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End of cinema?


God willing.

But the beginning of health.

What things do we need for health?





Yes, love.


Mental well-being.

Sanity 🙂

So, dear friends, as a critic…I must criticize myself.

And I do.

I know.

I have patterns.

And I am fine with some of them.

  1.  I am a skeptic

If there is a bombing in Ankara, I say, “Was there REALLY a bombing?”

If China lands on the moon, I say, “Did they REALLY land on the moon?”

You get the picture.

But sometimes (often) in my skepticism I lose perspective.

And I usually regain it the next day.

[more or less]

I think it can be best explained like this.

9/11 traumatized me like nothing before or since.

I’m sure many people share this reaction.

But 9/11 changed me very much.

All of a sudden, I wanted to know about the CIA.

I wanted to know about the NSA.


Raven Rock Mountain.

Etc. etc. etc.

Indeed, that there is a peculiar sort of blowback.

A truly savvy “deep state” would have let sleeping dogs lie.

But 9/11 woke many from their trances.

Some rallied round the flag.

I was late in doing that.

I was mainly wracked with empathy.

Verily, I can imagine few more horrifying deaths than those experienced by the victims in the World Trade Center.

And so I rallied for their sake.

I didn’t wanna go kill someone.

I didn’t join the Army.

[maybe I should have]

I gradually wanted to know one thing about 9/11:  the truth.

And we get exposed to new ideas in such passing caroms of conversation.

A snippet here.  A remembered word.

I’ll be honest:  I’m not a fighter.

And, shame on me, I’m not sufficiently loving either.

For when there is love in the heart, a person can do no harm.

But I let my more petty instincts get the better of me.

I insult.

I rail.

I denigrate.

Truly, it is not very big of me.

[not to be confused with bigamy…]


It’s not very “responsible” of me to mouth off about something like the incident in Manchester last night.

Because truly I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

I may have a few snatches of truth…but my logic is bad.

I acknowledge that.

I am no lawyer.

Maybe some day.

But probably not 🙂

And yet, the best thing we can do is say we’re sorry…when we fuck up.

I don’t know shit about shit.

I’m not an expert.

I’m certainly not an expert in terrorism.

But I have devoted a large part of my life to educating myself.

About the things they don’t teach you in school.

But I say this most honestly:  I have no ill will towards anyone.

And so to the good men and women in the UK and other countries who are fighting terrorism, I salute you.

You have an unenviable task.

And we thank you for keeping us safe.

If anyone died last night in Manchester…in a bombing…I am truly sorry.

Indeed, I find the whole thing hard to fathom.

Which probably explains my aversion to “the news”.

If I try to imagine some of the injuries and death blows about which I have heard, my mind is filled with the saddest images imaginable.

But let’s do something productive.


What am I supposed to feel?


Am I supposed to be angry at Salman Abedi (now purportedly dead)?

Or am I supposed to be angry at his religion?

Am I supposed to be angry at the migration policies of the European Union?

It really is a can of worms.

And that is assuming you can believe everything which comes out your tele 🙂

But truly, even one life ending prematurely…in such insane, violent, randomness…it shakes you furiously.

And it puts on notice that everywhere (EVERYWHERE) is a potential war zone.

I don’t know if anything I’ve said makes any difference.

But I just wanted to express my thanks to God.

For showing me a more righteous path.

I may stumble.

But if I hear my conscience (JLG), then I must adjust.

I want great peace for the world.

New beginnings.

I want opportunity for my friends and neighbors.

For my countrymen.

And of course I want the best for every country on Earth.

So I must stay humble.

Be humble.

I must listen to God.

I am but a novice, but I trust that God will care for me.

And then enters no fear.

Above and beyond a medication.

But a blessing.

If there really were little girls killed in Manchester, then we are heartbroken with the families.

And humbled at their loss.

I am just as weak as the next bloke.


Not a superman.

Merely a skunk crawling back in to apologize.

E pur si muove


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