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News as cinema

I write for therapy.


What I’m doing now.

Is therapeutic for me.

And sharing it with the world is a way of confronting my fears.

But as John Cale so wisely sang, “They say…that fear…is a man’s best friend.”

So then…what of news?

What of this prompt which I have chosen?

I may be mistaken, but I believe Richard Brody’s monograph on Jean-Luc Godard is taken from a quote by the director himself:  Everything is Cinema.

It is a phenomenon we find in other fields.

Those savants.

Like Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.

Or like the great multi-instrumentalist Roland Kirk.

They hear THE WORLD as music.

Sounds.  A plane’s engine.

They hear the fundamental pitch of the turboprop.

Or, as in the perfect documentary Genghis Blues, a trained ear might hear 3 pitches or more…in the buzz of a distant weed-eater.

And that’s probably a brand.  Like Kleenex.

But who gives a fuck 🙂


All day.  Every day.

And especially on those days when we are stuck somewhere.

Northerners might know it as a snow day.

Those of us closer to the equator are more used to “rainy days”.

To “save it for a rainy day”.

This phrase.

It’s as if it has existed since the dawn of time.

Which would be…the invention of the sundial?

Indeed…the apparent movement of the sun is a clock in itself.

One of the greatest mind fucks ever.

The reality that we are moving.  Yet we feel like we are standing still.


News of the world!

When we are stuck inside (for various reasons), it is now harder than ever to avoid the news.

Because we don’t want to MISS OUT!

Something might HAPPEN!

And this urge to be “up to date” can while away an entire box on the calendar.

Perhaps, before we know it, we have consumed news…as if it were a movie.

But NEWS is becoming more exciting all the time.

In fact, it is categorically more interactive than the movie theater experience.

You can, theoretically, “reply” to Donald Trump.

On Twitter.

You can call Theresa May a “dumb bitch”.

Just about anything you want.

Until, of course, your trolling turns back on itself.

Which is why I advise against trolling (unless you have a strong stomach).

Because verily, there is a war on…in America.

And it is the most confusing gumbo of a war ever invented.

Race.  Gender.  Money.  Style.  Religion.

So many variables.

So many categories.

And that dreaded “hyphen” about which John Wayne warned on his audio album America, Why I Love Her.

This record came out in 1973.

And indeed, track two is called “The Hyphen”.

In it, Wayne talks about how hyphenated Americans (African-Americans, etc.) should consider themselves simply Americans.  Period.

His rendition and verbiage is much more persuasive that what I just related, yet it’s a surprisingly “kind and gentle” album on the whole.

America is at war.

In Afghanistan.

And many other places.

An American special forces operator was killed just recently in Syria.

But let’s think foregrounding and backgrounding.


The two U.S. aircraft carriers near North Korea are to shortly be joined by a third (U.S.S. Nimitz).  From what I have read today, this is an unprecedented build up of naval force (at least in recent memory).

Indeed, the Nimitz was diverted from the Middle East to instead patrol South East Asia.

But we know from watching our propaganda televisions that there is only one formula being presented to the people (on behalf of the military-industrial complex and their war-profiteering investors [owners]):  time for more war.

The psychotic elite in the United States want war in Syria.  U.S. troops on the ground.

They also want war in Libya.  U.S. troops on the ground.

That theater of war (you can’t make this shit up) is now likely to employ British troops (after the Manchester false flag…which left a abecedarian trail back to North Africa).

But then we can’t forget about Iran.

Trump doesn’t like Iran.  The leaders.

Israel hates Iran.  Saudi Arabia strongly dislikes Iran.

But here’s where Russia comes into the picture (in a way which harmonizes with reality).

Russia’s client states in the region are Iran and Syria.

The U.S. has been a client state (yes!) of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

We fracked our way out from beneath the boot of Saud.

And Obama’s only achievement (dissing Netanyahu) was so limp-wristed as to have been completely undone in 100 days or so.

Then we have NATO border tension in the Baltic States.

Russia is none too pleased by Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia beefing up their armaments.

U.S. troop numbers have increased in Poland.

