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Sympathy for the Devil [1968)

To reach a moment of genius.  The genius must rethink.  Through many blind alleys and breezy revolutions.  Rehabilitated.

To speak of clever things.  No.  It does not explain this moment in time.  Police vs. blacks.  Continuation crime.

To quote Juvenal or Sallust.  You have no recourse in the moment.  You will have your name dragged through the mud.

And so we apologize.  We are sorry that we weren’t more harsh.  A final gob of spit before being shot once and for all.

A film by Jean-Luc Godard which achieves genius just as it is diverted.

Punched the producer in the face.

The revolution of everyday life.  Vaneigem.

To speak of the actors would do injustice.

Anne Wiazemsky.  Red flag.  Black flag.  And the wind of god.  On the beach.  The paving stones.

We have got it backwards because we don’t speak English.

Keith Richard.  Sans s.

And my favorite drummer Charlie Watts.

And now we have let routine take over.  Just as we asserted a revolutionary principle.

Through our fingers like sand.  Run, run, run…little kitty.  Machine guns for all.

Makes sense to whom?  Makes no difference.  Sense.

A review.  A summary.  A dissection.

An affront.  An attack.  An absolute about-face.

And so in 2015 we can only speak of Snowden.

We can only speak of extraordinary rendition.

We can comb the news like Matt Drudge.

He knows where his Red Sea is parted.  Which side his bread is buttered.  On.

We can rattle the cages like Alex Jones.  Rattle rattle.  Police gone wild.

We can blame everything on the Jews like Wayne Madsen.  What a poor aspect of great criticism.

Mostly we can find the remnants of SMPTE for the devil at

Hot link.  A sausage of…something.  Upton Sinclair Lewis.

We can thank Michel Chossudovsky because we first knew him in print.

Like Webster Tarpley.

When books have disappeared, we will know that the technological age is upon us.

And so as something of an expert I admit that I know nothing.

It leaves me mystified.  No more bands.  No more groove.

Prisoners to click tracks.

The metronomic underground must assert like Radiohead hippies.

Godard would have preferred Beatles.

It’s ok.  History proves him not wrong.

And I would be doing you a disservice if I condescended.

I must regard you as one mind with myself.  Even if false, it leads to the path of truth.

We’re a humble website ready to lay down our arms…rather, our lives.

We are not revolutionary.  Merely students.  Research on globalization.


6 responses to “Sympathy for the Devil [1968)

  1. Dude the cleaner ⋅

    you are a true Godard fan. Jesus I have not seen that one either. I am going to get on it.

    • Ha! Yes, that is correct. This one may be his most widely available film because of The Rolling Stones. It was initially to be called One Plus One, but the producers changed the title. Most importantly, they changed the ending somewhat. This pissed Godard off so much that he allegedly punched one of them in the face after the premiere.

  2. blazeburgess ⋅

    “He knows where his Red Sea is parted” is the most accurate description of Matt Drudge that has ever found expression.
    You really captured the atmosphere of the film, one which I love, while taking it to the present day.
    I remain in awe.

    • Thanks so much! Yes, I long admired Drudge, but the recent U.S. negotiations in Iran and Obama’s diplomatic distance from Israel has made it apparent to me that Drudge shares a blindly pro-Israel bias with Fox News. It’s interesting to visit his Report just to see how he tries to maneuver this fine line he has drawn for himself. Thank you so much for the gracious compliment! –Paul

  3. Excellent again Pauly , I like your comments about rendition and yes you are right it reminds me of Jason Bourne and Edward Snowden my two great Heroes , Bourne was different from Bond he was fighting on the right side don’t you think

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