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Reality Winner take all

Tomorrow’s news today.


This just in.

An employee of the U.S. National Security Administration (NSA) has become the first leaker to be prosecuted under President Trump.

But hers is no ordinary story.


Perhaps she is the new Mata Hari.

More likely, a modern Patty Hearst.

The above picture is of 25-year-old Reality Winner.

Yes, that’s her name.

An NSA linguist, she is fluent in Dari, Pashto, and Farsi.


But don’t let the doe eyes fool you.

She fucking hates Donald Trump.

What does she like?

Bernie Sanders.

Vegan food.

Black Lives Matter.

So basically, a brainwashed social justice warrior (SJW) somehow got a TS/SCI security clearance (or perhaps a TS/SAP clearance).

Because we need linguists.

We’re still in Afghanistan (where the predominant languages are Dari Persian and Pashto [both of which she speaks/writes]).

And we’ve been eying Iran for invasion since the Neocons were kicking out the jams during the Bush junta.

So Farsi is very valuable to our national security state.

Farsi, of course, is another word for Persian.

Thus, Farsi and Dari are not that far apart.


What do we know about this beautiful, young, highly-intelligent (yet brainwashed) former NSA employee?

Let’s let Google (NSA) and “fake news” tell the meta-story for us.

Google “reality winner”:


-Mediaite (whatevs…)

-The Atlantic (liberal trash)

-The Guardian (mostly bollocks)

-Mashable (who give a fuck)

-The Daily Beast (666 of media…really…Chelsea Clinton’s on board of directors)

-Fast Company (that shite rag which called BLM one of the most innovative “companies” [sic] not so long ago [follow the fucking money])

-The New York Times (Carlos Slim’s blog)

-Business Insider (no thanks)

-Ryan J. Reilly on Twitter (no thanks, fucking HuffPo)

-Heavy (lite)

-NBC News (hell no)

-CNN (is ISIS)

-blog.erratasec (nice click bait, but disappointing)

-Washington Examiner (no idea)



The Washington Times 🙂

Sure, it’s a Moonie rag, but they have unequivocally surpassed The Washington Post recently.

[Sousa would be aghast]

So there it is.

A bare-bones version of the story.

The Liberal media, of course, is painting Reality Winner as a hero.


And those doe eyes almost get you.

So innocent.

So pure.

And yet, she beat Reza Aslan to the punch by calling Trump a “piece of shit” long ago.

piece of shit


I’ve spoken of her as an NSA employee.

That’s not entirely accurate.

She was a contractor.

Exit the system.

Earn more money.

[very patriotic!]

And she was in the Air Force.


Pretty buff for a snowflake 🙂

But seriously…

Here’s what we need to know:

what did she leak?

We know from the above article that she was caught.

We know ” that a news outlet ratted her out (The Intercept?).

We know she walked out of a SCIF with a photocopied TS document.

We know how they caught her.

She fucked up with the printer.

But how can we get the truth when the only sources are fakers like CNN?

Yeah, CNN has been doing this for a long time.

I guess we have to wade into the liberal propaganda quagmire and try to see if any truth whatsoever has been preserved.


Namaste 🙂

Let’s give The Intercept a shot (even though I think Snowden is bogus).

[or, rather, a spy wrapped in a truther wrapped in a matryoshka of bacon]

I’m beginning to think Reality Winner (sounds like an op) is a deep state stunt…and Trump (and Attorney General Sessions) called their bluff by hauling her in.

In other words, the deep state was BEGGING the FBI to arrest her.

She was not just sloppy, she was comically daft.

That’s because the deep state WANTED Trump to nab her.

She is a hero (heroine) operation.

An aspiring “Wonder Woman” (just as the movie is making waves).

But does the deep state have any plan beyond that?

I kinda doubt it.

Judging by their ineffectual “resistance” movement, this is probably as far as they got.

They figured Trump wouldn’t fall for the trap.

And he didn’t.

Because a trap must have teeth.

This trap is all gums.

The NSA report ostensibly leaked by Reality Winner is the definition of LAME.

Back to The Intercept article.

And, oh yeah…aren’t I supposed to be a film critic?


Apparently the Obama admin found that the Kremlin engaged in propaganda “to denigrate Secretary Clinton” 🙂


Oh my God…

They’re killing me.

Denigrate Secretary Clinton?!?

A turd doesn’t need dirtying!

Only, perhaps, a magnifying glass.

But we didn’t need a microscopic view of the shit Hillary Clinton represented.

We smelled it a mile away.

[as even John Podesta said, “urine, cabbage, and farts”…yes…that’s how he characterized the scent of his boss, Secretary Clinton…during the campaign {according to WikiLeaks documents}]

She was as fake as the Muslim anti-terror protest staged yesterday by CNN (see above video).

She was as fake as the “live from Saudi Arabia” coverage CNN went with during the 90-91 Gulf War (see other above video).

If you fell for Hillary (by voting for her), then I’d advise you never to leave the house again…because, brother (or sister), YOU’RE GONNA GET MUGGED!!!

And so, you might be saying, do I believe in the veracity of ANYTHING AT ALL which is propagated by the global news media?

Well, perhaps.

But certainly not in “Reality” Winner.



[another bad CIA creation…in the mold of Snowden…with a twist…nice try]


2 responses to “Reality Winner take all

  1. How does someone even have the name Reality Winner? That is gonzo. Maybe I should change my name to Blog Writer.

    CNN is the anti-Trump network. A new study from Harvard University has revealed the mainstream media’s bias against Donald Trump. The tone of negative coverage against Trump is 93% by CNN, NBC 93%, CBS 91%, and the New York Times 87%.

    It’s amazing how the mainstream media blames Russia for interfering in the U.S. election due to the leak of the Podesta emails, something they will never prove. But why aren’t they blaming Wikileaks?

    To me, Wikileaks did the American public a service by revealing to voters that Hillary Clinton is not who she appears to be.

    • Reality Winner sounds like a million CIA ops of years past. Only difference is they never stuck a persona with such a clunky name. They wanted her to get caught. But that was the end of their plan. The Deep State has no foresight these days. They are still flustered from getting steamrolled by Trump 🙂 –Paul

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