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“bad (or sick)” Trump tweets March 4 [2017)

What medium is Twitter?

Social media?


But what does that mean?

What medium is Facebook?

[we won’t go there yet]

Because the term “social media” is so overused as to have become meaningless.

It’s like “I love you” in an overly-affectionate relationship.

[actually, the “I love you” is sweet…]

But “social media”, as a term, presupposes that there is ONE WAY OF USING these tools.

There’s no way I’m the first to throw “antisocial media” against the wall.

It just hasn’t stuck to any considerable degree.

And I’m sure some other overeducated schmuck like myself has dragged flânerie into this before.

As in flâneur (or flâneuse, as the case may be).

Walter Benjamin got into it very early (yes, this is a post of glowing support for Trump tweets) in his magnum opus Das Passagen-Werk.

The Arcades Project.

As translated here by Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin, consider these words in relation to Twitter:

“In the flâneur, the intelligentsia sets foot in the marketplace–ostensibly to look around, but in truth to find a buyer.”


That’s Walter Benjamin in 1935.

Framed by the milieu of the arcades…those covered walkways of Paris which made commerce possible “come rain or come shine”.

Glass ceilings and natural light.

And the flâneur could wander…wander…wander.

Searching for what?

A buyer?


It’s an interesting philosophical stunt.

The buyer becomes the seller.

The wandering man (or woman)…browsing…selling what?

Their time?

Their attention?

And for what recompense?

Let’s make this short.

[thunderous applause]

President Trump’s tweets of March 4th were EPIC.

Yes, it was the big “fuck you”.

Once again.

Outflanking the press.

But this one stuck with me:

“How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

As Trump partisans have pointed out (and I paraphrase), we now spell it “tapp”.


From here on out…

But while I write this…(and fixate on this one torpedo tweet), there were others…

At 5:35 a.m. (!) the POTUS fired off:

“Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Followed eventually by the “bad (or sick)” bunker buster at 6:02 a.m.

[ahh, the beautiful hubris!!!]

But there were a couple of interpolated jabs of which Paul Klee would have been proud (perhaps).

  1.  “Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!” (5:49 a.m.)
  2. “I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!” (5:52 a.m.)

John McCain says retract.

I say McCain, go home.  Retire.  Your commentator chair at CNN is being kept warm for you.

[not warm enough]

So yeah…Trump has to fight members of “his own party”.  Because they are losers.

And sure…there were more POTUS tweets the morning of March 4th.

A couple in support of Jeff Sessions (whom I, likewise, support wholeheartedly).

And a jab at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Trump is an equal opportunity insulter.

But the Obama roundhouses…the uppercuts…Jesus…

This is the person I have been dreaming about as President.

Don’t take shit from no one.

Which brings us back…and back.

I’ve been sick.

My criticism has been rolling off the line at a less-than-fecund rate.

And I hope I’m on the mend.

If I’m too sick to watch movies, I’m pretty sick.

But the Twitter is an interesting thing.

More than one way to use it.

It’s not enough to say “Web 2.0” and traipse off to a SXSW confab with Ray Kurzweil.

No, man.

I don’t dig them transhumanists.

And so the real people of the world call “bullshit”.

You wanna shake Merkel’s hand?

I don’t fucking think so.

Lost in translation…Merkel and Trump both treated like bitches by surveillance state.

But her gigantic hearing aid can’t keep up with the Donald.

Here’s a guy who could have wiggled out of “Ich bin ein Berliner”…somehow.

Reagan, the “Great Communicator”, was an amateur in comparison.

But, damn it…


It’s ephemeral.

Yeah sure…Facebook.

Same thing.

But there’s an art to it.

Every day Donald Trump walks out on a new limb.

It’s breathtaking.

And there’s no Yves Klein photo manipulation beneath.

There is NOTHING beneath.

Saut dans le vide.

Is Twitter cinema?

Or perhaps the magic lantern of an 8ème art?


4 responses to ““bad (or sick)” Trump tweets March 4 [2017)

  1. I use Twitter and Facebook to proclaim truth and facts that I believe the public need to hear. I do very little socializing on social media.

    From what I’ve read, Trump tweeted about Obama wiretapping him based on news reports that he read. However, if the left believes Trump is the next Hitler, then it isn’t far-fetched to believe the Obama Administration was monitoring his communications.

    I like this quote: “Trump’s core model is, you hit me, I hit back, and I hit harder than you hit… He’s on permanent offense. He gets up in the morning figuring out, how am I going to stay on offense? He understands that the media has to chase rabbits, so he gives them rabbits to chase, because if he doesn’t give them rabbits to chase, they’ll invent a rabbit.” Newt Gingrich

    • Indeed, information activism is an integral part of the social media landscape. It’s interesting how the messengers gain and lose friends. And I love the Gingrich quote! I really like that guy!! Smart fellow!!! –Paul

  2. Great line: “Trump is an equal opportunity insulter.”

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