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Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 1 [2017)


what a day.

what a game.

Even my computer keyboard is tired.

Or perhaps…

I guess each time I want a capital letter, I have to hit this shift key, right?

Yes, my team, the San Antonio Spurs looked atrocious tonight.

But it was a hell of a day in Texas.

And in the USA.

And it’s a crazy world.

First, I must mention the very strange happening at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ostensibly, there was a “mass” stabbing at the school today.

According to “the news”, one person died and three were injured.

If it’s true, then it’s very sad.

But if it was fake, then it is still sad…for other reasons.

Take a look at this photo.


Do those police officers look like they’re arresting someone fresh off a murder?

And the supposed murderer:  does he look like a raving maniac?

Now…read this short “witness account” which purportedly describes the activities of the African-American gentleman shown in custody above:


Likewise, notice the NetSpeak of the “witness”.


Granted, if all of this is true, it’s terrifying.

But it reads a bit like a script (ahh…here comes cinema).

And so I ask my readers:  what can’t be faked?

In this day and age, what can’t be faked?

Anyone who has seen North by Northwest knows that a fake murder (in broad daylight) is logistically possible.

The key is to have a “doctor” (or seemingly qualified medical person) onsite to control the scene.

No one must be allowed to inspect the wounded except for said operator.

Once the scene is cordoned off, the dead can be brought back to life.

However, one thing which Hitchcock glossed over was this:  you must recruit someone who is fairly good at “playing dead”.

Cary Grant is “declared dead” seconds after being shot in NXNW.

But an oafish actor could easily blow the whole thing by breathing too demonstrably.

Now…the statement above was taken from a Twitter account.

The “witness” wanted to remain anonymous.


Likewise, the other person mentioned by the “witness” has their name redacted.


And finally, following this link, you will see that the Twitter account upon which this statement is posted is run by an “actress” who just happens to have one (and only one) political cause in her short Twitter bio:  Black Lives Matter.


The assailant was black.

That is easy to see from the first photo.

What could possibly be the logistical reason of this smokescreen (ah!)…

It would be psychological warfare.

And, as luck would have it, only a variation on what Eva Marie Saint does in NXNW.

Which is to say, the conveyor of information (Anna Maria Ward) is a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

Which means (supposedly) that she’s not racist.

Which means, therefore, that she has no reason to convey harmful information about the purported assailant (Mr. Kendrex J. White).

Also an interesting psychological twist…

The black assailant is named White.

Wow…this is turning into a matryoshka.

But let’s look at another collection of photos.

This time, of one of the purported injured.


And another…


Does this Ethiopian/Somalian person look to be in distress?

Do the EMS workers appear to be in any distress?

Does there appear to be any sense of urgency about this scene?

Is there any blood?

Any bandages?

Backing up a bit, if this was an elaborate false flag (perhaps in pursuit of a “strategy of tension”), then a black victim would further obfuscate the mixed message of the event.

What was Mr. White (a black man) trying to achieve by indiscriminately slashing people with his Bowie knife?

By the way, James “Jim” Bowie died right here in San Antonio, Texas in 1836 at the Battle of the Alamo.

It is after him which the knife is named.

[after he?]

Which adds another pithy MacGuffin.

The knife.

It couldn’t be a boxcutter (like on 9/11).

And, being a Bowie knife, it had to happen in Texas.

All of these strands…which one to pull???

But remember NXNW.

How does the truth become truth?

As Leo Carroll tells Cary Grant, “It’s now acquired the authority of the printed word.”

That was 1900 and fucking 59!

Let’s read from Ernest Lehman’s masterful script:

“Mr. Kaplan’s untimely shooting has now acquired the authority of the printed word.  Enormous headlines.  Everyone has been cooperating beautifully.”

Now what the devil is that last line supposed to mean?

For that, my dear friends, you must look up Operation Mockingbird.

Both truth and falsehood spread like wildfire.

That’s why the CIA wanted to control the “opinion leaders” (as its called in marketing) in the United States.

Control the opinion leaders, and the rest of the fools become mockingbirds.

And the opinion leaders the CIA had in mind?

Key figures in mass media.

But I will leave it to you…to research this nefarious plan…which almost certainly has, by now, been perfected.

The U.S. media is now a crystalline panopticon.

Every “journalist” looks inward (not to their own soul)…to the authority figure who gives them their cue…by the slightest movement…in Bentham’s hideous architecture.

I will say this…one thing has been added since I read this article

earlier today.

Now the deceased has been named.

And he is shown in a heartrending photo.


