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Film is truth (24 times per day)

To be a film critic, you have to study film.


To be a film critic, you must have an opinion.


Because you have grasped that the valuation of all art is subjective.

The End.


We all have dreams.

Some guiding us, some latent.

Deferred (to quote Hansberry…who was quoting Hughes).

Whatever we say we are, that’s our frame.

As at a museum.

Or salon.



Write like you mean it.

Like your life depends on it.

Because, maybe, your soul does.

Remembering the gnostic Gospel of Thomas.



We learned from the master.

The best Earthly craftsman.

But we do not deny God.

Quite the contrary, we worship God.

The royal we.



Google thinks I’m a musician.

How quaint.

I’m honored.


I was a musician.

And you can never stop being.

A musician.

Like Picasso.


I still have the chords in my hands.

And the secret in my ear.


Getting to the meat.

That Donald Trump made an excellent speech today in Saudi Arabia.

A lecture.

The bravest fucking speech ever made by an infidel in the Arabian peninsula.

Which is why we love Donald Trump.

“Ok, ok…  These Arabs.  I love ’em, but they’ve gotta get a handle on the fucking terrorism.”

Yes, I like to IMAGINE Donald Trump quotes.

Kinda like “fake Sean Spicer”.

Do you know this guy?

Perhaps wittiest account on Twitter.

Right up there with Shayrat Air Base HR 🙂

But we’re not saying everything is hunky dory.


The Liberal PUSH in America is currently devoid of all substance.

The Liberals (I almost feel sorry for them) had the rug pulled out from them on November 7th of last year.

It was “Dewey Defeats Truman” TO THE NTH DEGREE!!!

And they will never get over that.

But.  But.  But.

Nate Silver told us Hillary was gonna win.  Sure thing.

And he’s a statis-ma-tician.


There are some things you can’t teach.

Dumb will always be dumb.

In certain cases.

And genius will always be genius.

I am, in some respects, dumb.

Alternately, I am (in some respects) genius.

Denying either would be disingenuous.

I have been on this Earth 40 years.

I am not an expert in British history.

Not an expert in the Napoleonic Wars.

I am not an expert in poetry.

I am…well.

I do not count myself among that number…

Because I don’t give a fuck what the canon is.

I like who I like.


James Joyce.


Finnegans Wake.

A long poem.

But I am dumb.


I am so unobservant.

And the rest of the time, I can pick motes (pickmote) out of the air.

I can categorize dust particles.

24 hours a day.

As they dance in the light of the projector.


I have my moments.

So, this is not a review of a Trump speech.

I caught…just bits and pieces.

But it was bold.



And it was the right thing for the President of the United States to say…at this time.

There are innumerable conspiracies.


Ones we hardly talk about anymore.

[remember the Maine?]

Well, Cuba remembers.


Havana Harbor?

You know…


It’s interesting that I finally got some attention from China on here.

Looking at my stats.

The “Great Firewall”.

What, you might ask, got the PRC’s attention?

It’s easy.


But not just basketball IN GENERAL.

No no.

The Houston Rockets.

And why?

Yao Ming.

THERE we go.

If you have special access.

And you are protecting the Middle Kingdom from imperialists, then you will do OSINT research into…no, fuck it:  you’ll read about why your Houston Rockets lost.


A very diverse city (of which I was recently reminded).

And North Korea is only a step away.

PING PONG DIPLOMACY, you fucking morons.

Give me Pieczenik and Rodman and we could have Kim Jong-un whistling “Dixie” out of his ass by sundown.



Bukowski was a great writer.  Who chose horrible subjects.

Because writing is dancing like a (floating) butterfly, being like a bee.  Stinging.

From Ali.

And so I’d like to thank my few consistent readers for sticking with me.


I’m guessing tomorrow night will be the last basketball game.

For awhile.

Looks like.

The Spurs are mailing it in.

And I’m none too impressed.

But we’ll see.

What they do.

With the opportunity.


Not done.

You’ll know.


But it’s kinda subtle.




Truly, the master.

No more, will we wonder what is fake.


Not a grade, but a designation.

A category.

Like MI6.


It’s such a blessing to have a roof.


A home.

An apartment.

Any feeling of stability whatsoever.

And we look to God in the sky.

God in our hearts.

God in misty clouds.

God who sees all.

Our journey has been long and arduous.

And God exists to tell the full masterpiece of our lives.

Every dot.  Every p and q.



“Trained in formal logic”…

Just another way of saying lawyer (almost).


But I am trained in informal logic.

And, dear friends, I must confide…logic is always pink.

I think.

I have one more email.

Never caught up.

Never, up to date.

But we praise God for the opportunity to study.

To study strategy.  To study war.

No more.

To study leadership.  And psychology.

To study law.  Forensics.  Criminalistics.

Most of all, we pray for help.

To overcome obstacles.

And we pray this so that we might help people.

Those close to us, and those far away.

We see a President creating value.

God bless him.

A President with the full armor of God.

Each called at his or her appointed time.

To serve.

Our praise is thanks.

Humble thanks.

Thank you.

And we share our prayers not to be ostentatious.

But for the fellowship of man.

Where two or more are joined together.


God defying time and space.

In every nook and cranny of telecommunications.

Film is truth.

Film criticism is film.

If it’s true.

Which it so seldom is.

But may we be pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

At the rate of 24 times per second.

And may God watch over us 24 hours a day.

In waking and sleep.


3 responses to “Film is truth (24 times per day)

  1. Great line: “Most of all, we pray for help. To overcome obstacles.”

  2. Pauly Deathwish speaks truth, in every single post. One reason why I keep coming back.

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