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Trump 1

I may never watch a movie again.

Because the Trump Presidency is the most entertaining circus in the history of civilization.

Such that, every day, a veritable pointillism of media characterizations paints a new portrait of The Red King.

Trump is a king.

Because he has earned it.

European monarchies lost their legitimacy.

Because the children of the children of the children did not have the fortitude of the originator.

Dynasties came, dynasties went.

Many lasting hundreds of years.

And I am not advocating for a Trump dynasty.

We want no more Bushes.

Both Bush Presidents were evil.

One was somewhat brilliant in his Luciferian reign.

The other was positively moronic in his accidental tragicomedy.

We want no more Clintons.

All the Clintons are rotten.

One became President.

And though he put on a show of egalitarianism, he was a loser through-and-through.

Another almost became President.

Luciferian is not a pungent enough word to describe her venal attempt to reign.

And though, perhaps, we in the West know of no stronger word by which to characterize our villains, it is truly ironic when said leaders actually embrace and practice what many assume is just a figurative description:


And though the Trump family is lovely and capable, we would prefer to see a new face and hear a new voice…the next time there is a changing of the guard.

And so I have started this series specifically to relay my assessment (criticism) on world events.

I hope, God willing, that I may be able to bring this to you on a daily basis.

But we all need a break from time to time 🙂

Back to Trump

So damned entertaining.

And inspiring.

So fascinating to watch him forge bonds.

I am truly proud of his efforts so far.

But to give a glimpse into the Trump Presidency, we must let world events provide a backdrop.

Just this morning.

An attack in Australia.

Then a stabbing in London.

Then a stabbing in New York.

Keeping up with the news, as I always do, I noticed this cascade of terror reports.


At a certain point it becomes surreal.

Like you’ve stepped into a new world.

Another dimension.

On another planet.


We have a crazy Red President, and his redcaps (including me).

Then we have the nebulous Left who hate Trump’s guts.

Such that every day is a litany about how Trump is ruining the world.

This has been the Democratic strategy.

Hit him hard.  But, more importantly, his him continually.

For everything.

Never agree.  Never help.  Always obstruct.

It’s basically the Left attempting the stage a sit-in.

But it’s not very effective.

I suppose you could call it Occupy Washington.

Only problem is, we American taxpayers are paying these bureaucrats to do specific jobs.

Because of our history of caring for the worker, it now becomes very difficult to remove protestors who are refusing to do their jobs satisfactorily.

But let’s talk about terror as well.

This morning.

Terror in Australia.

Stabbing in London (again).

Stabbing in New York.

Some attacks just hours or minutes apart on different points of the globe.

All of this adds tension.

North Korea fires more missiles.


And I almost forgot, a very rare terrorist attack in Iran.

In the Parliament.

Indeed, this was the worst in magnitude.

So, we say:  what’s gonna happen?

Like a movie.

I wonder what will happen?

Will Trump hold on to power?

[I pray to God he does]

Or will Trump lose power?

This is the media scene which substitutes for our day.

Here in the USA.

Taking the temperature of Twitter.

Watching a little Fox News.

And then just going out in the world and interacting with people.

Catching hints.

Being surprised that so-and-so is a liberal.

A bit of a tense atmosphere.

But we can coexist pretty well without politics.

However, as night falls and a cool breeze blows through the trees, we must thank God for existence.

Trump is not God.

And we thank God for health.

Maybe we don’t have great health.

But we thank God for any improvements.

Opportunities to recuperate.

Mental healing.

And in this magic hour of last light, we thank our men and women who suited up and went where they were called.

To Afghanistan.

To Iraq.

To Somalia.

To postings in Djibouti.

To Libya.

Our soldiers under the pall of nuclear North Korea.

Our troops in South Korea.

In Japan.

This is the greatest movie.

Real life.

To appreciate one’s hometown…eventually.

Trump has taught us a fighting spirit.

Trump has taught us, by example, the correct deference to have for police and military.

Trump has even opened minds which were previously closed to Israel.

Trump has taught me much.

And so in this series of writings I hope to describe the Twitter-fueled cinematography of real life.

In America.

In the age of Trump.



8 responses to “Trump 1

  1. Always an interesting take on things…

  2. I always felt George W. Bush had “balls” for standing up for what he believed in, even if in hindsight he was misguided on invading Iraq.

    Trump is not afraid of offending anyone. He’ll start a fight when he believes he is right. Like Kramer on Seinfeld, he speaks the truth as he sees it, unplugged and unfiltered. Love him or hate him, the man has “yuge” balls!

  3. btw; minor typo should be: [hit] him

  4. Hey Paul, Twitter has done something to your account:
    “Caution: This account is temporarily restricted
    You’re seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account. Do you still want to view it?”

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