If Mr. Harrison Brown (on the right) really existed (under that name), and if he really was knifed to death today in Austin, then I am immensely grieved for his family.

His father (?), incidentally, appears to be in an electric wheelchair.

And the Browns appear to be somewhat well-heeled.

Indeed, the late- Mr. Brown is the perfect poster child.


But the media does not care about black-on-white violence.

AND, the media does not care about black-on-black violence.

The only “racial” aspect which draws any attention is white-on-black violence.

And so this story was a footnote in today’s crazy world.

If the killer had been shouting “Aloha Oak Bar”, then we’d probably know about it as well.

Hell…maybe Mr. Brown was (wait for the Hitchcock twist)…THE WRONG MAN?

Maybe Mr. White (wait a minute…)…

What the fucking fuck?!?

A black man named Mr. White killed a white man named Mr. Brown.

Or, smoother, a brown man named Mr. White killed a white man named Mr. Brown.

And another thing!


Take a look again at the photo of the assailant.

Does that guy look 21?

The fiesta colored headband almost seems to be masking a receding hairline…

But in any case.

I will say this:  whether fake or real, this crime freaked me out.

Understand, it was a crime either way.

Just like the “shooting” at Sandy Hook.

Whether it happened or not (I believe it did not), it was a crime.

It was either what it “appeared” to be (the official story of a gaunt, autistic gunman with an AR-15), or it was a government-sponsored false-flag (which is a crime against ALL the people).

In the later case, this would be state-sponsored terror.

State terror.

And here’s where we come to Operation Gladio (a NATO campaign of false-flag bombings and other terror attacks in Italy in the 1970s…led by the CIA).

You can read about that here.

Yes, dear friends, that’s where we come to the “strategy of tension” which I mentioned earlier.

Now…what the devil could the purpose of today’s (possibly-faux) stabbing have been?

You see, the strategy of tension in Italy had a purpose:  prevent the socialists/communists from taking power.

It was a misguided, consequentialist (“the end justifies the means”) black op to sway public opinion AGAINST communists and socialists.


I’m no fan of communists.  Or socialists.

But if they weren’t really the ones committing these acts of violence (and they weren’t), then the truth needs to come out.

You see, the truth was exactly the opposite:  the capitalist coalition (NATO) was responsible for these awful atrocities in Italy.

Back to Austin.

I must admit, I don’t completely get it.

For awhile there, I certainly saw a coordinated campaign by some group (likely part of Obama’s regime) to have the country descend into total chaos.

The shooting of the police officers in Dallas was very suspect.

It bore the same hallmarks as the CIA coup in Ukraine.

[known as the Maidan Sniper’s Massacre]

The best article on that is here:

Interestingly, the 49 killed in Kiev would later pop up (in number form) in the 49 “killed” in Orlando, Florida by Omar Mateen.

49 is not a common number.

It’s not 2.  Or 3.

Or 10.

It’s not 50.

It’s not even 48.

Twice in two years, the world was being told about 49 dead in some place.

First, in Kiev in 2014 (shot by Western-backed snipers…to then blame on the then-government…a false-flag operation).

Second, in Orlando in 2016.

But putting the # 49 aside for a second.

We have a basketball game to review 🙂

No, I can’t leave it like that.

I will say this…this event in Austin freaked me out.

It is what terror is supposed to do.

Consider all of the terror attacks in Turkey in the past year.

And then the coup attempt!

Or consider living in Seoul…under the constant threat of being vaporized by a slant-eyed Eric Cartman.

Look…I’m a reasonable person.

Show me the proof.

Show us the proof.

And when you get caught in a lie, admit it.

For instance, the famed Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

You know him, right?

He wrote the hugely-successful book Man’s Search for Meaning.

Now, what’s the worst possible thing he could have done to dishonor the memory of his fellow Jews killed during World War II?

Perhaps, lie about it?

And that’s exactly what I learned (today) that he did.

Here’s the link:

As published in the scholarly journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies in 2003, Professor Timothy Pytell discovered that Frankl was only at Auschwitz for a MAXIMUM of three DAYS!!!

“We had to wear the same shirts for half a year,
until they had lost all appearance of being shirts.”

These kind of statements sorta lose their luster when you find that Frankl was “reaching” in describing his brief (brief!) time at Auschwitz.

I will get back to you on this, but it appears the 30 pages which Frankl devoted to Auschwitz in Man’s Search for Meaning were largely predicated on a lie.

Frankl stayed, in truth, just a few days (three at most…as HE LATED ADMITTED IN 1991) in transit between Theresienstadt and Dachau.

