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Sessions’s session

Consider the following exchange today between U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Senator Ron Wyden as laid out by The Daily Caller:

“‘General Sessions, respectfully, you’re not answering the question,’ Wyden said.

‘Well what is the question?’ Sessions fired back.

‘The question is: Mr. Comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn’t talk about them. What are they?’ Wyden asked.

‘Why don’t you tell me?’ Sessions snapped. ‘There are none, Senator Wyden.’

‘There are none. I can tell you that for absolute certainty,’ he continued angrily. ‘This is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me and I don’t appreciate it.'”

This is when America got some credibility back in this whole Russia débâcle.

See the video here

But I should back up 🙂

A.  I have been “unbanned” on Twitter (after a humiliating 30 hours or so)

B.  There was an earthquake in Izmir, Turkey today…and so I am praying that my extraterrestrial blogger friend Migo is ok.  He sent me an intergalactic message and told me he is alright 🙂

C.  The biggest story in the U.S. today was certainly the Jeff Sessions ‘s hearing

D.  I hate adding an apostrophe and another S on the ends of words which already end in S.  Got it?

So yes…

That’s what we got today.

I have been happily tweeting away.

And though Twitter again accused me (today) of being a computer, they managed to rectify this inaccuracy within seconds (as opposed to hours/days).

But what do I mean by credibility?

In the case of America, post-election, there has been full-on derangement.

Trump Derangement Syndrome (they call it).

I, myself, was in the hospital (no kidding) three days after the election from what started as extreme anxiety.

[turned out I needed to have my appendix removed…the doctors were incredulous that I had a real ailment]

But yeah…

That was some time ago.

And though I struggle most every day with anxiety, I have gotten much better.

But I will say this:  today’s hearing had a TENSION palpable all the way over here in Texas.

And back to this credibility…

They (whoever they are) say, “The Russians must be laughing at us.”

And we (whoever we are) say, “The Russians are corrupt…yada yada.”

It appears that George Soros has made some inroads in Russia (as evidenced by recent protests in that country).

Why do I jump to that conclusion?

Because it looks fake.

Why do I think Sandy Hook was a zero-casualty event?

Because it looked fake.

[and there were all sorts of anomalies which didn’t point to it having been an organic event]

I get it…

People like Alex Jones have multimillion-dollar enterprises to run.

I love Alex Jones.

I’d never say an ill word against the guy.

If I have, it was in haste.

But I see Jones being VERY CAREFUL when it comes to Sandy Hook.


No doubt, he doesn’t want to get stuck in a honey pot.

I mean, Jones was the same guy who insisted (in harmony with the U.S. government) that a PLANE hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

Come on, Alex!

But look…

Not everyone can be right all the time.

Alex is so often right.

Yet sometimes, he and his cohort Paul Joseph Watson start to sound like FOX/BBC lite.

I MISS the skepticism of the old Infowars/Prison Planet enterprise.

And even Donald Trump.

Apparently Trump thinks there really was a shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

And that 49 people really died.

And that Omar Mateen was the lone gunman.

Trump has no political reason to doubt this “tale”.

And every political reason (so he must think) to endorse it.

But we know.

I will post the video again.

Those military and intelligence veterans who helped elect Trump had a few requests.

And this video foregrounds the most important.

“No more false flags, No more bullshit”.

The illustrious Dr. Steve Pieczenik specifically mentions the Pulse Nightclub “attack” in the above video.

It is common knowledge.

Many of these “events” are almost completely divorced from reality.

But let’s revisit a more recent “weird” event.  The Manchester “Bombing”.

[lots of quote marks needed to parse these pseudo-realities]

To the 22 22 22 pattern pointed out in Pieczenik’s above article (22 year-old kills 22 people on the 22nd of the month) we can add this CBS News tidbit:  all 22 suspects were released.

In the first of the two links, you will find a good starting point and a good summary of why an MIT PhD/Cornell MD/Harvard psychiatrist/State Department civil servant/naval veteran thinks that the Manchester Bombing was “not what it seemed”.

That is the key.

And I have heard Mr. Steele of the CIA describe “false-flags” in very similar terms.

“Seems”…”seemingly”…”not what it seems.”

Robert David Steele has, therefore, allowed us to TRANSLATE the news.

As if you were translating conditional statements into forms other than if/then.

You’re looking for sufficient (trigger) and necessary (result).

