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座頭市物語 [1962)


How are we supposed to understand Nissan?

If we don’t understand Hokusai?

And Fukushima.

And Zatoichi.

This, here, is The Tale of Zatoichi.

Directed by Kenji Misumi.

Artful camera-pen pans to heightened senses.

But Shintaro Katsu is our humble warrior.

As you like it.

But you must have a keyhole.

You must have a way into this oeuvre.

And so we think Nissan.

But also Roland Kirk.

Forever, Roland Kirk.

Maybe Marcus Roberts at the piano.  Yes.  Computing.

And Art Tatum as a whirlwind.

Professional courtesy.

No one could understand me.

You must get deep to understand the soldier.

Stage 4.

All the world’s a Dutch proverb.



2 responses to “座頭市物語 [1962)

  1. Great line: “But you must have a keyhole.” Every story must be told from a point of view, a perspective.

    • Yes, I was studying this today in relation to the classic Hollywood “star system”. 1). the director or cinematographer’s perspective 2). the protagonists perspectives 3.) the audience perspection.

      The crux as that a “reaction shot” emanating from say Marilyn Monroe would make the audience identify with her. This phenomenon of indentification in film very psychological and interesting to me.


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