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San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors, May 16 [2017)

Sometimes the best starting place is to say, “I know nothing.”


Note to self/world.

This game was so bad that it had the announcers speechless–at a loss for words.

  1.  I have some emails to answer
  2. I must catch up on the blogs I follow

Because today was a long one.

That “I overdid it” feeling.

Perhaps you can relate.

But back to nothing…

We don’t know.

Most of us.

And it is hard to admit that.

I have no idea whether James Comey likes Howdy Doody.

For all I know, he’s a saint.

[James Comey, not Howdy Doody]


I don’t know why Trump fired him.

I think if the tables had been turned, Hillary Clinton would have fired him.

If Donald Trump had gotten away with so much.

If he had been publically-known to be under investigation.

And then nothing.

Hillary would have fired his ass.

As has been pointed out, firing Comey would be an exceptionally dumb way to deal with the “Russia investigation”.

And I agree with Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

Donald Trump is the target of an immense information warfare campaign.

You could say that Trump “threatened” Comey, but libs like Schumer have threatened Trump.

They have wielded the “intelligence community” (what they consider to be their own, personal “deep state”) like a madman with a knife.

And I have to compliment Sean Hannity.

At halftime in this rout, I flipped over to Fox News.

Because I heard Hannity was covering Seth Rich.

And I must have just caught the tail end of that.

But Hannity, though he is a little ham-fisted in some of his rhetoric, was very astute to bring up Chuck Schumer’s threat to Trump:

“Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”


That was on January 3rd of this year.

Seventeen days before Trump took office.

And so I must tell you what I think here.

Col. Shaffer is right.  Hannity is right.  Trump is right.

This is an extended campaign of information warfare against Trump.

It was going on during the election.

Indeed, it was a battle:  back and forth.

But the liberals never gave up.

They lost.

Fair and square.

Except they don’t seem to see it that way.

And so the weeping and gnashing of teeth continues.

Which brings us to basketball.

[and cinema…pause…NOT!]

I can appreciate Borat.

I can appreciate liberal (apparently) Gregg Popovich.

I can appreciate San Francisco.

I am, perhaps, the world’s “most interesting” Trump supporter.

[“stay in bed, my friends!”]

Perhaps there are conservatives who look at me askance.

So what!

I don’t give a fuck!

That’s the same way they have, still do, and probably always will look at Donald Trump.

And that’s why he’s a hero.

For me.

And many others.

So the liberals have the news media.

And they have Hollywood.

And they have the universities (by way of their overrepresentation in professorships).

But they don’t have me.

And they might not have you.

And we still have voices, ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t care if this transmission is only “seeming” to get on the Internet.

I don’t give a fuck!

Because someone, somewhere is gonna have to read this at the bottom of the wastebasket of humanity.

And so let me lay it out.

U.S. military:  I love you guys and gals.  You are my heroes.  You inspire me beyond words.

American law enforcement:  I immensely appreciate what you do.  You are the real deal. Thank you for your contribution to society.

But let me say some other stuff.

Black Lives Matter…there’s a place for you at the table.

Because, you know what?  I feel oppressed too.

And so as long as y’all peaceful, then I can get down with what you’re saying.

As long as it’s not COP HATE.  We need them cops.  There’s room for improvement.

But this is not time for war.

Violence does not have the will of the people.

Think about it! [as Jerry Lee used to say]

Even the Generals have a hard time convincing us that a certain war is necessary.

Maybe the comparison is daft, but it seems that Americans are “risk averse” when it comes to violence.

So if we have a young person shot.  And, God forbid, killed.

There’s no amount of violence gonna bring back that child.

But what we do is refine our rage.

Give our rage to God.

Ask God, “Lord, do you want me to go into battle?  Because I’m mighty pissed off.”

And we wait with honest hearts.

It is said, “Blessed are the peacemakers”.

The Sermon on the Mount.

Christ on the Mount of Olives.

The Beatitudes.

And let me talk at you, liberals.

We don’t hate you.

I don’t hate you.

If I do, I have failed my job as a child of God.

And so I understand your frustrations.

You are being told one thing.

And you hear it everywhere.

But what you may not realize is that the corporate news you are receiving is almost a quasi-conglomerate.

Almost a keiretsu…or an chaebol.

Or an oligopoly run be elitists with the same political persuasion.

I can’t believe I’m gonna do this, but a great big shout out to RUPERT FUCKING MURDOCH who saw a market gap.  And filled it.

Now the liberals want that same manic intensity.

But all of this…gah.  Blah.

The real story today.

Seth Rich.

There’s your Russian hacker.

Murdered in Washington, D.C.

Podesta emails talk about “making an example of a suspected leaker…whether we have any basis for it or not.”  Something like that.  I don’t have the document in front of me.

It seems, upon investigation paid for by Mr. Rich’s family, that he was INDEED in touch with WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange has alluded to Rich being the source of the Podesta emails…in statements where Assange outlines the extreme dangers which whistleblowers are subject to.

