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Rest in peace, Cousin Chad

On July 5th, my cousin had a fatal heart attack.

It was a traumatic experience for me.

I was not there.

I had not seen my cousin in years.

But we grew up together.

Played together.

My cousin was just 43.

And so I have not written much here in a long time.

I have not followed my fellow bloggers’ writing.

I have been REALLY out of it.

To complicate matters, I had a surprise EKG of my own at a recent Dr.’s visit and had to start taking a heart medicine.

Fun times 🙂

Anyway, I’m just writing to let you all know I’m still alive.

I am thankful that I have found some good Christian people on Twitter who have prayed for me in my struggles.

I have been blessed to contribute (I hope) to the ongoing research into pizzagate.

A more accurate term is probably pedogate.

But my love for my fellow humans knows no bounds.

Only my imperfection thwarts me from loving fully…as God would have us do.

And so I am glad to have non-Christian friends on Twitter as well.

We are united in our quest for truth…and in our desire to see pedophilia, human trafficking, and Satanic ritual abuse come to an end.

This might all sound hard to believe.

But believe it, my friends:  the big wigs in the West ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN SATAN.


Whether they believe it or not, I don’t know.

It probably charts on a spectrum.

But there is no doubt that many very powerful people in the West think that Satanism (or Luciferianism) is funny or cool.

I don’t think it’s funny OR cool.

And I am completely humorless when such occult crutches prop up the torturous activities of sadistic perverts.

We are all sinners.

That is what Christianity teaches.

But we also must reach out.  We must be active.  We must prevent cruelty if it is in our power to do so.

Nothing could be more cruel than to torture or rape a child.

The stories are there, folks.

Record numbers of arrests.

Child porn.

Kids in cages.

Child prostitution.

Pedophile rings.


Big wigs who get off on taking advantage of children.

So we must thank WikiLeaks for showing us John Podesta’s quixotic emails.

All those weird food-code words.

Sentences which make little-to-no sense as anything but code.

And we must thank the people who captured James Alefantis’s Instagram postings before he made his account private.

The lines of power which run through that one pizza parlor (Comet Ping Pong) in D.C. are enough to make any curious person perk up their nose.

Something is rotten at Comet Ping Pong.

And as one suspect pizza parlor has had its shell-business status somewhat blown, other establishments are coming under scrutiny.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

Pizza Brain.

Voodoo Donuts.

This may seem to be nonsensical witch-hunt paranoia, but all of these “family friendly” eateries have a common theme of strange, overt perversion.

So people are looking into things.

WikiLeaks has reminded us of Dennis Hastert (former U.S. Speaker of the House who was in jail [till recently] for sexual abuse of children).

We know Mr. Hastert and Tony Podesta were on an extended trip together to Japan in their younger days.

I will not try to lay everything out here.

But I am heartened that people care.

Because my cousin cared.

He was a loving person.

He had a hard, short life.

This has been an immensely hard article to bring myself to write.

That is psychology.

We get scared.

Getting back on the horse is DAMNED HARD!

We get knocked off.

We are shellshocked.

But here I am.

Middle of the day.

Paying tribute to my cousin the best I know how.

And fighting through anxiety like chopping through bamboo with a machete.

Anxiety is a jungle.

So is depression.

You gotta just keep going.

Chop chop.

Keep hacking away at the underbrush till you come to the clearing.

I hope to return to movie reviews real soon.

And one final note:

if Twitter suspends my account for exposing the horrors of  child sex abuse (as they have done to so many of my friends), they can be expecting a lifetime of opprobrium from me.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has been a little too cavalier in his wink-wink fealty to the pedo-Satanists who run the world.

Jack’s best strategy would be to cease and desist.  And pray to God.

But if he and his shite company continue with their censorship of U.S. veterans, U.S. law enforcement, and nobodies like me, then they will be brought to task.

One final note.

There are two names which will get you suspended on Twitter right now:

Arun Rao and Brian Podesta.

Just typing either of those names in a tweet (in any context whatsoever) is grounds for your account (even if you’ve had it for 10 years) to be permanently suspended.

Twitter’s stock is tanking (last I checked).

And that’s in a record-high market (NYSE DJIA up 20% since U.S. election in Nov. 2016).

I remember my cousin the best I can.

Be asserting my personhood.

I am alive, damn it!



2 responses to “Rest in peace, Cousin Chad

  1. Glad to see you back on WordPress, Paul!

    Great line: “But we also must reach out. We must be active. We must prevent cruelty if it is in our power to do so.”

    In Yemen, they know what to do to adults who do evil to children: Capital Punishment.

    A man convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl was executed in Yemen in front of hundreds of people. A policeman fired five bullets from an assault rifle into Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, as he lay with his hands handcuffed behind his back on a blanket on the ground.

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