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Congressional baseball false flag

When all the “news” are a massive chorus of agreement, without a hint of skepticism, then it is time to worry.

And it is up to nuts like me to offer a counterbalance 🙂

Let me get right to the point:  I believe this Congressional baseball shooting was a Deep State warning to President Donald Trump.

The official story as regards the security presence at this event in which many Congressional officials were massed together does not make sense.

Which should bring to everyone’s mind (everyone with an historical memory) the way in which JFK was whacked in Dallas.

My fellow Americans (and people of the world), please remember that the STRIPPING AWAY OF NORMAL LAYERS OF SECURITY was part of John F. Kennedy’s demise.

This is the “stand down” aspect of the “false-flag stand down” (about which the eminent doctor Steve Pieczenik, MD PhD, has been talking for some time).

The Ur-literature pursuant to this would be found in the publications and notes of Roberta Wohlstetter (wife of Albert Wohlstetter).

The situation to be studied would be Ms. Wohlstetter’s time at the University of Chicago and, particularly, the neocon students (like Paul Wolfowitz) who apparently put her ideas into practice on 9/11.

But let’s get back to topic.

As I stated above, this Congressional baseball shooting looks very much to me like a pure warning to President Trump.

This is unfortunate.

I am an ardent Trump supporter.

So this worries me very much.

So let’s use our brains.

With all of these congresspeople gathered together in one location, there were a mere two security guards there?

Well, no.

Joe Barton (R-TX), in his joint press conference with Congressman Doyle, made clear that there were actually ADDITIONAL SECURITY PERSONNEL on scene (before the shooting).

Oops…so there goes that pearl!

And now let’s discuss this “persona” (patsy?) James T. Hodgkinson.

Which is it:

A.  He was so dumb he had to ask if he was at the correct field (“Are these the Democrats or the Republicans?”)


B.  He was so smart that he targeted the only person with a personal security detail (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise)


And, as Joe Barton made clear in his joint press conference with Congressman Mike Doyle (D-PA), these two (supposedly “lone”…until Barton botched that story) security personnel were D.C. Capitol Police.


Now where have we heard that before?

Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently threatening the Chief (!) of the D.C. Capitol Police with “consequences” if she didn’t get her laptop back?

Well, she did.

Look it up.

So we begin to see the outline of the Deep State emerging (to detour a phrase from sinister former President George H.W. Bush).

But back to Mr. Hodgkinson…

He just waltzed up to the only fucking law enforcement officers there like Travis Bickle and asked THEM if he was at the right place?!?

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

Then I saw Hodgkinson’s “mugshot”.

I got two words for you:  Chicago mob.

I mean, this guy is the Jack Ruby of this whole situation (to bring it back to JFK).

So we have a few possibilities (see, unlike “the news”, I’m giving you an opportunity to THINK…I’m not telling you THIS IS THE WAY IT IS):

A.  Mr. “Hodgkinson” was a patsy.  Someone who couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a cannon.  As soon as I started hearing, “rifle…no, pistol…no, rifle and pistol”, I began to suspect that Mr. “Hodgkinson” might be a genuine retard.

So why the gun vagueness?  Because Mr. “Hodgkinson” might have been so inept that he needed help EVEN WOUNDING SCALISE IN THE HIP!

[in such case, a shooter would have been positioned behind Mr. “Hodgkinson” with a rifle…  “Hodgkinson” might have had a rifle with him (although this is bizarre…not exactly something you can put in a violin case…unless [stick around for theory B]), but the damage he did was because of a professional looking over his shoulder…and firing accurately for him.  “Hodgkinson” might have squeezed off some rounds, but he wasn’t the Rambo he’s been made out to be.]

B.  Mr. “Hodgkinson” was a pure “persona” (a made-up “being”…a.k.a. alias) for a very real mafia hitman.  Now, you ask, what kind of nut job hitman would go on a suicide mission?  Well, I would assert that Mr. “Hodgkinson” was himself set up.  [In other words, he didn’t KNOW he was going on a suicide mission.]  Which brings us back to Joe Barton’s live TV slip-up of “other security personnel” on the scene.

In other words, this professional (Mr. “Hodgkinson”) might have been told that there were to be a mere TWO Capitol Police at the field.  However, not trusting the hitman (and knowing that “dead men tell no tales”), those who hired “Hodgkinson” (the Deep State) made sure there were additional, unseen security at the scene (a fact which Joe Barton let slip) to fully neutralize (kill, not just injure) Mr. “Hodgkinson”.

In such case, it would be interesting to know whether “Hodgkinson” first targeted the two officers, and then Scalise (before being taken out by the extra security).


There are many more possibilities than these.

But Infowars and other formerly-skeptical sites have just become reinforcement for the mainstream media.

Infowars (once the “gold standard”) now questions NOTHING.

Every Muslim attack is a Muslim attack (end of story).

Nothing is a false flag anymore 🙂

And so it is a very weird way in which a majority of skeptical Americans may have been coopted by Alex Jones.

I love Alex Jones.

I think he’s the real deal.

But now is not the time for him to stop telling the truth.

I love Donald Trump.

I think he’s a great President.

But he has a lot to learn if he wants to stay in power.

He can’t go halfway with the truth…he’s gotta really get a grasp on what’s going on.

You can call me crazy 🙂

Whatever 🙂

I don’t care.

At least I’m rubbing my two brain cells together and generating some friction.

One final allusion.

Remember those mysterious anthrax attacks which were primarily directed at Democrats (Tom Daschle) after 9/11?  Also, they were directed at critics of the Bush administration (particularly the tabloid reporter who had run an exposé on one of the Bush daughters).

Those anthrax attacks were a Deep State message to any who would question the dubious story of 9/11 (and the ensuing draconian measures such as the PATRIOT Act).

The message?  Shut up.

The Deep State is not Democrat or Republican.

The Deep State is not even a purely American entity.

It spans borders.

Particularly into Europe.

And so, if you’re wanting to know what the Congressional baseball practice shooting REALLY WAS, now you have a better idea.

A deranged Bernie supporter from Illinois?

I don’t fucking think so.

This smells.



Do your own homework.

Don’t let Fox News OR Infowars (or CNN or NYT or WaPo) tell you what the truth is.

Do the logic in your own head.

Does it make sense as a real event?

The answer for me is, “No.”

Today’s event does not make sense (accord) with the way it has been explained.

Someone (or multiple someones) are lying.

Something is awry.

Trump needs to remain strong.

He must root out those who are seeking his literal demise.

The left has been signaling (Kathy Griffin, Shakespeare In The Park…).

This is the red line, President Trump.

Go to who you trust.

You MUST expose the Deep State.

There is no halfway.



2 responses to “Congressional baseball false flag

  1. This is very well articulated, Paul. A well-though out and interesting conspiracy theory. When security is lax, it certainly gives opportunity to assassins.

    Another possibility is that a radical Bernie supporter believed that like “The Resistance” in WW2, violence is now justified to stop the Trump Administration. This was a hate-crime against Republicans.

    Since the election, there are numerous examples of Democrats “inciting violence.” Kathy Griffin’s so-called art with the severed head of Trump signals to Democrats (and lunatics) that violence is morally justified. If Trump is Hitler, then assassinating him is an act of patriotism.

    Perhaps James T. Hodgkinson was inspired by her art.

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