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Tableau VI

What a joy.

To write.

To drive.

To live.

To feel the breeze of evening.

And to grow stronger.

What a blessing.

To figure it out.


That which cannot be taught.

Wisdom has its own rules.

How small we are.

And how much God loves us!

I believe.

But I hold no ill will.

Not for Bertrand Russell or any other being.

Not for Jews or Muslims or Wiccans or whatever.

I am a Christian.

In my own mind.

But it is my personal relationship with God.

I am but a child of faith.

I am a child…because life’s pressures are monumental.

And when we stand side by side…with our brothers and sisters…it is time to say “Con permiso.”

When we are in the bread line.

Or at the emergency room.

When we are anywhere at all.

The LCD has been figured.

Lowest…common.  Denominator.

What divides us both?


On that we can agree.

It’s such a blessing to walk down the street.

To feel summer’s heat.

And to grow more hearty.

To shed the skin of frailty.

And for a moment, live!

What a blessing to be wrong.

And to admit it.

But still have the beating heart.

To be wrong again.

We must crawl…day by day…on hands and knees…towards a perfection never realized.

Which is why we can forgive our fellow man.

Our fellow woman.

What a blessing to have a plan.

A humble plan.

Day by day.

With a pencil.

To mark the wood.

And build.

Building towards humility.

Building towards something quite modest indeed.

But grandiose in its spirit.

We can make a huge difference.

But we can never measure all the trajectories.

We must trust that quantum revelation…which comes on the breeze.

Each day, these moments small.



What a blessing to will a poem into existence.

To relax.

To let breathe.

The self.

No day guaranteed.

No moment taken for granted.

And yet, no anxiety about this process.

What grand creations God has made.

In my humility I am awestruck.

How the body can regenerate.

How the mind can heal.

And we take the greatest risk…to share…with the whole world…our precious thoughts.

The blessing is returned tenfold immediately.



6 responses to “Tableau VI

  1. Superlative Paul , words rolling off so beautiful and Lyrical I loved it all Laurence

  2. A great piece of inspirational writing, Paul.

  3. BeeHappee

    Beautiful writing, Paul. Hope all is well.

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