Now, this is not to take anything away from Frankl’s account…EXCEPT THAT IT DOES!!!

Frankl implies that he stayed at Auschwitz for a long, long time.

That simply isn’t true.

Historical records and his own admission corroborate each other.

He lied.

But why?

I will also leave that for you to research, dear friends.

Because finally we come to basketball.

Yes, and by the time I sat down to watch this game, I was a mess.

“Stabbings”.  Fake Holocaust history.

What the fuck?!?

What’s wrong with this goddamn world???

One thing is certain:  my team got their asses kicked tonight.

It was ugly.

There were no highlights.

The only bright spots were the FIGHT which Dewayne Dedmon and Jonathon Simmons brought to this game.

Other than those two blokes, the entire squad flatlined this event.

Hell…maybe they were shocked by the stabbing.

Maybe they were reading about Viktor Frankl 🙂


So my team got their asses handed to them.

But that’s America.

The beauty of America.

We’re not in Venezuela.

It’s not just the “loyalists” who have guns.

It’s everyone (theoretically).

Our 2nd Amendment to our Constitution.

The thing which Sandy Hook was to do away with.

Didn’t happen.

So, thankfully we have Trump (who supports the 2nd Amendment) instead of Hillary (who most certainly would have gun-grabbed and armed her “loyalists” given the chance).

And also, this isn’t Cuba.

Not yet.

In Cuba, if you run out on a parade route with an American flag, you get the shit kicked out of you.

You get beaten.  Bad.  I saw it.

No fakery there 🙂

Which is to say, America is a “dangerous idea” in Cuba.

[or just plain “hated”]

But in America, you have the freedom to be dumb.

You can drive down the street with a gigantic Mexican flag.

[I see that kinda shit every day]

It’s legal.

Even if the flag-waver  is not here legally.

But, for a long time, we have erred on the side of freedom.

And that is a beautiful thing.

You see, the elites who formed the USA were very much (in manner) like the elites who go to RIIA meetings at Chatham House.

They were used to “Chatham House rules”.

The common courtesy of class.

And so the rich landowners and merchants who fought to make the USA a new country made sure to pass a little of that liberty down the totem pole.

And eventually that liberty was made universal…when the black slaves were finally freed.

We are a fucked-up country, but we’re getting better.

Day by day.

And we can still speak.

Because we respect the diversity of our collective knowledge.

Multiple Intelligences, as Howard Gardner calls it.

So there it is.

Spurs lost.

Crazy day.

We pray for wisdom.


4 responses to “Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs, May 1 [2017)

  1. migarium

    Wow! This has been summary of the fake history of the planet Earth, my dear Earthling friend; kind of brain tickle:) And these two has caught my attention most:

    “…A black man named Mr. White killed a white man named Mr. Brown.”
    This is sort of WD movie scenario, you know he had taken a crack at writing movie scenario before. And what you mention is totally WD can write. 🙂

    And the number 49. You do have big attention to the events! After reading your writings about 49, I made research. I have found these for adding to your idea:

    January 15 2009, 49 passenger dead in New York plane crash

    May 12, 2009, in Sri Lanka, the army hit the hospital, 49 people dead

    22 February 2012, 49 people died in a train accident in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina

    November 17, 2012, in an accident at the crashing of a train with student service in Egypt, 49 people died, mostly children.

    January 26, 2014, in Egypt, 49 people were killed in conflicts in three cities during the third anniversary of the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak

    In Feb 18, 2014 at city Hilla and Baghdad total 49 people dead in same day.

    June 14, 2014 at Ukraine, 49 Ukrainian military personnel killed on a falling cargo plane

    July 17, 2015, two bomber attacks killed 49 people in a market in the northern part of Nigeria’s Gombe province

    12 December 2016, 49 soldiers killed in suicide attack in Aden, southern Yemen

    17 October 2016, in Aleppo air strike: 49 dead, 113 injured

    11 March 2017, double bombed attack on Damascus: 49 dead

    There is too many event that consisting of number 49, except these!

    And why 49, maybe as you mentioned we need to think about it!

    • Wow 🙂 thank you Migo! I am impressed with your research! I had no idea about these other 49s. Maybe it is a code? Oh…and WD should definitely write a film script 🙂 Thank you! –Paul

      • migarium

        Yes, it could be a code, who knows? And I will tell WD, but he is interested in something different in these days except scenario writing, you know, spring has came and all lady exciting is out there. 🙂

  2. migarium

    Upps , I made wrong too! It should have been “lady dogs and exciting” 🙂

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