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George Webb crosses the line

He might fancy that he’s crossed the Rubicon, but from what I can tell…

He hasn’t.

For several days now I have been investigating.


Into Webb’s massive project on Seth Rich.

It has been fascinating.

But Webb tipped a sacred cow for me.


And that is the esteemed Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

Worse still, Webb was in flagrant error while doing so (attributing the authorship of A Clockwork Orange to Dr. Pieczenik).

[further, Webb seems to be mistaking Pieczenik for Frank Kitson (as Webb’s “gangs and counter gangs” tirade shows)]


If Webb knows something we don’t, then he should enlighten us.

But it appears Mr. Webb (Sweigert) made an immense gaffe.

And though the truth was the first victim in his lash-out against Pieczenik, what’s worse still is that his animus towards Pieczenik was a complete non sequitur.

I have followed Webb’s videos.

I check.  Each day.

Are there new videos?  Is he still alive?

So I checked the videos.

And I checked again.

And I checked Jason Goodman’s YouTube (Webb’s investigative partner).

[actually, Webb’s out-of-the-blue attack on Pieczenik is to be found in a video solely on Goodman’s YouTube (and not on Webb’s own channel)]

{here it is}

Webb’s diatribe on Pieczenik is at the very start of this video (and it carries on for some time).

So here’s the problem.

George Webb does not explain in this video (nor elsewhere, to my knowledge) what exactly his beef with Pieczenik is.

This is an exceptionally daft move on Webb’s part.

Because guess what, George?

You lost me.

Fuck you.

And fuck your channel.

And most of all, fuck your fucking series on Seth Rich!


Glad to have gotten that out of the way.

I would be less mad if I didn’t know the facts.  And if I hadn’t invested the time to vet my anger.

I went to Infowars.

I watched the dreadful interview by Mike Cernovich of Webb and Goodman.

What the fuck is Webb complaining about in the above video (the one in my piece)?

Cernovich let the guys talk.

Webb seems to think that Cernovich is some kind of gatekeeper shill.

Nice try George, but I don’t fucking think so.

And George’s slight seems to be directed at Alex Jones as well.

Really, the alt-media wannabes (like Webb) need to just admit they’re jealous of Jones.

Jones worked for his position within the media world.

Hillary fucking Clinton is blaming Infowars for her loss, for God’s sake!

[though she has LITERALLY blamed everyone at this point]

So what’s the problem, George?

Did Jones relegate you to “overtime”?

The fourth hour?

Were you hoping to be on with Jones himself?

Was Cernovich not good enough?

But here’s the crux.

I went to Infowars’ YouTube channel.

The interview with Webb and Goodman is there.

But, to my knowledge, Steve Pieczenik has not been on Infowars recently.

[so that discounts any first volley from Steve…at that web location]

Then I went to

I combed through the site.


No Steve Pieczenik appearance.

Then I went to Steve’s YouTube channel.


No new Pieczenik video dealing with George Webb.

Then I went to


No new article about George Webb.

So I have just three words for you, George:  WHAT.  THE.  FUCK.  ???

You’re no hero.

You’re just a slimy, conniving little gamesman.

If you’re gonna imply that Steve Pieczenik threatened you…

If you’re gonna imply that Steve Pieczenik is representing the cesspool establishment in D.C….

…then you better have more proof than “wink wink” condescension.


[one of my favorite phrases]

If it hadn’t been for a Steve Pieczenik tweet which linked to your video, I never would have heard of your sorry ass.

Which reminds me.

I checked George’s Twitter.


No explanation about what Steve did to deserve such disrespect.

And I checked Steve’s Twitter.


No insults of George Webb.

So I am done with George Webb.

I don’t give a fuck about your investigation.

Your integrity sucks, George.

200 days is nothing compared to the decades Alex Jones and Dr. Pieczenik have put into the truth movement.

Consider yourself flushed, loser!



2 responses to “George Webb crosses the line

  1. Kevin S. ⋅

    George Webb is an interesting person. He admits he misdirects for his own reasons. His incorrect assertion that Steve wrote ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was odd, since it was obviously not true. Webb addressed it the next day. He said that he knows that Steve didn’t write it. Furthermore he said he had met the book’s true author Anthony Burgess. I believe that Webb is of the opinion that there is no such thing as ex-CIA. Cernovich lost me forever when he threated to expose dirt on Trump if Bannon got fired. That was blackmail and stupid. As far as Info Wars in general, remember that Webb is a Bernie supporter, so of course he is not going to love right-wingers like Cernovich and Alex Jones. My theory is that George Webb is a Mossad spy, who is playing the role of a citizen investigator. In this way, a faction within the Mossad can expose this information as if it is coming from a private American citizen. Webb is very careful about only investigating this current cabal, and won’t follow anything that leads to Obama or Pizzagate etc. He’s there to do one particular job, he’s not interested in corruption in general. He also does this thing where he praises the CIA for being awesome, right after he describes something like the school play that was done on the night of Seth Rich’s murder. It really seems like he is a spy himself to me.

    • Well-put! Do you have a link of his A Clockwork Orange explanation? Webb’s Mossad “sources” are very strange for an American citizen (unless, of course, he’s a dual-citizen). I still don’t completely get what he meant by “French Mossad” 🙂 There’s an old Putin quote: “There’s no such thing as former KGB.” 🙂 –Paul

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