  Means?  Check.  Opportunity?  Probably.

As for the U.S. forces on the Turkish border (inside Syria?), their location is not clear from the reportage I am seeing (whether Jarabulus or not).

In a moment of weakness, I clicked on CNN.

The gist there seems to be that the Turks and the Kurds hate each other, but that the Turks and the Kurds are the closest “anti-ISIS” allies of the U.S.. 🙂

Boy, if that’s not generalizing things…

Which is why we need comedy.

And why this will seek to be a film review from here on out.

First, let’s translate Sen Kimsin?:  “who are you?”.

Who are you?

This phrase becomes very important during the course of Sen Kimsin?.

Tolga Çevik is the star of our film 🙂

He’s very funny!

Truly, he has some great comedic talent!!

And so this whole film is a bit like The Pink Panther minus Peter Sellers.

But Tolga Çevik does a very admirable job 🙂

Actually, as you’ve noticed, I can’t stop smiling after this film.

There are so many wonderful parts to it.

Indeed, Çevik is the fumbling/bumbling detective (!) who gets made for a useful idiot.

But the ID was only half-right.

He’s an idiot, alright.

But he’s completely useless 🙂

And I know the feeling.

I really related to Tolga Çevik’s character Tekin.

Director Ozan Açıktan did an excellent job of letting Tolga’s talents come to the fore!

But this comedy of errors just wouldn’t be the same without the priceless contribution of Köksal Engür.

You know, the Turks are a brave people.

And seeing the great humor of Köksal Engür reminded me of that 🙂

But let us talk about the beautiful ladies of this film.

Zeynep Özder is really charming as Pelin 🙂

But I must also give credit to the villainess Pelin Körmükçü.

Wow!  What a beautiful 46-year-old woman!!!

Anyhow, these ladies are distracting.

But this is just a plain fun film.

It is meant for enjoyment.

And there is some great dialogue (particularly between Tekin and Ismail).

I thoroughly recommend this film as a fun way to learn a little more about Turkish culture 🙂

Thank you, my friends!


7 responses to “Sen Kimsin? [2012)

  1. migarium

    I didn’t watch this movie, my Earthling friend, after your review maybe I should watch it:) And for your comment on the US troops on Syria-Turkey border, I want to say some things. You made quoted some titles from US and Russian presses. In Turkey, in a large scale, almost all press, including mainstream media so government hold it, also the other five(yes only five was left:) independent media, which is they are known as leftist media, all media writes this issue in same way, “US protects PKK terrorists on our border”; because YPG is another arm of PKK.

    So what I meant that whatever US government would make after then, they will be remembered and known as PKK supporters in the minds and hearts of almost all Anatolian people in deeply. Even I can say that nobody couldn’t achieve this(after seperating %50-%50 in referendum), so achieve to bunching together in same point to almost all Anatolian people; this point is the point which US government will make the almost all Anatolian people anti-US.

    • I think I understand. Many people in America are aware that our government supports terrorists (when it’s convenient). We people hate this! And so that’s why we risk ourselves by exposing these lies. We know for a fact that the CIA supported the Mujahiddin in Afghanistan during Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989). These are the bad Americans like Zbigniew Brzezinski. And the Mujahiddin morphed into al-Qaeda (which supposedly attacked the US on 9/11). We “9/11 truthers” don’t believe this story. We think it was elements of our own government which attacked us (including help from Israel). Which is to say, America created and never stopped supporting al-Qaeda. Love Jewish, it appears America created ISIS (again with the help of the Israelis). So we are well aware that the “war on terror” is a sham. All the problems in the Middle East and Europe with migrants…it all leads back to the fake story of 9/11. There should be a war crimes tribunal for Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, DonakdvRunsfeld, George Bush…all of them. They should be tried, and if found guilty of treason and war crimes, hung. We have been saying this for 18 years. Nobody listens to us. But still we speak the truth as we see it. And you’re right: America must stop protecting and supporting terrorists! –Paul

      • migarium

        It has been happening big changing in Middle East you know, last 18 years. First Iraq, after Syria, I guess the next that they want to divide is Turkey. These are the parts of the big plan, Greater Middle East project.

        I know there are the people like you in US, and they try to express the truths despite all presssures. But like in everywhere, in US there are the people who hold the power and money and directioning the events. It is very hard to overcome the difficulties for the ordinary people on the planet Earth while they hold power and money into their hands. Sometimes I thought “this is the humankind, and nothing changed in many centuries; this happened before and will happen next again. Maybe in different shapes but it will be again.”

        So what was the point really I didn’t know into this vicious circle. And I have come always to this poing with every thought over and over again: “This is not just the planet where adult humans live.” Kids deserve good place. Next to them, animals and the plants deserve too. Actually the planet where the ants do have most population, it is really funny to show an interest in kingdom of humans.:) Yes, ants deserve the best too!:))

    • Sorry, there are some spelling errors. I think somebody trying to hack my site 🙂 –Paul

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