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Citizen Rich: The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

As I watched some George Webb videos last night, I became a bit wistful to hear him say he had come to the end of his great investigative journey.

[have no fear…he’s already posted 8 more videos today…so it looks like the series will continue]

But in his rather bizarre send-off (I thought) was a threat for John Podesta.

Gathering by the context, it seems that Mr. Podesta has threatened George Webb’s wife and children.

Strangely, Webb took on an almost diplomatic tone in telling the Clinton cartel that “none of you are going to jail.”

That struck me.  What?!?

But Webb did get out a very cryptic threat of his own.

To explain, we must include Webb’s intelligence that people like Heather Podesta, Tony Podesta, and John Podesta have been in Europe busily buying art works and diamonds.

Basically, spending all their money so their accounts can’t be frozen to any real effect.

Webb’s threat is, “I know where your art is, John.”

Webb mentions the place.

Geneva Freeport.

Ports Francs et Entrêpots de Genève SA

Quite a fascinating and spooky place.

But back to that “nobody’s going to jail” statement.

What hadn’t hit me before regarding George Webb is that he’s a Democrat.

An Obamacrat and then a Berniecrat.

But positively not a Hillarycrat.

Which explains his open-mindedness in willing to take on this case.

The further breadcrumbs I’ve picked up are these:

Eric Braverman (former Clinton Foundation CEO who disappeared) is apparently “safe” in Tel Aviv.

That’s all I know.

I don’t know if he leaked the Podesta emails.

The NY Film Academy was where the Clinton crime syndicate was smuggling in Pakistani ISI agents (even if these agents had zero facility in the cinematic arts).

Another one I haven’t quite wrapped my head around:

SEIU:  Service Employees International Union

The intimation is that there’s some dark stuff going on with this organization.

But I don’t know what.

Webb makes at least one trip to the Hillary for America headquarters in Brooklyn.

I’m not sure what importance that had in his overall theories concerning the demise of Seth Rich.

We do know, however, that the DNC only let the company CrowdStrike look at their supposedly hacked server.  They wouldn’t let the FBI look at it.

CrowdStrike ostensibly found proof of Russian hacking, however…WikiLeaks Vault7 release confirmed that the CIA has developed hacking software…including a program called Umbrage (which is made to leave behind false traces of whatever country one wishes to incriminate).

I’m guessing that some partisan people at The Company “hacked” the DNC server (but didn’t take anything).  They just left the footprints.  And why not take anything?  Because the DNC already knew who the leaker was.  And they killed him.  So they needed a grand distraction to try and attempt a vilification of WikiLeaks.  This may be where “Russia did it” started in its most proto-, gestative form.

That being said, the CTO (and co-founder) of CrowdStrike (Dmitri Alperovitch) is certainly a person of interest in all this.

Webb also gets into the F-35 fighter jet.

Or, rather, into the SUBJECT of it.

I gather the implication if that perhaps the Hillary campaign was profiting from deals related to this Lockheed Martin stealth fighter.

Webb mentions “pay for play” several times.

So the question becomes, how much did Seth Rich know about these other nefarious activities?

Other organizations and people of interest to the Seth Rich murder investigation:


Described by Webb as “Weiner’s public relations firm”.

Particularly a lady who works there by the name of Amy Dacey.

As for some of the money laundering (or even just anonymous bank accounts), Webb keys in on HSBC Switzerland.

Also, there is the conflict of interest between Terry McAuliffe (Gov. of Virginia) and acting head of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

Webb, for some reason, keeps referring to him as Andy.

You can read here about George’s run-in (?) with a JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) presumably in his home area (around Portland, Oregon).

Anyway…I don’t know what relationship Webb has to U.S. intelligence services…if any.

But there are certain times that he seems to be speaking of close friends (Andy McCabe) or, even, speaking FOR OTHERS who are using him as a cipher to send a stern message to McCabe.

Finally, Webb posits that the nonprofit set up by NGP VAN (known as EveryAction) should be able to track (wait for it) EVERY ACTION in terms of fundraising for the previous Presidential race on the Democrat side.  In other words, there may be very damning evidence that Hillary was stealing Bernie’s donations.  Whether Seth Rich knew about this, I’m not sure.

Till next we meet fair travelers,


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