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Central Park in the Dark

First, a mighty fuck you to art collectors like Tony and John Podesta.

With their cannibalist paintings.  With their Jeffrey Dahmer sculptures.

With their child-exploitative pedophile fantasy paintings.

Yes, you dark motherfuckers!  Fuck you!!

Don’t you EVER bring that condescending mess around here again.

Now.  For parity.

Of tone.

The unanswered question:  is your support for Trump a joke?

Answer:  No.

It ain’t a fucking joke!

Have you ever taken an economics class?  Did it sink in?


And did you afterwards still cling to Marx?

Just as the Left has killed the economy with their fealty to globalism, they would “kill” the President in a play in Central Park.

Thinking that there’s not a hayseed familiar with Charles Ives.

But they bet wrong.

Way wrong!

I am that hayseed.

And, though humility prevents me, I am a little more than familiar with Ives.

And so last night when Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec crashed the death orgy staged by Oskar Eustis in Central Park’s Delacorte Theater//

Ahh, Delacorte…opened in 1962.

The next year J.F.K. was assassinated in Dallas.

Nighthawks at the diner…



Uxtries!  Uxtries!  Read all about it!!!

Grassy knoll.

November 22.


Girl stabs horse.

Summer in the city.

Is your support for Trump a joke?


I love our military.

I pray for the seven seamen lost off the coast of Japan last night.

Seven U.S. Naval sailors who were asleep in their bunks.

Below the water line.

Their destroyer was struck (or glanced) by a Japanese container ship.

Though we still search, they are presumed dead.


That is what Donald Trump did.

He made us FEEL again.

Or even FEEL for the first time.

“The war is over there,” it’s often been said.

Look it up.

“La guerre est là.”

But once we take our soldiers into our hearts.

And know that they are just people like us.

Except, they had the guts to jump on a Naval destroyer.

Or they had the guts to train the Afghan army.

Or they puked their guts out from heat exhaustion while carrying God-knows-how-much weight in their pack…in the desert in Iraq.

They weren’t looking for a war.

And they were wrongly deployed.

But they were faithful.

Always faithful.

THAT is what Donald Trump has brought.

Be proud of your country!

Stand up for your country!

That flag ain’t just a piece of cloth.

It drapes the coffins that come home…from Yemen…from Somalia.

Places we don’t need to be.

But the brave men and women carried out their duties.

They engaged in urban combat in Third World shitholes while you sipped your latte at Starbucks.

And they did it FOR YOU.

Were they scared?

Hell yes!

“Will this be my final moment.  Why.”

That is the blood of our country.

Without a draft.

They volunteered to get whatever job done that our country needed done.

As I said, they’ve been steered wrong…by a bunch of policy wonks who’ve never seen battle.

I’ve never been in combat.

But I got a lotta respect for a gun (to quote Bob Dylan).

And your city?

Is it a shithole?

Are there gangs?

Are there neighborhoods you avoid at all cost?

Is your own neighborhood worsening?

Do you ever feel scared in your town or city?

Every morning and every night.

Police put on their shoes and socks.

And they go out there.

And they deal with the craziest shit imaginable.

A non-stop panic-inducing environment for most of us.

And that’s their job.

And now (for awhile now) they have targets on their backs.

But they still go out there and try to do their jobs.

Seriously, we would be fucked without police!

THAT is what Donald Trump has brought.

Respect for law enforcement.

Respect for military.

And pride in country.

Yeah, it’s ok to be proud of your country.

You don’t have to be perpetually ashamed of your country.

It’s ok to go against the grain 🙂


Have a thought.

And, if you’re like me, when you see your great President “stabbed” to death on a stage in Central Park, then you are pissed.

And when he’s interpolated into a tragedy by Shakespeare, you’re not happy with this “interpretation”.

Pains your heart.

Like two marching bands passing each other in Symphony #4.

Gotta have two directors.

But Oskar Eustis failed.

It’s unacceptable to “kill” the President…even on stage.

And if you do that, then you will have the backlash of a lot of angry people.

Van Jones thinks “whitelash” is such a cutting-edge term with which to sum up our last election.

I don’t fucking think so.

Yeah, I’m white.

And I’m sick of that kind of racism.

So fuck you, Van Jones!

By the way, you dumb son of a bitch, BOTH THE CANDIDATES WERE WHITE!

But they didn’t teach you basic critical thinking at Yale Law School, did they?


They just taught you how to divide.

And since you’re a man, you don’t have the balls to be a feminist.

So you played the muthafuckin race card.


But it’s aight!


We goin full-awn cultural appropriation heah!

When Laura Loomer stormed the stage, Jack Posobiec yelled, “You are all Goebbels!”

And so Laura Loomer is the real wonder woman.  And she deserves her own song.  By one of the best.

And Jack is the real deal on Twitter.  Twitter which went out for the entire state of Texas just three days ago.

It was a big red cloud right over Texas.

