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Tableau X

Is one day crazier than the next?

Is it entropy?

Or does it just seem that way?

I wanna fill you in.

Seth Rich.

Almost certainly.

The WikiLeaks source.

For the DNC emails.

And then he was murdered.

John Podesta makes mention of “making an example of a leaker” in one of the Podesta emails from WikiLeaks (a later dump).

Well, today things got real!

George Webb.

I don’t really know who this journalist is, but I’m impressed!

I’ve heard about Webb.

He seems to have been investigating pizzagate (which has now morphed into the more accurate hashtag #pedogate).

But George Webb’s video of 18 hours ago (which I have posted above) is a masterpiece of deductive logic.

Clear.  Concise.  Crisp.

You see a mugshot in the YouTube player.

Alpha Jalloh.

It is this man which Webb fingers as having HIRED Seth Rich’s killers.

And those two killers?

If I understand Webb correctly, they would be the deceased pair Rafael Aguilar, 31, and Carmelo Marmolejo-Calixto, 33.  They were killed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina not long after Rich was murdered in D.C.

But here’s where it gets interesting.  Aguilar and Marmolejo-Calixto were (Webb infers) members of MS-13.

They were hired by Alpha Jalloh.

Webb goes on to describe Jalloh as a car thief…actually, a very successful thief of luxury cars.

I’m still trying to put all the pieces together, but this certainly has to do with the Awan brothers, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and others.

The Awan brothers are Pakistanis who run car dealerships in the United States.  But that’s not all they do.

Indeed, I was picking up Webb’s research midstream…but I can see that he has already tied in the Pakistani ISI (external security force…like CIA or MI6).

Indeed, something weird is going on with some laptops and BlackBerrys of U.S. congresspeople.

It seems there has been a major espionage activity going on.

And the master cache seems to have been Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

I know it sounds farfetched.

But it brings the Saudi Huma Abedin back into the mix.

Indeed, she was the one forwarding all of this information to Weiner’s laptop.

This was only discovered when Weiner was caught sexting with a 15-year-old.

As such, all of his devices were collected by the NYPD.

Including that very important laptop.

Frankly, THAT laptop probably lost Hillary Clinton the election.

Because of the leaks of what was SUPPOSEDLY on it.

But we have seen nothing.

I’ve seen nothing.

I have, however, read the Podesta emails on WikiLeaks…and they seem to warrant extreme scrutiny by trained law enforcement professionals.

The code language being used (in the context of the sender/receiver personalities) points to pedophilia of the darkest sort.

Oh course, as I have pointed out before, getting to know personalities like James Alefantis and Tony Podesta (both of them art collectors…each in their own way) sets the stage for the potential seriousness of John Podesta’s coded emails.

Alefantis is the pizza shop owner who fetishizes babies.  As David Seaman noted today (and I paraphrase), “they are babies with their mouths hanging open.”

Some of the babies are chewing on thousand-Euro bills.

Actually, you know what?

Fuck it.

Let me SHOW you.


Yes, these are from James Alefantis’ (jimmycomet’s) archived Instagram account.

This was taken in his pizza parlor.  He claims she’s his godchild.


Ok, so here’s a doll (lifelike infant) for sale.  Now get ready for the Kuleshov effect.



Ok…hmmm.  I think he’s claiming in the comments that this is again his godchild.   [perhaps at a younger age?]


Ok…another kid.  Mouth open.  Eating pizza.

[pizza, by the way, has been decoded to mean “girl” or, if it’s cheese pizza, “child pornography”.  Cheese by itself means “little girl”.  Hotdog means “boy” and “chicken” means “young boy”.  Pasta means “little boy”. ]


This picture is particularly disturbing because of Jimmy Comet’s (James Alefantis’) comment #chickenlovers.

A chicken lover would be a man that loves little boys.


Another child with mouth agape…on Alefantis’ archived Instagram (he’s since made it private).


But this is perhaps the most disturbing of all.  One of the comments is #killroom.

The next, “Just rinse it off when you’re done.”

And then Jimmy Comet gets into the fun with his own hashtag:  #murder.

And he’s just running a family pizza place, right?

Oh, and he’s the 49th most powerful person in Washington, D.C. according to GQ magazine.  Visited the Obama White House at least 5 times.  Some of those were private meetings.