Assange has said it wasn’t Russia.

Seth Rich is big.

If he was killed by the Hillary/Podesta mafia, then things start looking very bad for that camp.

Irregardless, it takes the air out of the “Russia did it” zeppelin.

Some people are not telling the whole truth at the DNC.

And that has been going on a long time.

Such that any proof of “hacking” (I believe there was none) has probably long ago been destroyed.  How much information could be forensically recovered if these devices are found is uncertain.

So then, Trump “colluded” with…Seth Rich?  I don’t think so.

And therefore, it was Seth Rich (God bless his soul) who “interfered” in our election.

This is important.

Because a Presidency is like a four-year-long (or 8) sporting event.

The level of tension in the country seems more elevated these past few days.

I agree that the problem is the mainstream media.

Now is the time to cut them off.

Let them die.

Let them go apeshit and throw nuclear tantrums.

So what.

Trump does not have time to field watery questions from people who hate him.

His constituents voted him in to get things done.

That’s more important.

The U.S. media is being like a clingy girlfriend.

The White House Press Corps is a whole bunch of neglected lovers…and you haven’t called.  Or answered their voluminous texts.

Fuck that.

Next executive order.

No more press conferences.

Indeed, it’s about time the FCC looked into the practices of CNN, MSNBC, and some of the others.

It’s also (sorry Rupert) about time we ironed out who can own stock in these companies.

Carlos Slim holds the controlling interest in the New York Times?

And what about the Egyptian (Jewish fellow) at Univision?

[Haim Saban]

I can’t imagine Trump is too popular on Univision 🙂

Media needs to be scrutinized as much as banking.

Media is a strategic industry.

Even though the facilities haven’t been offshored, the equity has been gobbled up by foreign investors.

That’s a very dangerous situation.

Truly, a globalist nightmare.

Which brings us [take 2] to basketball.

This game was horrible.

Jonathon Simmons came to play.

Davis Bertans was decent.

I’ll just say this…

If you were feeling down coming in (and I was), this effort didn’t do much to hearten you.

Which means we need to bring it in.

Huddle up.

Recognize the special in our political opponents.

Treat with respect.

And always work harder towards conscience.

I repeat.

We are frustrated.

You beat up our President every day.

Our natural feeling is to defend him.

And so we form our human walls.

MAGA hats.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Millions of us.

Some of us truck drivers.

Chewing tobacco.

Some of us bankers.

Looking spiffy everyday.

Some of us mothers.


With responsibilities.

And some of us don’t fit in any gap.

And yet we can manage a smile now and again.

The Spurs sucked tonight, plain and simple.

But I respect Gregg Popovich.

I don’t take his concerns about Trump lightly.

It doesn’t mean I’m gonna run out and buy a pussy hat, but I’m open minded.

We need each other.

This town.

This nation.

This planet.

At a certain point, we just say “stop”.

I’ll give you an example.

I stand with the Palestinian people.

But I also respect the Israelis and appreciate the tenuous position they are in.

In other words, I have been able to change my mind.

And I credit Trump.

I grew up in Military City USA, but I never really “appreciated” what was going on here.

Now it is my utmost honor to talk with a soldier or airman.

I am blessed to know a couple of female U.S. vets.

And they are tougher than me.  And nice.

Terse, but warmhearted.

That’s good.

Because in life, if no one talks to you like you’re a human, then you’re screwed.

You will become completely alienated.

And that process is evergoing.

But we can throw a monkey wrench into those humming works.

We can be a star.  On our street.  On our block.

We gotta take care of our health.

Take care of our minds.

And thank God.

To receive the wisdom which comes with faith.

I ain’t jiving you.

None of my possessions.  None of my knowledge.

None of that is going to be any good at some point.

And that’s the point at which God saves.

God heals and protects.

God comforts.

God sustains.

Through sadness and confusion.

And so we have our small faith in the great works of God.

That God will not abandon us in our time of need.

And we know this love makes it incumbent upon us to live selflessly.

To improve.

To live more like Jesus.

Maybe we don’t understand it all.

But we know that Jesus was a nice guy.

And Jesus would do the right thing.

When presented with a conundrum.

Out of a pure heart, he would find the simple solution.

We pray to be like this.

Games can be won and lost.

Maybe Kawhi returns Saturday.

But we must give thanks for every experience.

Every opportunity.

Each hotel bed.

Each instance of seeing a masterwork like the Golden Gate Bridge.

We can change.

If we listen to our hearts.

And we should not tempt God.

As in a game, we must keep our focus.

My apologies to James Comey.  My apologies to John Podesta.

May God help you both.  May you know peace and happiness.

And as we improve, we will be able to help more than we botch.

Because our intentions are noble.

We just merely must learn the truth-preserving art of logic.

By which to lay out our cases.

Honest in our assessments.

This is our goal.

Much work to be done all around!


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