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Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 20 [2017)

These games are not fun to write about.


And probably not fun to play.

But as fans, we are supposed to be loyal.


Well, the Spurs’ faithful were rewarded with AT LEAST a competitive performance (unlike the exhibition in Game 2).

And speaking of bad, I’m being a very bad film critic.

As I’ve alluded to before.

By “critiquing” sports.

Because I’m not really critiquing the GAME at all.

Very little.

Especially when they are blowouts.

Sportscasters run into this problem.

What to say?

When the competition is uncompetitive.

But as always, my mission is to bring everything in.

Especially world events.

And, as always, I’m a little behind today.

So, I apologize to my dear friends to whom I owe emails.

But there was an interesting blurb which ran across the bottom of the screen as this game was about to start.

Enes Kanter, a Turkish basketball player who plays in the NBA, was detained in Romania (!) after his passport was abruptly canceled by the Turkish government.


This hasn’t been a very good week for Turkish President Erdoğan.

First, as I outlined before, Erdoğan became Erdogan [sic] at an awesome Trump press conference 🙂

And my belief that this was intentional was reinforced today by Trump getting an elegant jab in while in Saudi Arabia.

Picture on left [thumbs up is rude in land of Saud]

Picture on right [Trump effecting a more insulting “middle finger” thanks to strictures imposed upon him]

Which brings back the strange way in which Google is dealing with me.

I do not have a common name.

Yet, I am the fifth most popular person in the world with my name on Twitter (according to Google “page rank”).

Furthermore, all the other people with my name are popular on the ENGLISH version of Twitter.

But for some reason, I am popular on the BULGARIAN version of Twitter.

What the fuck?!?

So I cannot look at my own Twitter account (if I search for it online) in my own language.

I mean, really…are there that many people in Bulgaria interested in me?

And furthermore, how would such interest squelch my ENTIRE PRESENCE on English-language Twitter?

I don’t use Bulgarian Twitter.

I can’t even read Cyrillic letters.

So something very strange is going on there.

Either Twitter is fucking with me.

Or Google is fucking with me.

Or both in conjunction.

Or, my favorite, the US government is fucking with me.

And that’s a shame.

Because I might be unhinged, but I am freedom of expression.

I repeat, I AM freedom of expression.

I’m not safe.  I’m not polite.

Nor am I a monster.

But I am (apparently) a good channel to bury.

Make it hard.

Set the default to Bulgarian.

What do we know about Bulgaria?

In From Russia With Love, the Soviets used the Bulgarians in Turkey to do their dirty work.


Cyrillic.  Bulgarian.  Russian.


And now America is aflame with this bullshit “Russia stole the election” narrative.

What’s the evidence?


It’s a counterintelligence investigation.


So it’s going to take forever.

Uh huh.

You want a Russia story?

How about coach Gregg Popovich who has a degree in Soviet Studies?

Or how about Popovich’s assistant coach (Becky Hammon) who traded her American citizenship (you heard me right) for A RUSSIAN CITIZENSHIP (again you heard me right) just so she could play for the Russian national women’s basketball team.


And Popovich hates Trump.


Which brings us back to basketball.

Gregg Popovich.

A great coach.

I love him 🙂

And I think, perhaps, his disdain for Trump stems from the fact that his personality is so close to that of our current President.

They are both assholes.

And Erdoğan.  He’s an asshole too.

But the Turkish President has no sense of humor.

Gregg Popovich is a serious fucker.  But he brings levity.

And I don’t give a fuck if Becky Hammon is an Israeli-Nepali-Congolese triple citizen.

But the Left has got to stop with the bullshit narrative.

The Left likes to believe that they have all the scientists.

And all the artists.

And all the enlightened yuppies of the entire continent.

But it just isn’t so.

They like to “march for science”.

I mean, Trump is not George W. Bush.

Trump stuck his neck out and batted down the bastard Jeb.

Trump is a brave fucker!

And American liberals are the SOREST of losers.


The tantrums…

The national malaise…

Get the fuck over it!

Nobody died with the election of Trump.

It’s a fucking election.

There’s another one of the same sort in less than four years.

I voted for Obama the first time.

Then I discerned that he was a thoroughly fake dipshit.

Real dipsshit, fake everything else.

So I didn’t vote for him the second time.

I didn’t vote for anybody.

Which doesn’t make me Kanye West cool…

But I didn’t spend 4+ years bemoaning Obama.

He was the President.

Fuck it!

Do your job, Barack.


That’s all you got?


Whereas now, the Left (represented by globalist monster Hillary Clinton) continue to undermine their own country.

Hey Democrats:  this isn’t the way to do it!

You’re spending all your “ammunition”.

So truly, the American Left is becoming more and more traitorous.

But let’s remember:  stupidity is, in itself, not a crime.

So it’s the leaders who deserve scrutiny.

George Soros.

David Brock.

John Podesta.  (big time scrutiny)

Robby Mook.  (co-author of “Russia did it”)

Chuck Schumer.

All the usual Democrat suspects.

This is a thoroughly brainwashed lot.


And, like those noncommittal yin-yang twins of Fox News (Kennedy and Timpf), I’m not “a libertarian”.

I mean, when you have to announce your political affiliation every five seconds (“I’m a libertarian…I’m a libertarian…I’m”), then something is wrong.

Kudos to Kennedy and Timpf on their fashion, but they TAKE NO RISKS.

Both of them!

They just LOOK like rebels.

But they spit out the same wishy-washy shit as everyone else.

Kennedy is too ironic for her own good.  Like a hipster in a hall of mirrors.

Timpf lost me when she announced on air recently that she’d like to hang out with Joe Biden.


Is Timpf so sheltered that Creepy Joe Biden never entered her consciousness?

I doubt it.

Which is a double strike.

On to basketball…

Spurs lost.

We thought they would.

But they believed.

For three quarters, they believed.

They played hard.

It was shocking that Kawhi didn’t play.

Golden State is just too stacked.

So to the guys who brought it (Jonathon Simmons, Manu Ginobili, etc.), I salute you.

You went for it.

You didn’t get it.

But you’re not chumps.

One more game.

Game 4.

The sky’s the limit.

But only if you believe.

“Why don’t you surprise me, Mr. Kaplan, and say yes?”


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