And there starts to be a kind of “red line” which Russia (not necessarily Putin…not yet) is drawing in the sand.

Try to take Crimea, and we go nuclear.

Because, they argue, that Russia would then be defenseless.

So Russia seems to think that a first strike policy might be their only way of making it out of this new cold war.

But the civil war in the United States…the carnivalesque spectacle of Maxine Waters…and the Podesta Mook Shake Shack “Russia did it” conspiracy “must have the Russians laughing up their sleeves” (to quote the President)…because we can’t get anything done.

Indeed, it seems like we are a house of cards which is destined to fall.

And now is the last battle.

Or the beginning of the last.

Things can improve.

But where will our troops be when the house of cards finally collapses?

Will they be in the middle of fighting brand new wars?

There is, then, only one person who can resuscitate our economy.

That’s what will keep us going.

And that one man is Donald Trump.

Which is why it’s so important to expose the propaganda which John Podesta and Robby Mook concocted over some late night Shake Shack.

The “Russia did it” story comes from the losers themselves.

So the myopia of the left is pulling the country down.

It is sabotage at all levels.  And my any means necessary.

Fortunately for the country, Trump is a tough cookie.

And so are his supporters.

Let’s name the Trump states (if you don’t mind):

-Alabama (victory by 28%)

-Alaska (by 15%)

-Arizona (by 4%)

-Arkansas (by 27%)

-Florida (by 1%)

-Georgia (by 5%)

-Idaho (by 32%)

-Indiana (by 19%)

-Iowa (by 10%)

-Kansas (by 21%)

-Kentucky (by 30%)

-Louisiana (by 20%)

-Maine (got one electoral vote, but lost the other three)

-Michigan (by 0.3%)

-Mississippi (by 17%)

-Missouri (by 19%)

-Montana (by 20%)

-Nebraska (by 25%)

-North Carolina (by 3%)

-North Dakota (by 36%)

-Ohio (by 8%)

-Oklahoma (by 37%)

-Pennsylvania (by 1%)

-South Carolina (by 14%)

-South Dakota (by 30%)

-Tennessee (by 26%)

-Texas (by 9%)

-Utah (by 18%)

-West Virginia (by 41%)

-Wisconsin (by 1%)

-Wyoming (by 47%)


These are the true rednecks…in order:

  1. Wyoming (47% MAGA of victory)
  2. West Virginia (41% MAGA of victory)
  3. Oklahoma (37% MAGA of victory)
  4. North Dakota (36% MAGA of victory)
  5. Idaho (32% MAGA of victory)
  6. South Dakota and Kentucky tied (30% MAGA of victories)
  7. Alabama (28% MAGA of victory)
  8. Arkansas (27% MAGA of victory)
  9. Tennessee (26% MAGA of victory)
  10. Nebraska (25% MAGA of victory)
  11. Kansas (21% MAGA of victory)
  12. Louisiana and Montana tied (20% MAGA of victories)
  13. Indiana and Missouri tied (19% MAGA of victoires)
  14. Utah (18% MAGA of victory)
  15. Mississippi (17% MAGA of victory)
  16. Alaska (15% MAGA of victory)
  17. South Carolina (14% MAGA of victory)
  18. Iowa (10% MAGA of victory)
  19. Texas (9% MAGA of victory)
  20. Ohio (8% MAGA of victory)

We’ll stop there 🙂

The Trump movement does not appreciate what the heavily-weighted-liberal media is doing to their guy.

My guy.

So we are vigilant.

And every moment you get a new piece of news.

Little changes.

Developments in stories.

And stories which won’t go away.

I guess you could say there’s a lot of the mystery genre in news.

Especially when grand conspiracies are being debated.

Keep in mind, both the Left (“Russia did it”) and the Right (Seth Rich) are currently trying to unweave Byzantine plots to get some truth.

Unfortunately for the Left, their conspiracy theory doesn’t seem to have much to stand on.

Seth Rich’s death is daily being elucidated.

Nevertheless, we are living in categorically CONSPIRATORIAL times.

So watch the news, my friends…BUT DON’T WATCH TOO MUCH!  It’s a THRILLER!



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