But in the news (and news coverage), you are (or should be) looking for gaps.

Gaps of logic.

There are plenty of logic gaps in my writing.

Because I am not a very good logician.

But I aim to close those gaps.

Just as I aim to be a better, nicer, more loving person.

Meanwhile, there is a war on 🙂

But before we get back to that battlefield on which Jeff Sessions had to stand today, let’s linger a moment on Orlando.

Pulse Night Club.

-I/ITSEC @iitsec

[The world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training conference held annually in Orlando, FL]


-Team Orlando @TeamOrlandoMST

[Team Orlando consists of members from Government, academia, and industry are focused [sic] on one common goal:  To improve human performance through simulation.]

Hmmm…lotta simulation going on in Orlando.

Clustering, we’d call that in business.

Amputees in Action @AIA_global

[Amputees in Action Ltd specializes in providing amputee actors for emergency and military training simulations as well as for the film and television industries.]

Right.  Crisis actors.  We’re well aware of these organizations.  Don’t dismiss the use of such assets in a synthetic terror attack or mass shooting.

Simulation Institute @UCFSimInstitute

[Research for computer simulation that works smarter and trains people better.]

Once again, in Orlando, Florida.

And then the mother of all open-sourced links:

STTCResearch (Simulation and Training Technology Center)  @STTCResearch

This is part of the U.S. Army

[The militarys [sic] premier simulation and training technology center]

Where?  You guessed it:  Orlando, Florida.

So that doesn’t, by itself, prove anything.

But it does prove that HAD some party wanted to FAKE a shooting in Orlando, they would have had several outlets to which they could have gone and sought advice about logistics, etc.

There’s always a company which has fallen on hard times…and they’re willing to do what they previously would have sworn off.

Which is to say…these events are rarely 100% real nor 100% fake.

They operate on a continuum.

But let me throw something else in your pipe.

When the Joint Chiefs of Staff were coming up with ways (in the 1960s) to depose Castro, their plans included terror attacks on the United States.

In other words, the highest military personal in the nation were (at that time) willing to sacrifice a hundred people (perhaps) to start a war with Castro.

The logic would be that many more Americans would die if the Soviet nukes were not removed from Cuba.

But JFK refused this JCS plan known as Operation Northwoods.

However, there is a phrase in the document (signed by every member of the JCS) which has stuck with me ever since I read it.

One option was to send a drone plane over Cuba and blow it up by remote control.

Sounds a little like 9/11, doesn’t it?  Indeed…a LOT like 9/11.

Because the planes were almost certainly FLOWN by remote control as well.

Remember, this was long before the highly-touted tests of decades later.

Tests of unmanned flight from the U.S. to Australia.

Global Hawk.

But I still haven’t gotten to my favorite phrase.

And it is this:

“carefully-prepared aliases”.


A plane was to take off from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and have its flight path taken over by the previously-described drone.

After said drone blew up over Cuba (the result of remote control detonation and not fighter jet engagement), newspapers would need the names of these students on holidays (ahh…the heart strings…are you beginning to see how psychological operations work?) who had just been murdered by the government of Cuba.

Kennedy wouldn’t go through with it.

But the Joint Chiefs of Staff had full confidence in being able to fake the deaths of a handful of students WHO NEVER EXISTED.

That’s the key.

Sure, there are obituaries.

Sure, there are funerals.

There might even be some tears if you look closely (“You’re getting a raise, buddy!  Keep it up with the waterworks!!!).

And so it is essential that we come back to the true common sense.

21st century common sense (in terms of interpreting “the news”) is an acquired skill.

This is because “the powers that be” have so thoroughly sized up their marks (us).

And so, if we want to survive, we must acquire the new common sense.

Learn everything you can about intelligence agencies.

Learn everything about everything which shoots off from those hubs.

Then you have a chance to know whether or not you’re being lied to.


Finally, as a film critic.

I can sit down.

And watch a VERY short film.

In which my Attorney General serves up some Alabama righteous indignation right there on the floor of the Senate.

I was mighty proud of Jeff Sessions today.

But dear God, please help us all.  In our struggles.

Please help us to be more kind.

More caring.  More considerate.

Because we know that it is only through you that we live these wonderful days.

Teach us, but have mercy on us.

Give us the joy and peace which can only come from you.

Thank you my friends 🙂



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