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YouTube as cinema

I ain’t gonna lie to you.

[I never do]

This is gonna be real fuckin’ political.


That is a really shitty introduction.




I have had a sort of prejudice against YouTube for some time…and it is purely an aesthetic aversion.

It goes like this….

Artists should be judged in the best format possible.

If you can only see snippets of Histoire(s) du cinéma on YouTube, then do it.

I took the hard road.

Back when I was poor.

[I’ve always been poor…more or less]

Histoire(s) du cinéma is my favorite film ever made.

And part of that joy–that devotion I have to this 4-plus-hour Godard masterpiece is the ORDEAL through which I went to even SEE it.  Period.

I first heard about it from Richard Brody.

Brody wrote a very fine biography of Godard.

Never mind for a second that Brody is a pompous, liberal twat.

He’s a good writer.

When he’s writing about something good.

But his everyday thoughts generally suck.

[tangential observation]

So there was an aura of elusiveness around Histoire(s) du cinéma.

Perhaps men (and women) know this as the unobtainable lover.

If we’re being really cinematic, we’ll call it cet obscur objet du désir.

When I was just a broke lad (as I still am), I bought a region-free DVD player JUST TO WATCH ONE FUCKING FILM.

Histoire(s) du cinéma.

And it was worth it.

It changed my life.

[to elucidate, the movie was only available as a French DVD import…and, as you may or may not know, DVDs from other countries (generally speaking) will not play in your country.  The United States falls under Region 1.  Region 2 is Europe (including Turkey?), Japan, MENA, and South Africa.  Region 3 is Southeast Asia (with the exceptions of Japan and China).  Region 4 is South America (and “Latin America” {Mexico?}) {but not French Guiana, as that is technically FRANCE proper /thus Region 2/}, Australia, New Zealand…  Region 5 is a sort of “third world” melange:  South Asia (presumably including India and Pakistan), Afghanistan, Russia (a bit of an insult by DVD CCA?), Ukraine (not quite Europe yet…sorry Brzezinski), Africa (with the exception of South Africa {plus Lesotho and Swaziland} and Egypt), Central Asia (the Stans…thanks Zbig), Mongolia, and (last but not least) North Korea.  Oh…and Belarus.  Region 6 belongs solely to mainland China (no Macau, Hong Kong, and certainly not Taiwan).  Region 7 is a bizarre amalgam…including “MPAA-related activities”.  But Region 8 takes the cake:  “international venues” (which, in this context, means aircraft, cruise ships, and spacecraft (!).  {“Hey Dave, did you bring that Region 8 copy of 2001:  A Space Odyssey?  “Aw shit…I just picked up a Region 1 copy.  I guess we could circumvent it?”  “I’m sorry Dave, but I’m afraid I can’t let you do that.”  etc. etc. etc.}]

That small footnote requires some elaboration.

MENA = Middle East and North Africa (I misused it [in this case] as only Egypt is included [and not Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, etc.]

DVD CCA = DVD Copy Control Association…as far as I can tell, the organization making our lives hell when it comes to playing foreign DVDs.

MPAA = Motion Picture Association of America.  Current members appear to be: Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros

and an FYI

DVD = digital versatile disc

All of which is to say, I WAS REALLY FUCKING SERIOUS ABOUT SEEING Histoire(s) du cinéma.

And, I suppose, the artist in me tries to take the high road as regards IP.

IP = intellectual property

But mostly, I didn’t want to see crappy versions of classics…on YouTube…unless I absolutely had to.

But now, there are journalists who are KILLING IT on YouTube.

The first who really caught my attention was David Seaman.  His reportage on pizzagate (which has morphed into the more-accurately-named pedogate) was fantastic.  And then one day he took all his videos down.  I think he was getting pushback from YouTube (which is, of course, owned by Google [or, rather, YouTube and Google are owned by the same parent company which is called Alphabet]).  Seaman was provocative.  Maybe YouTube screwed him over.  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t doubt it.  But he seems to be starting his own media company called Fulcrum.  And I wish him the best with that.

Other than David Seaman, I had not really discovered a YouTube “personality” (journalists, in both cases) till yesterday.  And I just must say:  George Webb has been recently eviscerating (no pun intended) the Seth Rich cover story which has been the explanation of record for nearly a full year.

Yesterday I posted this video

But last night I went through many more Webb videos.

And so I want to let you know the information…so that you don’t have to watch them…unless you have the time to watch them.

First of all, who the hell is George Webb?

Well, from his videos, I’ve gathered that he used to work at McAfee.  And although he seems to have some sort of personal relationships with significant FBI and CIA agents, he revealed in one of his videos that his main sources are rather Israeli (Mossad), French (DGSE), Dutch, and Russian (SVR) intelligence services.

Now, this is a very curious collection of intel agencies.

Keep in mind that the SVR are the civilian external intelligence agency of the Russian Federation.   The GRU is the military external intelligence agency of the Russian Federation.  And although the SVR is the direct successor of the KGB, the GRU does far more HUMINT than the SVR (a 6 to 1 ratio of spies in the field).


It turns out that the Russian SVR was tracking Alpha Jalloh as a terrorist.  I believe they tried to warn the U.S. Gov that someone was going to be killed…that Jalloh was going to kill someone.  Perhaps that message didn’t get through.  But Jalloh did indeed hire the two MS-13 gang members to kill Seth Rich.  [and then the two hitmen were killed the next day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina]

Link here

It appears that there is a Mike Posillico who has been involved in getting Pakistani ISI (their version of CIA) into the United States.  Since 1991!

If I remember correctly, Posillico works or worked for the State Department.

