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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Thank you to the diversfilm (Films Buffs) website for nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.  You can see the website at:

So I am supposed to nominate 15 blogs (I feel like this is a chain letter).  Here are some of my favorites.

Always some lovely pictures and poetry and always with optimism.

Great news site concerning global issues which you probably won’t find many other places.

Funny and serious thoughts of my extraterrestrial friend MIgo and his dog W.D. from the great land of Turkey.

Wonderful art criticism from the U.K. by the excellent Laurence Humphries.

Musings on classic film (Pola Negri) and many other things like Finland from a wonderful Peruvian-born writer.

Molly Thompson’s honest and emotional depth through deft writing.

That’s my top six in no particular order.  I want to emphasize that each of these bloggers has been a very solid person (no matter how long I’ve known them).  Their support has meant a great deal to me.  Please check out their sites and make a new friend.

Now, I am also supposed to tell seven things about myself:

1.  I live with my parents.  I’m sure that won’t be a big shock to anyone with a psychological grasp of stylometry (or something).

2.  I am a full-time graduate student in business.  I have no idea why.  What the hell am I doing? 🙂

3.  I made my living recently (for four years) as the drummer in a Cajun punk rock band touring the world (a legit, Grammy-nominated group).

4.  I have toured the following countries as a musician in various bands (as bassist and drummer):  the U.K., Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Canada, and my home the USA.

5.  I was trained as a composer and have written orchestral arrangements for several notable bands and artists.

6.  As a studio musician, I have played on a Top 40 album in the U.K.  My specialty are the keys (piano and organ).

7.  I have three cats

For those who I have “nominated,” please do not feel any pressure to do as I have done in accepting this award.  If you do decide to accept the award in a fashion similar to mine, you will be in complete compliance by reposting the picture below.

Once again, thank you to my friend from France at

I am honored to be recognized.

–Pauly Deathwish


16 responses to “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. migarium

    I am happy for you, my Earthling friend paul! Also, thank you for your kind words.

    And, I wonder, is there any link can you give about your band?
    Meanwhile, there’s something I do not understand; I want to add some things about that.

    In Western societies, to live with family after a certain age, is accepting as interesting even wrong, as far as I know. Like your said, it can create shock effect over people. But, the situation is not the same in the Eastern societies.

    Even, if someone does leave from family house without a goal that living with one or before marriage and he/she starts to live an another house in the same city:
    -Mother begins to cry (this can continue over days and nights)
    -Father begins to grumble with saying “have we raised you like that!” (this one doesn’t continue days and nights.) Because it changes its form like:
    “are you stupid!”, “will you be rascal!” or etc.
    -If there are brothers or sisters, they stop talking with you, and resist to your decision in different ways, until you give up.
    And this situation are not welcomed by relatives and neighbors.

    Living with family, according to cultures of the Eastern people that make up the majority of the world’s population living in the east, there is no wrong side, under the conditions that I mentioned above(before marriage or living with someone). Even there are pluses.

    This is a logical choice economically.
    If there is respect in the family and people behave to the family members as individual not a child, this reinforces to trust.
    You can stay away from a lot of things imposed by the capitalist system (get home, get stuff, or extra kitchen costs)

    So, the thing that you wrote, it’s not shocking for Eastern societies, my dear Earthling friend:)

    • Ah, you are right as always my dear friend. I enjoy having a different perspective. In America it is considered shameful to live with one’s parents after a certain age. The USA is a strange society. So much wealth, but still sad poverty. The situation is strange because the wealth and poverty are sometimes right next to each other. My neighborhood in San Antonio is both: wealthy people and then across the big street poor people. Also, there is an “in between.” I am closer to the poor people, but my parents worked hard their whole lives at humble jobs. So I have been lucky because I have parents who are like saints. They save money. Very unusual in America. Most Americans spend more money than they have and then they are in debt. Most Anericans have no savings. They do not think of the future.

      As for my situation, it is considered a failure to live with parents after a certain age. I am very old for this: 38. But my reason is somewhat different. My parents are very old and they have always helped me. Now, I say to myself, it’s my turn to help them.

      So I do not care what American customs say. I live with my parents now because I love them and respect them. So I want to be here if they need anything.

