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Against All Enemies

Only the second time I’ve ever reblogged something. And the first time was an interview with perhaps my favorite human of all time (Jean-Luc Godard), the most erudite creator of art I’ve ever known to exist, last year in a quiet interview during Cannes. The “antiretinal” video (to quote Marcel Duchamp) which is contained in this Memory Hole Blog post (a radio interview of Dr. Steve Pieczenik by Dr. James Tracy) is perhaps the most important dissemination of information on geopolitical events, both foreign and domestic, that I have heard in a long, long time.


2 responses to “Against All Enemies

  1. historymonocle ⋅

    I probably won’t repost things much unless it looks like something that I would have created myself. In the event that I do, how do I repost things on the blog?

    • You will see a button at the bottom of someone’s post and it will say “reblog” or something like that. You’ll be able to write a short description of what you are reblogging. It’s a pretty kind thing to do. I use it judiciously.


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