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Alex Jones Destroys MSM At Austin Child Custody Press Conference, April 28 [2017)

Nighttime…is the write time.

Or, rite time.

CAN do attitude!

Yes, folks…I hoped to bring you a film review tonight.

But what I have is even more compelling.

The real reason Donald Trump won the Presidency.

Julian Assange was big.

Steve Pieczenik was big.

But Alex Jones was the tipping point.

The compass needle which would indicate “live or die” for the aspiring first-time politician.

Jones backed Trump.  Unashamedly.  Unapologetically.

And Trump went to the right (there we go) places.

On Jones’s show.

On Twitter.

Taking it to the streets (as that great punk rock band The Doobie Brothers once sang).

And so what I will post at the end of this article is a link to a video.

It’s on Facebook.

I suppose that might be a purposeful slight by Jones and his Infowars organization at the expense of Google/YouTube (Alphabet, Inc.).

[Alphabet’s motto “Do the right thing” rings as hollow as the CIA’s unofficial maxim “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” {yeah right…}]

Not that Facebook is a pure operation.

Indeed, it is almost thoroughly shite.

But that’s neither here nor there.

What we have here is a success:  to communicate.

Reagan was given the title (“The Great Communicator”).

Trump is immensely persuasive.

But Jones is a dagger in the heart of synthetic globalization.

By synthetic, I mean forced.  Unnatural.  Deceptive.  Ulterior.

Alex Jones has been talking for a long time.

On air.  On those beautiful radio waves.

And back when I was a pizza delivery driver in Austin, I caught Jones’s transmissions.

And they brought me a new world (à la Joe Meek).

Not every doubter is right.

And not all doubtless are wrong.

But something was amiss after 9/11.

It just didn’t make sense.

Even from a naive, socialist perspective.

It made no sense that the U.S. was going to bomb Afghanistan (one of the poorest countries on Earth) in what Thierry Meyssan so aptly termed a “disproportionate riposte”.

Meyssan is still living a teenage dream (though his skepticism was [WAS] exquisite).

Meyssan terms himself an “anticapitalist”.

I would call this a particularly “French” disorder nowadays.

It is like sucking on the same pipe Sartre chewed.

Without ever understanding the phrase:

“Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”


It’s a PICTURE of a pipe.

A representation.

And thus, dangerously close to the famous “liar’s paradox” (“This sentence is false.”, etc.).

Alex Jones pulled the thread, and the sweater came apart.

“It’s a sweater!”

El Guapo surely didn’t need a sweater…in the Sonoran Desert.

And would we say Alex Jones has a plethora of listeners/viewers?


And each one of them starts a band.

As Brian Eno said of The Velvet Underground.

Alex Jones has the numbers.

And the RIGHT kind of viewers.

Those in a trance state rarely make it there.

They are content with CNN.  With MSNBC.  With Fox News.

But Jones had a precedent in what he did today.

And that precedent was Donald Trump’s notorious, infamous excoriation of “the press” on February 6 of this year.

THAT Trump needs to come out of retirement.

We don’t need the idiocy of threatening North Korea.

That’s dumb.

We don’t need the daft Rex Tillerson.

We don’t need the mannequin Mike Pence.

We don’t need General James “Bombs For Brains” Mattis.

We need someone who takes on THE MEDIA!

“…against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.”

Make no mistake (Obama alert):  Tillerson is just dumb.

He’s unfit to be Secretary of State.

Mike Pence has never had an emotion in his life (and nary a thought).

And Gen. Mattis, well:  I can’t take credit for that nickname.

It was Pieczenik (no doubt in reference to Curtis “Bombs Away” LeMay).

The point is this:  these gentlemen (and throw in Gen. McMaster) don’t seem to know what the fuck they’re doing.

Running the USA (contrary to popular, cynical belief) is not exactly the same as running Exxon Mobil.

There are consequences of greater import that what can be reflected on a balance sheet or income statement.

[or statement of cash flows]

My guess is that none of the brave U.S. soldiers in South Korea or Japan dreamed of being the cannon fodder for inept statesmen.

Which is to say:  nothing (NOTHING) has changed regarding North Korea.

It is entirely (ENTIRELY) a media propaganda campaign to prepare the masses to ACCEPT war.

Sadly, there are much more peaceful, less-risky ways to deal with North Korea.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik has outlined these methods.

Woe unto the Generals who are too hasty to fight.

And now, in our U.S. media echo chamber, we are hearing about Sudan (and Yemen!) acquiring nuclear weapons.


The Operation Mockingbird U.S. media cannot walk back the rhetoric on North Korea (“if they acquire nuclear weapons…”:  what?!?) while concocting rather farfetched weapons programs for third-world states which just happen to align with the U.S. AFRICOM’s ostensible mission.

Remember how fast Boko Haram petered out?

It was like the god damned hula hoop!

All of this is to say a few things…

I would never have learned to think critically about the world had it not been for Alex Jones.

Alex isn’t perfect.

But he’s like a fucking knight in shining armor compared to jerks like Anderson Cooper.

And so, dear friends, the world needs brave/stupid people like me.

And no one is more brave/stupid than Alex Jones.

I salute Donald Trump.

He needs to make his own administration great again (MHOAGA?).

But Alex Jones is the real deal.

Watch this video, if you can.

And you will see the spirit which runs through the veins of Texans.

The spirit which runs through the veins of rural Americans.

The spirit which runs through the veins of people everywhere who want truth.

CNN is “very fake news”.

We must credit Donald Trump for having at least an intuitive grasp on fuzzy logic.

But Alex Jones is a smoking whip-crack righteous indignation intellect.

…morituri te salutant.


2 responses to “Alex Jones Destroys MSM At Austin Child Custody Press Conference, April 28 [2017)

  1. This flows very well.

    Scott Adams calls Trump “The Master Persuader.”

    Trump has upset the apple cart of political correctness and caused many to realize how the main stream media controls how people think. The MSM is increasingly biased.

    “The people will believe what the media tell them they believe.” George Orwell

    In my view, we are at a tipping point with North Korea. If they can launch a missile that can reach the U.S., then as President, Trump has to take action. Kim Jong Un has made threats to nuke the U.S. If a monster threatens you, it is weakness to ignore him. You have to stand up to him.

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