I also might mention that the word “killroom” as it is used above bears a striking resemblance to a (code?) phrase Tony Podesta employed in the WikiLeaks emails.  TP speaks of being “still in the torture chamber”.  If this is a thinly-veiled code (or really no code at all), it is certainly frightening.

Because Tony Podesta (and his former wife Heather) collected art which was meant to shock.  I would call most of it thoroughly revolting.

But James Alefantis was posting pics from when he went to hang with Tony Podesta (John’s brother…and a very powerful D.C. lobbyist).


This one is a sculpture (apparently by Louise Borgeois) of the final “arch of agony” position into which Jeffrey Dahmer put all of his victims…prior to eating them, etc.



And of course Alefantis was a fan of Marina Abramovic…whose Spirit Cooking ritual rudely entered the Candidate Clinton orbit when it came out that Abramovic was inviting John Podesta to have one of these occult ceremonies at his house.

How sweet 🙂  Except the American people didn’t buy this shit.

They weren’t down with the devil worshipping, pedophilia Left.

At the very least, these people have sick senses of humor.

But my research confirms that adherence to occult sacrifice is real.


Here’s another.  A very chilling photo to be interpolating between baby photos.


But here’s David Brock of Media Matters (the George Soros, fascist, anti-free speech organization).  Brock, as it turns out, was Alefantis’ boyfriend.  Apparently Brock paid Alefantis a handsome sum when they broke up.  Always little fishy loose ends with these guys.  And that lady, I believe, is Lynn de Rothschild.  Nuff said!


This one might that the cake.  Jimmy Comet (Alefantis) comments “Why does Daddy like BUTT?”

Another commenter retorts #whatwhatinthebutt

Seems a little odd.


These “jokes” (if they are jokes).

And the overwhelming need to document children.

And, perhaps, a mental disconnect regarding what is proper behavior with children.

But then we get to Alefantis’ good buddy…the guy in whose house Alefantis was earlier snapping the Dahmer photo:  Tony Podesta.

And we get to Tony Podesta’s favorite artist:  Biljana Djurdjevic.

This was reported about in The Washington Post long ago, but the article was removed this past year.

But here are some of Djurdjevic’s works:





Do you see why we’re concerned?

And this pic of John Podesta…with the art hanging behind him in his office…portraying an act of cannibalism.


John has commented that it’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.

I mean, what the fuck?!?  He knows this?  Or this is just his sick humor?

And again, you can see why Hillary didn’t win.

Because this stuff came out.

There are the creeps she surrounded herself with.

What to make of this creepy fucker?


What the hell does 14 fish mean?  Why does he have a bandaid on the lower part of HIS left middle finger?  If I remember correctly, that was the finger that a knife was to be plunged into as part of Abramovic’s Spirit Cooking.  In fact, all his fingers look fucked!

I mean, I’ve seen his emails.  One or two lines.

This isn’t fucking Jorge Luis Borges.  I think he’s doing some weird Opus Dei shit to his fingers…or something.

Blood rites…


Ok, but I’ve totally gotten off track.

Because as big as the pedogate is (and you must read the WikiLeaks emails to appreciate the full scope of this oddity), the impending dam-burst might very well be the Seth Rich case.

As I said, I highly recommend the video at the top of the page.

I have run across few researchers more fastidious than George Webb.

And it is clear from his inside intel that his sources are FBI, CIA, etc.

But the onus is upon regular schmucks like us.

To spread the info.

And to add value along the way.

I certainly am going to be checking out Mr. Webb more…and I hope to understand the Byzantine plot he seems to be laying out in his series of recent videos.

You can find him on YouTube.  George Webb.

Ok, my friends.

That was either the worst poem ever written, or the most poetic news update ever given 🙂



2 responses to “Tableau X

  1. Thanks for all the great info, Paul. I don’t know much about Pizzagate.

    I think this post should be titled — The latest on Pedogate.

    Do you think Trump will take any action on this?

    • It’s a weird phenomenon. And it seems to be a global epidemic. Trump is taking action, but the big test will be whether the very powerful and connected pedophiles are brought to justice. I pray they will be. And I also pray God’s mercy on their souls. Thank you, Chris! –Paul

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