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Tableau VII

Hello, dear friends.

As if from behind enemy lines, I write to you again.

And how lucky I am to have the external peace which surrounds me now.

Not in a warzone.

But just sitting comfortably on my bed.

Typing out a sort of poem.

So many.

Happenings in the world, recently.

But each day, our own personal dramas loom as large as any geostrategic machinations.

Each day, our day, is filled with a gumbo of news and life.

And news rarely affects life.

If we are thinking in macro terms.

Local news is different.

But if you are watching national/world news.

Watching or reading.

Then you might be met with events far from your doorstep.

Interesting then, how we can receive the stress of the world.

Through a telly.

A box.

Or a device.  A laptop.  A phone.  A home computer.

So then, it becomes natural to weave our own narrative.

If you are a literal weaver, you might allow for an aberration in the corner of your tapestry…a defect which represents Marine Le Pen.

I, for one, liked Le Pen.

But it’s not my country.

My soul may be French.  I may be a reincarnated fin-de-siècle bohemian.

But I am American.  And proud of it.

For most of my life I would not have made such a statement.

Because I didn’t feel a kinship with my country’s history.

But as I have aged, and lived through these recent times, I have chosen to follow what feels natural to me.

To have pride in my country.

To study the history of my country.

To honor those who would give their lives to protect my country.

And so it is not a put-on…when I thank the U.S. military.

And it’s not some form of artful deception when I thank U.S. law enforcement officers.

I thank these two groups, primarily and prominently, because their jobs are crap shoots.


And I admire such fortitude!

If we were to continue in this vein, we could speak of humor as a weapon.

No group in the United States seems to understand this quite as much as special operations forces.

These are a rare breed.

One might call it gallows humor.

But whatever its technical name, it serves a purpose:  to cope.

And to fight!

There is certainly a craziness inherent in looking forward to a firefight.

Fire, as in bullets.

Makes sense in a way.

So many units just train…and simulate…and drill.

So for that rare breed which WANTS to be first into battle, we tip our hats.

And not least, to your humor.

U.S. special operators appear to have a pithy love for vivid expletives.

Indeed, they have taken cursing and made it an art form…as fuck.

And this will be a future area which nations should look at.

Comedy as a weapon.

Nothing cracks up the cheap seats like a dud missile.

And so North Korea is really doing an extended Peter Sellers set these days.

But then we get back to these Congressional hearings.

Seems so long ago that the House had its Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

1938, to be exact.

You can hear the “martyred” communists on recordings made by the Folkways label (now Smithsonian Folkways) to this very day.

Funny enough, Joseph McCarthy (being a Senator) had nothing to do with HUAC.

But it was the same sort of stuff.

But what today was being discussed? 🙂

The Democrats (yesterday’s communists today) are now seeing Russia under every rug and Kleenex in the United States.

Senator Al Franken (a dud-bomb of droll talentless torment) will leave no stone unturned.

That’s not comedy, Al.  That’s irony.

And it’s pathetic.

So the elaborate conspiracy drags on…that Russia manipulated the entire American electorate…and that we should be outraged that they did it better to us than we do to them.

Let’s not forget that the American CIA was spying on Congressional computers in the lead-up to the CIA Torture Report coming out.


General Clapper seems to be ready to deflect, should any of that water under the bridge backwash in his General direction.

But it never did.

Because Ben Sasse sucks.

Ted Cruz is good.

Patrick Leahy seemed to be imitating Robert Byrd’s “Barbaric” speech, at least in general ineptitude.

And Senator Klobuchar committed the cardinal sin…thanking Sally Yates for her “service” to our country.

Uhhh…yeah.  Thanks, lawyer.  Who sat behind a desk.  And ignored an Executive Order.

I mean, I’m no fan of Gen. Clapper, but I must have missed her “thank you for your service” moment with him.

Gen. Clapper.  Mr.  Clapper.  Director Clapper.  Doctor Clapper.

Clapper fought in Vietnam, for fucksakes!

And though he is a General (retired), he’s not a PhD.

All of this said, the proceedings I saw today were like a circus.

Smart people acting dumb.

Ah well, this is the world we live in 🙂

I hope to soon bring you a piece on love and Vertigo.

A pleasant good evening to all!


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