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San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors, May 14 [2017)

That was rough.

Such a promising game, and such a disheartening defeat.

But that’s life, right?

Yes, this will be a long-winded, thoroughly tangential “review” of a basketball game.

No sugar-coating it.

Which means most of it will not be about basketball at all.

First, let’s start with war.

Something only some of us know about firsthand.

I am not one “in the know”.

But I can still make observations.

And you can value them accordingly as you see fit.

Three thoughts.

War is not pretty.

War is not kind.

War is not fair.

[or all’s fair…]

Which leads us pretty quickly to a conclusion.

It would seem, then, that war is not something in which most people want to participate.

And that, I would argue, is natural.

However, we each have a warrior (ah!) in us.

And so each of us “fights” for what we feel is right.

[or “fights” AGAINST what we feel is wrong]

In this day and age, this is encapsulated by a rather trite word:


And actors and musicians (& athletes) are most guilty of this.

[including me]

Perhaps, as artists, we somehow feel guilty that our jobs (nice work if you can get it) are not truly work.

Thus, we overcompensate.

With what should be our “leisure” time, we turn to activism.

And more and more people are actually making a CAREER of activism.

Of course, to most people this will be the among the most ridiculous aspects of modern life.

But let’s refocus here.

I mention war (as I so often do) because there are analogous aspects in “peaceful” areas.

Nothing, I would suspect, could truly substitute for the terror of war…except war itself.

But those of us who are not soldiers…we have our own terrors.

And, as I outlined, our own causes.

Barack Obama.

In my view, a bad president.

Not even worthy of capitalization.

Was he a horrible president?


Was he the worst U.S. President ever?


But I am content to stop at “bad”.

Barack Obama didn’t bring the neocons and other responsible parties to justice regarding 9/11.

Plain and simple.

Barack Obama did not investigate 9/11.


And this is damning for the entire Democratic Party.

They had the chance.

They had the will of the people.

George W. Bush was not a very popular president.

[indeed, I would vote him the worst ever…in American history]

But Barack Obama and his regime just continued to do what Bush had been doing.

However, they added their own TWIST.

And this “twist” is doubly troubling.

The “death” of Bin Laden.

This was an affront to truth.

Just as 9/11 had been.

And though theoretically connected, the second was merely a hoax.

A politically-expedient sham.

That is what I have gathered.

My knowledge of 9/11 is fairly thorough.

My knowledge of bin Laden’s “death”, less so.

Yet, nothing is my studies of bin Laden (a key figure in the 9/11 myth) harmonizes with the U.S. government story of his death.

But back to “hoaxing”.

There is no doubt in my mind that approximately 3000 people died on 9/11.

Some things cannot be faked.

But there is a very BIG doubt in my mind that anyone at all remotely connected to Osama bin Laden perished on May 2, 2011.

Or May 1st.

Time difference.

And this is indicative of Democratic Party false flags.

Yes, they are nasty.

But they have an aversion to killing.

They are, largely, lawyers.

Not soldiers.

[same goes for the neocons…who are far more psychopathic]

A liberal false-flag in the United State (and in some cases by U.S. activities overseas) will try to err on the side of “no deaths”.

Which is to say, even the “supposed dead” are made up.

In war, people have to die.

You find this out very early.

Take chess.

Can you really save all of your pawns?


Eventually, someone loses a piece.

And it continues.

Unless the two sides agree to a truce.

Not many truces in chess.

Because it is a game.

There is no penalty for playing.

Losing, usually, doesn’t mean literal death for the player.

It is play.

Which brings us to another subject I have covered quite frequently:

Sandy Hook.

Funny enough, no subject I have covered has garnered such pushback from random people around the world.

“What is my logic?”, they want to know.

“How did ‘they’ do it?”

I am not baited in this.

Sorry to disappoint the counter-trolls, but block is one of my favorite buttons.

And you can do it too 🙂

Not liking what I’m saying?

Don’t read me.

Does my writing somehow turn up on your desk anyway?

Make an effort.

See that it doesn’t.

I don’t threaten people, I threaten ideas.

And when I am threatened (as I was today), I don’t counter with a threat.

It’s not in my nature.

I don’t want war.

I just want truth.

