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Zip Codes of The Beast

02666–Truro, MA

04666–Pembroke, ME

05666–North Montpelier, VT

07666–Teaneck, NJ

15666–Mount Pleasant, PA

16666–Osceola Mills, PA

21666–Stevensville, MD

23666–Hampton, VA

25666–Breeden, WV

28666–Icard, NC

29666–Ninety Six, SC

30666–Statham, GA

32666–Melrose, FL

38666–Sardis, MS

39666–Summit, MS

41666–Wayland, KY

44666–North Lawrence, OH

47666–Patoka, IN

49666–Mayfield, MI

50666–Plainfield, IA

54666–Warrens, WI

56666–Ponemah, MN

62666–Middletown, IL

68666–Stromsburg, NE

71666–McGehee, AR

72666–Parthenon, AR

73666–Sweetwater, OK

76666–Mertens, TX

78666–San Marcos, TX

83666–Placerville, ID

93666–Sultana, CA

95666–Pioneer, CA

99666–Sheldon Point (aka Nunam Iqua), AK

As a former resident of San Marcos, Texas, I can speak from experience that living in an American town with a ZIP code ending in 666 can be a strange sensation.  Not that many people use the U.S. Postal Service anymore, but the ZIP codes are still in effect.  So every time you write your address (not to mention every time a package is delivered), you are reminded that you live in a 666 town.

I remember living in San Marcos and thinking, “This is really weird.”  Wouldn’t somebody object?  Wouldn’t church groups circulate a petition??  Just how in the hell did ANY town in the United States ever acquire a ZIP code with a 666 in it?  Well, as I’ve just discovered from some primary research, there are 33 (Freemasonry, anyone?) towns in the U.S. containing the 666 string in sequence.  And only 3 (again, Freemasonry) are obscured with an extra six in sequence (par ex. 6666).

So what?

What does this mean?

Ah, I forgot one.  The “Main” Topeka, Kansas ZIP prefix is 666-.  So there is ostensibly at least one more (if not several more) ZIP code in the U.S. with a 666 string/sequence.  [all of them in Topeka, KS]  So there goes my Freemasonry theories 🙂

But still…WTF?!?

Do these towns form some sort of network?  What would they look like if lines were drawn between the locations (counting Topeka as one of 34 locations)??  Aren’t people in little podunk towns in Mississippi and Arkansas (for example) disturbed by their ZIP codes???

Of course, there is some speculation that the actual “number of the Beast” (from the Book of Revelation) is 616 rather than 666.  But that aside, it is 666 which has gained the cachet of being PURE EVIL.

Quite frankly, people in San Marcos (partying college kids) seemed to revel in the ZIP code.  It always rubbed me the wrong way.

More to come on this subject soon, I hope.



One response to “Zip Codes of The Beast

  1. Was Hillary born in any of these zip codes?

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