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Trump missile strike, April 6 [2017)

I’m gonna skip any niceties.

Dear Mr. Trump, you fucking moron, you complete dickhead…what the fuck were you thinking bombing Syria?!?!?

Words cannot express my rage of betrayal.

This is what we voted AGAINST!

We voted AGAINST the globalist agenda of Hillary Clinton.

We voted AGAINST interventionist military misadventures.

We voted AGAINST this insanity.

I can’t tell you how sad it makes me that such a transparent, flimsy false-flag was seemingly bought by our new President.

Hey Donald…shithead…it was a fake Rolex!

Or, put differently, it was at least a HOT Rolex…


Cui bono?

Learn at least one line of Latin in your life, Donald.

Assad had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN by using chemical weapons against his own people at this particularly sensitive juncture.

Kudos to Ron Paul for pointing this out (though the same had already occurred independently to me last night).

But kudos most to Paul Joseph Watson for calling out Trump on Twitter all through the night.

Yes, let’s get some perspective here.

For any newbies.

I supported Trump.

Big league!

I “campaigned” for him…in my own way.

Here, on my site, and on Twitter.

I thought the “war” was won.

We had defeated Hillary.

But then I saw the constant attacks on Trump by the media.

So I remobilized.

[I should never have demobilized in the first place, I thought.]

Fuck this media machine that slanders our great President!

I went on the offensive…or defensive…or whatever.

I went back.

On the Twitter battlefield.

“Stop fucking with my President!”

That was my essential message.

But then The Donald goes and does something like this…

Fucking pathetic.

So I want to thank the first brave soul to break the groupthink.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik.

I didn’t want to hear it at first.

Pieczenik “wasn’t impressed”.


But then it started to sink in.

Being a Trump supporter has been an unenviable position.

I’ve lost friends.

Been insulted.

Been discriminated against.

So what!

Fuck it!

I was standing up…doing the right thing!

[so I thought]

And I haven’t abandoned Mr. Trump entirely.

But I will say this, if he continues in this direction, then he can fuck right the fuck off!

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who gave the world the words I live by:

““Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today.”

I don’t have enough “hard words” to strongly condemn what President Trump did last night.

“Strongly condemn”…no.

That’s what shitheads like Mike Pence say.

We say the real stuff.

There was NO REASON to launch ANOTHER “disproportionate riposte” (Thierry Meyssan) against a sovereign country.

Even if it was a genuine, Syrian gas attack (and it was not), this was not the right tactical move.

And the strategy sucks.

So we are left to wait.

What a let-down.

Not what I voted for.

Not what Trump campaigned on.

And really weak in every possible way.

Is war cinema?

When it comes to us like this, yes.

BDA.  Battlefield damage assessment.

And even the signals from the Tomahawks themselves, perhaps.

But who cares?

There ain’t gonna be any movies any more if this shit keeps up.

I didn’t live through the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this will suffice.

So that, the only way we’ll know it’s World War III is when we’re not here to read the news anymore.

Gotta retain a sense of humor.

But I ask, with deference, PLEASE Mr. President change this disastrous trend which you have started.

Get rid of all (ALL!) the neocons in your government.

Drain the goddamned swamp, motherfucker!

Live up to your word!!

Rein in Tillerson.

That fucking bozo might need to go back to Exxon.

Because he’s been a seriously daft Secretary of State so far.

PLEASE, stop fucking around, Mr. President.

I’m eager to support you again.

But I cannot support these stupid, STUPID actions which could have come from any of your woeful predecessors (even the moronic Bill Clinton and his Afghan missile launch of 1998).

We learned from Godard to be involved.

And Godard learned from Sartre.

Geopolitics usurps our attention that we would give to cinema.

Reckless move, Mr. President.


9 responses to “Trump missile strike, April 6 [2017)

  1. migarium

    Don’t be sad too much, my dear Earthling friend. As I said to another friend:
    “I believe in if Trump wasn’t be power, these could become real again, maybe not in 7 April, it would be happen on another page of calendar, but definitelly would have been same, maybe worst by hand of H. Clinton”

    This attack and the others will come, are inevitable. Some of my Earthling friends like you gave vote to Trump from a desperation between the two options on election of US and gave a lesson to Hilary; I thought like that.

    But maybe you remember, I made two posts before US election about another candidate, Gloria La Viva of PSL. You can check her interview in my post if you want with the title: “Clinton and Trump have only tactical differences” in 9 November 2016.

    I wasn’t giving a vote for US election. But I was impressed to her ideas and her stand against elites.

    For example she was saying in this interview: “The U.S. president is simply the CEO of U.S. imperialism, and whomever is elected will pursue those objectives.”

    This is so much true. Already almost all governments on the planet are related with capitalist elites on the planet.

    Into this system all men and women politicians serve to the elites.

    And socalists and communists are trying to change this corrupt system in everywhere on the planet. Because this system would bring always Trump’s and Hillary’s. Without change it, there is no way to get rid of all missile attacks and civilian deaths, exploitation and dark hidden agendas of elites.

    I know that you are one of the people who already knew all these.

    I believe in you are believe in my sincerity, dear Paul. And I want to ask a question to you. Why the people like you avoid to give a vote for the candidates like Gloria La Viva? I want to realy know to the answer of this question, because of the future of socialism and communism. And also because of I see your many ideas are very similar with socialists. 🙂

    • I didn’t know of Ms. La Viva on any state ballots, but I remember you mentioned her. I think Trump was the best option. He was the only candidate who understands value creation. In my opinion, capitalism creates value much better than socialism does. That doesn’t mean I hate socialism. I think it was my business studies which convinced me of the superiority of the market system. That said, there are many flaws in capitalism. And these can only be fixed with compassion and kindness. Unfortunately, most people are jerks 🙂 But I don’t think we can force them into something. They will always rebel against that. I’m sorry if it’s not a good answer. It’s a very difficult question, my friend. –Paul

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  3. Although I do believe in “Responsibility to Protect Doctrine”, I am a doubting Thomas as to who is actually using the chemical weapons in Syria. If Assad did do it, then bombing him is morally justified to deter further attacks. However, if Assad didn’t do it, then Trump has only strengthened the rebels, who, from what I’ve read, are radical Muslims.

    Nonetheless, there are positive benefits for Trump after this strike. It signals to North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran that Trump is not a paper tiger like Obama, and he will use military force if he feels it necessary.

  4. Hey Paul, this post argues that it was the rebels who used chemical weapons, not Assad. So far, I can’t find any definitive “proof” as to who is using the chemical weapons.

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