“Northwest Houston. Haven’t been able to get to twitter via android app or browser on phone or laptop since approx noon CT. Still can’t get to it.”

“so is twitter just not working in texas??? ive been so confused all day hhhhhh”

“Been down for hours in San Antonio”

“it hasn’t worked at all today wtf”

“I also live in south texas too”

“In South Houston, Twitter hasn’t been loading since 1pm or so”

“However, using my phone network, I can get Mobile Twitter to sort of load. It’s so weird.”

[that’s art.  we understand Duchamp.]

“something fishy about this all these outages in one state fishy”

“Yup, working all day until 10 minutes ago here in San Antonio…”

[we understand Partch.  Barstow.]

“League City, TX/ATT down since about 1:30”

“Same homie.”


“El Paso TX, hasn’t been working since this morning -_-”

“Down in Waller, TX”


“San Antonio blind!”



“In San Antonio TX , twitter not working”


I can write about whatever I damn please.

“outage map shows that pretty much everyone in Texas is being affected.”

Come to find out it weren’t my imagination.

“Yeah. I’m in the Rio Grande Valley and it has been sputtering all afternoon.”

But when someone speaks out, they take a risk.

“I am having issues with twitter I am here on the east side of Houston”

And you feel for a second the fear of life’s real soldiers.  Not Antifa poseurs.

“In Houston area, twitter isn’t working on home wifi at all but does on LTE.”

But you…you never risk anything.  Life on retweet.  Simulation.  We know our Baudrillard too.

“Same here, doesn’t make sense but I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

So somebody’s gotta storm the stage and say that enough is enough.

“Fairly sure it’s ATT as an ISP that being hit. Which is a majority of texas, so pc is deaders, phone is sparkling.”

But beautiful.  Shhh…peaceful.

“I was on a few minutes using TweetDeck, but I’m down again south of Houston.”

Disarm you with a smile ” “.

“been out all afternoon in the San Antonio TX area”

Because Donald Trump is the Joseph Beuys of Presidents.

Yeah!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

He loves America and America loves him 🙂

With the God damned felt.  And the fat.

And the fucking coyote.

And the ambulance from the airport.

How to explain pictures to a dead hare.

With the gold leaf.

And the MAGA.

Because someday your freedom will be meaningful to you.

All that you take for granted.

Opposing forces.

Worried that Trump’s a dictator?

He can’t even bend over to tie his shoe without some Deep State lackey cutting the string.

“Let it be good.  Do what you should.  You know it will be alright.”

We worship Velvet Underground.

But we ain’t brainwashed.



Proud to be American scumbag!


Yeah, it’s dense.

But you gotta want a different literature.

Film critics are people too.

“…the piano player got mad, stopped in the middle and kicked the bass drum.”  –Elliott Carter

They did the same thing to Beethoven.

Yeah, we know metric modulation.

But we bring you film.

In between music and business.

As passion.

And the politique des auteurs as engagement.

Not the Left of Godard, but the Right of Godard.

And always towards a middle of truth and justice.

Now, upon ruin, the United States has been injected by Soros hatred.

Trying to pull us apart.

Must know Gruppen.

And not succumb to nor cower beneath Einsatzgruppen.

Every day, through the divided line, we move…further from conjecture and through belief…into thought…and, God willing, repose in understanding.

Data.  Information.  Knowledge.  Wisdom.

So I call your bluff.

You add no value.

Fuck you.

Your value system is jacked!

You don’t know who you are.

But you have time to tell me I suck.

For being honest.

For leaving my heart on a platter.

“When you ain’t got nothing/you got/Nothing to lose”

God will watch over those who repent.

God is with us already.

All of us.

And though we are imperfect, His love is not contingent upon that.

It’s there.


Not boring.

But steady.

Through these trials.

Dante had his Beatrice.

And we all had our Laura last night.

Our Joan of Arc.

Not like Reality Winter (Joan of Snark).


We have a real leader in Donald Trump.

We rally behind him and our flag.

It’s not ironic.

Learn some fucking history!

And we had a U.S. military vet (Jack Posobiec) shout down a crowd of vengeful vermin who were waiting for their Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.

But they got The Great Dictator:  “You are all Garbitsch!”

Amen.  Herr Garbitsch!

So we’ll just cool out, see? 🙂

Because we believe, dig?

We love America.

We love our military.

We love our police.

We question.

We are not an homogenous block.

And we are sick of your shit.

So no more Kathy Griffin beheadings.

No more “Julius Caesar” knife massacres.

And no more targeting our politicians for assassination.

Whether it was Deep State-connected or not.

Get the fuck out of the way.



6 responses to “Central Park in the Dark

  1. I would like to hear this post performed live in Central Park.

  2. The radical left lives by so many double standards. Can you imagine the outrage if there was a Julius Caesar play in which an Obama look-a-like was assassinated? Or if a Democrat Congressman was shot?

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