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Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 22 [2017)

That’s it.

No more basketball for a year.


For some of my readers.

I again thank you for sticking with me through this experiment in “sports criticism”.

I’m sure there will probably be football in the future.

[at least I don’t write about baseball] ūüôā

But there was something much more important than basketball which happened today.

And that will largely be the subject of this mistitled post.




And suddenly all news coverage converges on a teeny speck on the map.

I didn’t catch much of Sean Hannity tonight, but I’m guessing any coverage of Seth Rich was derailed by the ostensible terror attack in the U.K.

But let’s cut the bullshit.

Was there really a terror attack in Manchester tonight?

I saw plenty of indicators which told me THERE WAS NOT a terrorist attack in Manchester tonight.

Or (and this is very important), perhaps “reality erupted within the spectacle” to paraphrase Guy Debord.

In this day and age, we don’t know what to believe is true.

For example.

I trust our President Donald Trump…more than I’ve trusted any politician in my lifetime…BECAUSE HE SAYS “FAKE NEWS”.

For some people, the magical abracadabra are-you-for-real words are “radical Islamic terror”.

Not me.

I wanna hear “very fake news”. ¬†A-fucking-men!

And “you’d be in jail”.

Which is not to say Donald Trump is perfect.

I had to bite an invisible bullet as I watched his press conference with Netanyahu this morning.

But let’s back to Manchester.

Ariana Grande.

I wouldn’t know her from Selena Gomez (were it not for that masterpiece of cinema [truly!]¬†Spring Breakers).

So at least I know what Selena Gomez looks like.

Good actress.

From Texas.


And so I imagine the music of Gomez and Grande to be largely interchangeable.

Big pop music productions.

Very little art.

No subtlety.

But whatever…

I’m an old fart.

So it doesn’t matter.

Let me, however, try and take you through my thinking on this topic.

Explosion INSIDE arena.  Was that borne out?  Not sure.

But the main damage was purportedly a bomb which went off in the foyer of the venue.

This is very important.

Those inside were traumatized…but mainly, their brains were imprinted with the sound of exploding ordnance.

As people were leaving and being buttonholed by various media outlets, it appears that no one had actually seen any fatalities inside the arena.

But the objective of fear had been achieved.

Next, I want to focus on this “foyer”.


Ok. ¬†So…

One device?  Two?  A third blown up by bomb disposal?

Word that there was a suicide bomber.


But I focus on the pictures…and the witness testimony.

One picture I saw reminded me vividly of the fake Boston Marathon Bombing and the manner in which that event was pulled off.

For mass casualty drills and simulations, you want to recreate likely conditions.

Which is why “crisis actors” exist.

Some crisis actors are missing limbs (usually their lower extremities).

As you might imagine, it heightens the sense of reality when an amputee has fake blood at the spot on the leg where the amputation was made.

I’ve watched these videos many times.

I am convinced that the Boston Marathon Bombing was not an organic event.  It was certainly a false flag.  And part of the deception involved amputee crisis actors.

Well, as I was sitting watching the news, I noticed one bloke whose leg was to be blown off.  A tourniquet was tied above the knee.  But this was the odd detail.  They had the injured man standing straight up.

What the fuck?

Another clip somewhat made up for that.

A boy with blood in his shoes from his lower legs.

Hard to tell if it’s real.

But at least they elevated him.

But then the whopper was the Mancunian speaking in that scouse brogue…and this bloke.

He seemed high off his tits.

First, he kept speaking of his partner (boyfriend).

But the speaker did not see anything outside the arena.

Just some activity.

Maybe a bomb.

Some people he didn’t know whether they were dead.

Listening to this Mancunian, I begin to wonder, “Where in bloody hell did they dig this one up?”

Seemed a bit drug-addled.

But why was he all-of-a-sudden on Skype to one of the biggest networks in the U.S….from the comfort of his own home.

I’m fairly certain he wasn’t a journalist type.

Maybe a friend of a friend.

Getting back to logistics.

This seems like the type of operation which could quite easily be faked.

No one inside saw anything.  But they heard something.

And they are then wired to assume the worst.

They are wired to believe what the BBC tells them.

You can ask, “Well, if it was fake, then to what purpose?”

That one is not as easy to answer.

But there will be some losers.

Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn.



Perhaps Corbyn is seen as too popular.

He is, indeed, the Bernie Sanders of the U.K.

[let’s hope Corbyn doesn’t sell out for a beach house like Bernie did]

Taken from this angle, these are almost the precise variables at play when Operation Gladio was carried in Italy all those years ago.

“Keep the Communists out of power! ¬†Keep the socialists out of power!”

Thanks to NATO and the CIA, it appears that we have blood on our hands.

False-flag terror.

You can read about Gladio here:

That is the best source I have found on what was to be the defining political tool of our times:  false-flag terror.

So by tomorrow they will find the bloke who did it.

He will be brown.  Maybe from someplace like Sudan.

He will have been under suspicion of MI5.

They say that so that they can MAGICALLY know all his details quickly.

And, indeed, they don’t open a dialogue concerning how they blew it.

But it is most likely that the fall guy will be a borderline-retarded patsy.

Who went to such and such mosque.

Of the reasons why…why this terror…why Manchester…why now…I would say this:

this appears to be an attack on the Labour Party stronghold…the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

But also, it appears to be the provincialization of terror.

The Mancunian bloke had an important statement, “These things usually happen in London.”


And so, at my most cynical, there are no Trump rallies in the countrysides of the U.K.

And something must keep the BREXIT “leave” voters convinced that they made the right choice.

It would be a very unsavory branch of government which would pull off such attacks.

But didn’t they get work back in the day…faking IRA bombings?

Or rather, real bombings, incorrectly attributed to the IRA?

At any rate, these events can suck the life out of us.

And basketball.

This was a pretty depressing affair.

Except for Manu Ginobili.

Who played his ass off.

A sad way to end the season.

But even more sadness for the 19 who may or may not have died in Manchester tonight.

God bless you Mancunians.


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