“Gimme some truth,” as John Lennon so memorably sang.

Do I KNOW for CERTAIN that 9/11 was a false-flag attack?


But I am fairly certain.

Indeed, by deduction, I have proven to my own satisfaction that it is POSITIVELY NOT what it has been reported as.

Reductio ad absurdum.

I did this by intuition.

Same as the man on the street.

“Street wise” means having a nose for bullshit.

And I am not street wise by any stretch of the imagination, but I am too observant to let some things go.

“Just let it go.”

Yeah…wouldn’t it be better to just say, “Fuck those 3000 people who died on 9/11.”

Yes, that would be easier.

But I cannot allow myself to do it.

Sandy Hook.

It is my suspicion (and I am not alone in this) that NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK.

I may be wrong.

I have not done as much thorough research on the subject.

But it seems far more likely that it was a false-flag (or hoax, in this case) than a genuine event.

Which is another fairly large strike against Barack Obama.

At some point he could have started to be President (with a capital P).

But he seems to have been content PRETENDING.

Indeed, Obama was more of an actor (truly relishing his narcissism) than Trump will ever be.

I know that will not be widely accepted, but I believe it.

Barack Obama’s achievements prior to his presidency were few to none.

Perhaps Rachel Maddow can have some of Obama’s sealed records (which is to say, all of them) brought to light 🙂

But I doubt it.

Because she has made up her extremely small, petty mind.

She has chosen her target (Alinsky) and has reached full commitment in bringing that target down.

Needless to say, that’s not journalism (in any traditional sense).

So congratulations to Rachel Maddow for being at the forefront of hatred.

Every night (or whenever her shite program comes on)…the same thing.

It’s what her viewers want.

And Media Matters has no leg on which to stand.

By David Brock’s (George Soros’s) own logic, Internet sites like Infowars are “fake news”.

And Media Matters (and Correct The Record) throw their little tantrum.

Because someone’s not agreeing with them.

And if Brock and Soros had their way, not agreeing with them (the authoritative “historians” that they are) would literally be a crime.

As Holocaust “denial” is in some European countries (notably France…with its Gayssot Act).

So my guess is that Sandy Hook was fake.

Thoroughly fake.

A drill sold as a genuine event.

And the motive is clear as water:  gun control.

But it is up to my readers to investigate.

And that’s what people do.

If they want to know, they check.


See 🙂

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

[of course it was]

Such an up and down affair.

Kawhi Leonard healthy.

Spurs whipping the Western Conference All-Star Team (oops, I mean the Warriors).

And then Kawhi turns that ankle.

And turns it again.  Even worse.

You know, Steph Curry used to have trouble with his ankles.

They said he had “weak” ankles.

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Curry have that problem.

And Zaza Pachulia…

This guy is always trouble.

Truly, one of the only DIRTY players in the NBA.

But sneaky.

I’ll give him that.

He has gotten more subtle.

Zaza is the Joseph Stalin of the NBA (shout out to Georgia…the country).

It’s clear to me that Pachulia considers HURTING SOMEONE to be a natural part of basketball.

Perhaps in Georgia it is.

But the NBA is not too cool with that.

Too many eyes watching.

Too many instant replays.

But again, this is “war”.

You might be great in your opening moves.

But how’s your middle game?

And how are you at finishing?

That’s when things get really tough.

Because you have not been there.

You have not practiced that.

Practiced FOR REAL.

With this collection of players.

The Spurs looked good.


But Steph knows.

This is “war”.

I’m proud of the Spurs.

They could have mailed it in.

But they fought.

Their legs might have buckled from nerves, but they fought.

Now it’s time to regroup.

Life goes on.

For those of us who voted for Trump, we see a massive assault every day on him…

An overwhelming pummeling he takes.

“Echo chamber” doesn’t even begin to describe the effect.

As bad as Rachel Maddow is, CNN is worse.

Congratulations, CNN.

You have become the liberal Fox.

Except MSNBC is ALREADY the liberal Fox.

And the three-letter networks (the “Big 3”) are thoroughly liberal…and anti-Trump…though they present the appearance of objectivity.

So America has a media war going.

An information war.

And we also have sporting events.

And for some, politics IS their sporting event.

Such strange times.

All we can do is just try to improve.


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