      Also, since the global financial crisis of 2008 it is more common for people to live with their parents. I do not think it is shameful. As I said, I would do anything to help my family and sometimes that is more important than anything else. So that’s why I am here: to try and make my family happy because they have given me so much love and support for my whole life.

      Oh yes, the bands…I was the drummer in Lost Bayou Ramblers and also the bass player in Young Heart Attack. Recently I wrote a string quartet arrangement for a band called …and you will know us by the Trail of Dead. [long name]. Also, I had played keyboards on record for the Irish band The Answer in their album Revival. I have done other musical things, but I suppose those are the main ones.

      Thank you my friend,


      • migarium

        I guess, you’re one of the lucky people due to your parents. And I am the lucky extraterrestrial, becasue of meeting with an Earthling like you:)

        Also, it doesn’t matter eastern or western world, if the accuracy of conventional molds can be questioned, there is no obligation of people to comply. Generally, even at the things what can be considered as global criteria in all worldwide, the absurdities are concerned. When this is reduced to the more narrow scale, to a country, to a city, to a neighborhood, finally to a family, whole another thing might occur in the middle. This, to move beyond general is an independent type of action that put forward by the free will. And as far as I know, there is no criterion to measure to the free will of any species which has capable to decide, anywhere at the universe.:)

        Besides, I’d like to listen music of your band. I will search the bands which you gave the names above.

        Upps, I almost forgot. WD was disappointed, after your post. It said that:
        “It was big surprise for me. I always thought Paul is a dog lovers, not cats. I am re-thinking again over my thoughts about pauly.”


      • Tell W.D. I love dogs too! 🙂

  2. BeeHappee

    “I feel like this is a chain letter” 🙂 I used to be a very consistent chain breaker.
    Thanks so much, Pauly. Will check out all sites.
    Reading Migo’s comment above, I will say, living with parents surely beats studying business. What are you thinking?? 🙂 I got my MBA years years ago, actually enjoyed the the classes, but as far as the degree goes…. I am sure you will put yours to better use than I did, at least you will have a neat piece of paper to write some music notes on. 🙂
    And what is Cajun punk? Or is that the band name?

    • Wow! Congratulations!! I am only hoping to find a decent job. I chased my dream of music for so long and had some success. Then everything fell apart. But also, I realized it was time to help my parents. I would love to do something in film or music, but the world is a cruel place. You have to know someone. If I can manage to survive, I want to direct films. Small films. Humble films. Not like Hollywood. 🙂

      • BeeHappee

        That sounds exiting! I am sure you will be able to find something good. Having an MBA is still immensely helpful, as long as you are able to put with some corporate stuff. Since you are creative, you may carve yourself an interesting niche. I had not pursued a high ladder career since I wanted to focus on kids, and I just was not interested. But there are so many directions and sky is the limit. 🙂
        Good luck!

      • Thank you! It is a scary change for me, but I hope it works out well. 🙂

  3. Paul S ⋅

    Congratulations. Recognition from other bloggers is always nice and I enjoyed learning a little more about you.

  4. Dude the cleaner ⋅

    Dude that is cool to be with your parents an thank you for sharing that. I am with my mother she is getting old. I went back in my country where the jobs are fierce. In My country a 54 year old man is discriminate toward the job, they won’t hire you because I ma too old and they think I am going to retire at 62 It is the age of retirement in France. I do not want to retire. Now directing film I am getting to that I myself is lucky to have my mom who knows a director because I want to do that bad enough. I am going to call her so i can meet with her so she can tell me about her job and If I still want to do that I am going for it. Here is what a producer said one time I wanted to direct film but I suck at it so I became a producer . Trust me If I suck at directing i will do something in the business. You are right you have to know someone. It is hard to get in. But If you want it bad enough you will find a way to get in. Good luck to you. H

  5. Dude the cleaner ⋅

    Shit I messed up Okay good luck to you. Have fun. Also like you said In America people are living above their mean. Not like here they save money for a rainy day. Like you Parents did. Smart people survive. Take care

  6. blazeburgess ⋅

    I’m flattered to be on here. Quite a path you’ve taken in this world.

    And, in reference to one of your comments on here, I’d love to see one of the humble films you hope to direct. As long as I’ve followed you, you’ve sown the right kind of seeds. I’ll have to check out these other pages over the week.

    Thanks again.

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