The cover (hey,  cinema!) under which these Pakistani spies were being smuggled into the country during the Clinton and Obama years was FILM SCHOOL.  In New York!  Even if these guys had no talent, Foggy Bottom (metonym for U.S. State Department) would have someone ghost write a book about cinema and voila!  You’re a famous Pakistani film critic!  Welcome to America.

But what makes all of this very dark is that it is tied into ORGAN HARVESTING.

I know.

Sounds beyond the pale.

The organ harvesting seems to be run from Pakistan.

But it is also tied to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, it involves (in those two emirates) the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic.

Basically what we’re outlining for you is the Clinton crime cartel.

If you thought it was just a figure of speech, then buckle up.

It involves three things.

  1. drugs
  2. organ harvesting
  3. human trafficking

Plus a 4th concern:  money laundering (to be able to spend the profits of these horrible operations).

So when pizzagate folks seemed to jump the gun regarding Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring, they may have been dead on the money.

The principal company which has and now does again come under scrutiny is DynCorp.

Webb alludes to the violence in Chicago.  The innumerable shootings.

As being part of this global (Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Foundation) organ harvesting enterprise.

As I wrote previously, it appears that the personal communications of perhaps 80-100 congresspeople have been compromised by way of “doped BlackBerrys” and “syncing laptops”.

This is where Debbie Wasserman Schultz comes in.

She threatened the D.C. Capitol Police Chief with “consequences” if she didn’t get her laptop back.

As all commentators have chimed in chorus, “What could possibly be on that laptop which would cause her to threaten this police chief?”

Back to the BlackBerries and other devices, Webb outlines that there are stores (Verizon, AT&T…BlackBerry?) in the bottom of the U.S. Capitol Building.

I think Webb’s hypothesis is that Hillary’s network was SPYING ON CONGRESS.  For a long time!

So you add that to the unbelievable amount of sleaze surrounding this lady.

But let’s go back to Seth Rich.

Rich had leaked material to WikiLeaks.  That is all but notarized at this point.

The DNC, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, the Deep State…they decided to make an example of Rich.

So when he went to Lou’s City Bar, none of the regulars were there.

Maybe they brought in different employees.

And Rich gets really drunk…supposedly.

Says he wants to leave.

The bar calls him a cab (which company?), which is driven by the two MS-13 guys.

As one of the bar employees (or faux employees) tries to get Rich into the cab, he realizes it’s a set up.

There’s some kind of altercation (bruises on his elbows and knees).

He either runs or tries to run.

And he is shot twice by apparently a small caliber gun.

It’s at this point which no one’s story lines up.

One paper (or news channel) showed one static shot of the crime scene.

But it wasn’t even on the correct street.

So maybe it was stock footage.

Who knows.

But the picture does not harmonize with the police report.

Also, the police put out no lookout.

Though Rich was conscious and breathing, they seem to have not asked for descriptions of the shooters nor which direction they went.

So here we have standard procedure being violated.

And it would be violated.  Over and over again…until Seth Rich was finally dead.

He went through surgery.  He was fine.  He would live.

But then the “authorities” showed up.

“Guarded” his room.

And he was dead by morning.

Something like that.

Lots of funny business over this guy who blew open how corrupt the DNC is.

And, it bears mentioning again, that the Seth Rich story serves as the perfect counterbalance to the “red scare” being employed by the Left.

DNC says they’ve been hacked by Russia, but they don’t call the FBI.  In fact, they don’t even let the FBI near their server.  They call CrowdStrike.  And CrowdStrike finds Russian footprints.

Which could be the Umbrage tool which the CIA developed to do fake hackings attributable to any number of foreign state actors (including Russia).

[Umbrage was made known thanks to the Vault7 dump by WikiLeaks]

So this DNC, in a panic perhaps, went to that old bogeyman:  Russia.

Sure.  The people will believe that.

They won’t believe a kid named Seth Rich…whose nickname was Panda.

No, they won’t believe that he, as a Bernie supporter, was appalled when he found out what kind of fraud was going on in the DNC. Perhaps even multiple polling places in the voter app which Rich helped create:  one list of polls on Hillary’s site (which would be the real polls) and another list to throw people offtrack.  Just so she could beat Bernie.

Yeah, it was a rotten trick.

But once you know she’s an organ harvester, it’s more like a parlor trick in comparison.

And so Seth Rich, the patriotic American, said, “Fuck you, Hillary Clinton!  You’re finished.”

But he spoke with his actions.

And his actions got him killed.

Irony, then again, that Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who lost her job because of the DNC emails) should have a brother who is the Federal Prosecutor for the area where Seth Rich was killed.  And the Podesta family seem to have direct relationships not only with the D.C. Police in general, but even with THE FIRST RESPONDING OFFICERS.

In the end, it appears Seth Rich was shot with FBI bullets from an FBI gun…in an operation conducted with encrypted FBI radios.

And after the bullets were taken out at one hospital, they didn’t sew him back up, but left him untied (bowels) as they moved him to another hospital.  Employees at new hospital knew nothing of gunshot wounds.  They just thought it was some sort of sepsis.

I have to hand it to George Webb.

He’s way over my head at many points.

But I appreciate his work.

And I look forward to watching the backstory.

Because this is a very twisted, long-term operation.

Finding out who killed Seth Rich (and why) reveals a truly chilling, revolting network which needs to be shut down.

Check out George Webb on YouTube to get up-to-date on this international criminal conspiracy about which the Deep State is going to do everything to keep off the airwaves.

This poor bloke, Seth Rich, deserves justice.

He showed what a rotten human being Hillary Clinton is.

He showed that Bernie got cheated.

I’m no fan of Bernie.

But this is a chance for the Bernie and Trump movements to come together.

Trump talked about “driving them out” when speaking about terrorists.

I think it is perfectly applicable to the Clintons and sad fucking bastards like George Soros:  drive them out!


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