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Tableau V

Mercifully, putting a parentheses between sports drivel.

I approach the pond seeking merely to ripple.

Through a Manchester drizzle.

Stretto in a fugue.

College kids don’t know how good they have it.

I’m a college kid.

Always will be.

Because curiosity.

Rear Window.

A film, for fucksake!

We will return to cinema.

But now it’s nice to just kick back and write.

Some might say narcissist.

If John Berryman was narcissist.

Introvert.  Antisocial.

As Nick Cave sympathizing with Philip Larkin.

This is unstructured data.

When you tag.


You decode.

But when you laissez faire.

Let it be.

You use more petaflops.

You take up more time.

You jam more culture.



Identify friend or foe.


Safe to ignore.


Trump understands it.

Neutered.  Neuter.  Das.

Chevelure.  Female.  La.

Cheveux.  Plural.  Les.

Spellcheck went into French.

Else I would have erred.

Which means surveillance is instantaneous.

But I’m with Pieczenik:  you won’t stifle my expression!

A nothing.  A nobody.  A grease stain on a NoVa driveway.

We subsist on puzzles.

And riddles.

The mind, so advanced.

The heart, so retarded.

Benigni is stunned.  Herr Doktor ist nicht so…wie sagt Mann…

He’s a fucking disgrace.

Smitten with Bletchley riddles.

Back to English, spell check went.  Instantly.

Through three languages.

Every day, in every way, detouring America with horns.

Important thing, don’t think about what you’re writing.

Takes the jazz out of it.

At the instant when you must express, treat as blitz chess.

How long can you keep the computer off your back?

6 1/2 minutes?  9 minutes?  Can you force a stalemate?

Once upon…I could Thelonious an edifice so grand.


But you need a beanie hat and a goatee.

You need an Asperger’s schtick.

And a cabaret card.


Was that an important line?




But my pianos have ceased.

And not for fortes.

How quiet can you get?

Games.  Hindemith.

Ludus Tonalis.

Google will still comb.


Who gives a fuck.

Not a question.

A statement.

But we have great optimism in these times.


Anxiety has attenuated with age.

2 weeks.

Gotta continue somewhere.

And self-policing.




Upstanding, upright, Bix Beiderbecke newspaper hush.

Impressionist jazz from Iowa.

Must fight fire with water.

Not fire.

Certain fires.

Require chemicals.

Misspelling Ed Plaugher as Ed Plougher will get you much closer to the truth.

Until top result is removed.

You hit the memory hole from the side.

Like a vein.

Like fracking a pool.

Everything in good time.



6 responses to “Tableau V

  1. How to Survive in the Working World:

    Commandment #1: “Identify friend or foe.”

  2. This flows very nicely, and would make a great podcast.

  3. Paul S

    Blitz chess. Bix Beiderbecke and Bletchley riddles. Beanie hats, goaties and Benigni. Life is beautiful, even as I struggle to make sense of it!

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